4 Best 4G Cellular Trail Cameras Under $200 in 2023


If you’re someone who spends any time hunting, you know how hard it can be to figure out where your desired animal is going to be. Sure, you can sit in the same deer stand you always have and hope for one to come by.

You could even plant a food plot and see if they decide to come to that. But what if you want to know exactly what is in the woods you plan to hunt in the areas you want to be in? Well, that’s where a 4G cellular trail camera comes in.

What is a 4G Cellular Trail Camera?

A 4G cellular trail camera is a device that you can put out in the woods to see what is spending time in that area. They are commonly used for hunters targeting deer, turkey, and other wildlife that requires sitting in the woods and waiting.

These cameras detect motion and capture pictures and videos so that you know what it was. Some people choose to put them above food plots, salt licks, and commonly traveled paths to see what’s in the area.

Why Would I Want a Trail Camera With 4G Cellular Capabilities?

This is a fantastic new feature for trail cameras. Those equipped with 4G can send the images and videos taken right to you. Before this technology, you would have to go out into the woods, take the SD card out, bring it back into the house, and review its findings there.

This took a ton of time, required you to be near the camera to check it, and made it so you had to have at least two SD cards in order to keep the camera working at all times. Cameras without 4G are still available and have these same issues. 4G cellular trail cameras eliminate all of this with ease.

Do I Have to Use a 4G Cellular Trail Camera For Hunting?

Not at all! While this is the most common reason people purchase them, it certainly isn’t the only reason. Another great option is to use them for seeing what kinds of animals live in an area without the intent of hunting them. If you’re someone who simply enjoys nature and getting cool pictures and videos of animals in their habitat, a trail camera can capture that with ease.

Trail cameras are also useful for watching over your belongings. For owners of boats, trailers, and other items that primarily stay outdoors, a trail camera can be put in a nearby tree to watch and make sure nobody damages or steals them.

Do I Need An Additional Data Plan To Access My Captures?

In general, yes you will. Each camera will have access to different cellular networks via a SIM card. Plans for each camera will vary depending on how much data you transfer. Accessing photos vs. videos will come at different costs for some.

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Additionally, some do come with free plans that are pretty barebones for what you can see remotely. However, if you decide to capture to a memory card, you won’t need a data plan. Doing this will eliminate the 4G connectivity options these cameras are built for.

1. Ebitcam 4G LTE Wireless Trail Camera

Key Features:

  • 360-degree viewing angle
  • Continuously powered via solar
  • 2K camera resolution
  • Night vision

The Ebitcam 4G LTE Wireless Trail Camera comes equipped with a 2K camera. This camera lets you record high-definition footage both during the day and at night. It’s capable of swiveling, so this camera has 360 degrees of coverage. Thankfully, it also has 100 degrees of tilt and a 4X zoom. This lets you see exactly what you want, and it can all be controlled from your phone.

The Ebitcam has awesome battery life capabilities. It comes pre-equipped with a solar panel and battery. This allows it to operate continuously without having to go and change batteries or recharge it. Simply make sure it has access to some sunlight and it will take care of the rest.

As for plans and coverage, the Ebitcam has a variety of great options. This camera is compatible with AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile towers. That compatibility gives it a huge range of options to make sure you are able to use it to its full potential.

As for plans and storage, there are some notable options. A 32GB SD card is included to record everything it captures. In addition, it comes with 300Mb of free cloud storage. After that, you’ll have to purchase a data plan to continue storing video and viewing remotely via 4G. You can choose from 3G-30Day, 6G-180Day, 30G-180Day, 12G-360Day, and 60G-360Day plans. They vary from $14.90 to $199.90.

The Ebitcam has a lot to like built into a small package. It’s IP65 waterproof to help it stand up to the elements and can easily be mounted to trees. Using smart PIR motion controls, it can capture moving animals in .2 seconds and give you instant alerts right on your phone. Best of all, while in live view mode, you can utilize two-way audio in case you need to communicate with whatever you’re watching.


