Toyo Expands Open Country Light Truck Tire Line


Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. has launched the latest addition to its Open Country light truck tire line, the Open Country R/T Trail. The tire is specifically designed for light truck and SUV owners who want higher levels of off-road performance, according to Toyo officials.

Toyo introduced the tire at a recent ride-and-drive event in Big Bear, Calif.

Todd Bergeson, senior manager, product planning and technical services, Toyo, told attendees that the new Open Country R/T Trail is not a replacement for an existing product, but a new product placed between the Toyo Open Country R/T and the Toyo Open Country A/T III.

The new tire is the second Toyo tire that has been developed at the company’s research and development facility in White, Ga.

The majority of its sizes are going to be produced at the White, Ga. production facility. (The Open Country A/T III was the first tire that Toyo developed in the U.S.)

The development team for the tire spent “extensive time with off-road enthusiast clubs across the country” in coming up with the performance parameters, said Bergeson.

Referring to the tire as a “hybrid” between an all-terrain and mud-terrain, he said it will eventually be available in 47 sizes, fitting wheels ranging from 16 inches to 24-inches in diameter, in load ranges C, D, E, and F and speed ratings from Q to T and up to a 38-inch overall diameter.

Bergeson added that the company is targeting consumers who want an aggressive, yet refined tread, but also are looking for a tire that is quiet and capable in the off-road environment.

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Toyo says the tire performs “with better off-road grip than a traditional all-terrain tire, most evident in sand, mud, and deep snow.”

Bergeson did say that the tire does not bear the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake designation. However, its tread pattern is designed for optimized on- and off-road durability, traction and stability, delivering optimal grip and performance in both wet and dry conditions, according to Toyo.

The Open Country R/T Trail features staggered scalloped shoulder blocks and extra-thick sidewall lugs that dig into soft terrain and uneven surfaces.

Additional features contributing to its durability and off-road capabilities include wide circumferential grooves, lateral zig zag grooves and stone ejectors, four-way tapered notches and a rim protector.

Bergeson pointed out that the tire’s heavy-gauge sidewall is designed to help protect it from cuts, impacts and punctures and reduce damage to wheels.

The most popular sizes of the new Open Country R/T Trail will start to be available in November, with additional sizes/fitments to follow in subsequent months. The Open Country R/T Trail is backed with a 45,000-mile treadwear warranty and the Toyo Tires No Regrets 45-Day/500-Mile Trial Offer.

According to Tim Chaney, vice president of marketing for Toyo, the company is using the slogan of “Any Vehicle, Every Terrain” in the outdoor enthusiast marketing campaign for its Open Country tire lineup.

“We are trying to expand and engage with off-roaders,” he said..

Toyo has more than 60 events planned for 2023 to promote the brand.

In addition, Chaney pointed out that Toyo is the longest running sponsor of Ultimate Fighting Championship and will continue that sponsorship, using the slogan, “Tough people love tough tires.”

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