Make Spraying Pesticide Easy With the Best Backpack Sprayers

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Types of Backpack Sprayers

Backpack sprayers come in two forms. Each has its own costs and benefits and is great for different people and needs. Let’s discuss them below.


As manual backpack sprayers are cheaper, they can be seen every so often in the hands of those who manage their own lawns and gardens. How do they work, though? It all is about physical effort – simply move the lever back and forth to generate pressure which propels the fluid out of the wand’s tip and onto your target plant.

Some novel sprayers have ways to reduce the physical effort needed to spray and have a handle for both left-handers and right-handers. It goes without saying that these backpack sprayers have proven quite reasonable for small lawns and gardens since they are affordable and effective.


If you have substantial greenery or a big place to take care of, automatic and motorized battery-powered backpack sprayers will help you out. Motorized sprayers turn taxing work into an enjoyable and easy thing. Obviously, automatic sprayers make taking care of your yard easier as a motor is responsible (at least partially) for generating pressure instead of you. If you’re (a little) lazy like me, you’ll really appreciate an automatic backpack sprayer. I personally will avoid pumping at all costs in the heat of the summer when the weeds are at their worst.

If a battery-powered backpack sprayer is fully charged, you should be able to spray 200 gallons before pumping. The sprayers, which require gas, are a bit more intricate to use but can handle harder jobs. Generally speaking, though, automatic sprayers are easy to operate, manageable, and user-friendly.

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What Are the Components of a Backpack Sprayer?

Here are a few components that you must examine when buying a backpack sprayer.


Lightweight tanks are made from polyethylene to ensure their strength, longevity, and protection from intense UV rays. Four gallons is a good storage capacity and the size of most of our favorite backpacks on this list. If you have a lot to spray, I recommend keeping an extra tank in reserve instead of purchasing a larger backpack. To large will not be comfortable.


By changing the spray nozzle of the backpack sprayer, you change the spray pattern. This makes cleaning, washing, and spraying more efficient. Simply select the correct nozzle (or setting) for the job for the best results.

Besides nozzle shape, nozzle material is also important. A brass spray nozzle will live longer than a plastic one but will cost more too.


This harness straps the backpack sprayer to your back and distributes its weight across your shoulders and chest. Quality harnesses will evenly distribute weight, thus providing stability and reducing fatigue. The best harnesses will also have padded shoulder straps to ensure your shoulders do not get worn down. I’ve got bad shoulders from injuries over the years, so a comfortable harness is a must-have for me. Even if you have healthy shoulders, I recommend not tiring them out with bad straps.


The pump creates pressure in the tank which drives fluid through the wand. With a manual sprayer, you’ll need to pump the backpack about every 5 seconds while working (monitor the pressure gauge to know the precise timing). A battery-powered backpack sprayer doesn’t require this amount of pumping. All you need to do is press the valve on the wand, and the fluid will begin to move.

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The wand is the long rod that channels and targets the spray. Its length determines how far your spray can reach. A long wand can be very helpful. For example, with a 21-inch-long wand, you won’t have to bend over to reach weeds under trees. I don’t think there is anything worse than crawling through bushes, so a long wand is important to me.

How To Use a Backpack Lawn Sprayer

In case you’re unfamiliar with how to use a backpack sprayer, this video from The Lawn Care Nut should be useful:

Now that you know what to look for in a backpack sprayer and you know how to use one, you’re ready to get out there and get shopping.

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