  • Solar powered
  • 360 degrees of viewing coverage via swiveling
  • Live viewing on your phone
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  • Data plan options can get expensive

2. GardePro X50 Celluar Trail Camera

Key Features:

  • 70-degree viewing angle
  • Powered by 8 AA batteries
  • 1080P resolution

The GardePro is a cellular trail camera that can record 1080P videos and 32MP pictures. While the overall quality is lower than the Ebitcam, it will take up less storage when capturing. The camera has a wide view angle, able to see 70 degrees. There are also infrared LEDs to help illuminate the pictures and videos while in use at night.

When it comes to powering the GardePro, you have a couple of options. The first is to power it using 8 AA batteries. Whether you choose to use standard batteries or rechargeable ones is up to you. You can also power it using a power supply. The bottom of the camera has a 12-volt jack to connect external power.

The GardePro uses a pre-installed sim card to connect to AT&T and T-Mobile cellular networks. It’s not capable of removing the SIM card to connect to other towers. There are multiple flexible data plans to choose from to make this camera work, all of which operate without contracts.

This camera can capture video and pictures in .1 seconds after being triggered by motion. Once captured, the pictures and videos can be stored on an SD card up to 512 GB and also can be transferred to your phone via cellular. To help reduce data usage, it comes equipped with innovative lite video. This reduces the file quality to show you what is going on without using all of your data quickly. This helps you get the most out of whichever data plan you choose to go with.


  • Lite video to reduce data usage
  • External power supply compatible
  • .1 second trigger speed


  • No SD card or data trial included

3. WingHome 480Ace Cellular Trail Camera

Key Features:

  • 52-degree viewing angle
  • Solar power compatible
  • 1080P video

The WingHome 480Ace Cellular Trail Camera has similar camera capabilities to the GardePro. For video, it can record in FHD 1080P. For pictures, it can take them in 24MP. When triggered, it will capture videos and pictures in 0.4 seconds. Best of all, it comes with a free 32GB memory card to store your captures.

This is a battery-powered device. It’s compatible with solar panels, however, you’ll have to purchase one separately in order to use one. Without it, you’ll have to change the batteries manually as the power runs out.

As for coverage, the WingHome is rather limited. It’s only able to be used on AT&T networks. While this is still one of the largest providers of cellular, it makes it limited to being used in only areas where AT&T has a good presence. A great feature however is the data plan requirements. This camera comes with a free plan, giving you the option to access 100 images per month free of charge. Beyond that, you’ll need to subscribe to a paid plan to view additional images and videos.

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One of the most unique features of this camera is the app it pairs with. This app is where all of your captures will be sent to. It even has a built-in AI feature to help identify different animals in the captures and organize your media accordingly.


  • App equipped with AI features
  • SD card included
  • Solar power compatible


  • Only compatible with AT&T

4. Spartan 4G LTE Wireless GoCam Trail Camera

Key Features:

  • 52-degree viewing angle
  • Powered by AA batteries or external power
  • 480P video resolution

The Spartan 4G LTE Wireless GoCam Trail Camera is on the lower end when it comes to video and picture capabilities. The capture resolution it’s capable of is 480P. As for pictures, it can capture them in 8MP. This is significantly lower than any other option on this list. However, on the bright side, this will reduce file sizes and help conserve data usage.

As for power, the primary way to power it is with AA batteries. There is space included for up to 12 batteries. However, it can be powered with 4, 8, or 12 total depending on how long you want it to last. Additionally, it can be powered with an external power supply. These power supplies must be 6V in order to be compatible.

The Spartan has the same coverage as the WingHome, only operating on the AT&T network. There is a pre-equipped SIM card but it doesn’t have a free plan or trial plan included to access photos and videos. You have to go to Spartan right away to choose a plan to purchase.

The Spartan has some cool features for photos. It can capture in a burst mode once triggered, taking 1, 2, or 2 pictures consecutively. The trigger time is relatively slow, coming in at 0.6 seconds. Once captured, pictures and videos can be saved directly to a 32 GB SD card. They can also be viewed in the companion app or on the web portal.


  • Burst picture mode
  • Multiple ways to provide power
  • Media access online or in-app


  • Low picture and video quality
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