Wild Turkey Spring Season


Youth Turkey Season

  • Youth license holders may hunt during a special youth-only spring turkey season on April 1-7, 2023.
  • The youth season is open statewide.
  • Must be accompanied by an adult, 18 years or older.
  • Standard hunting methods and all other turkey hunting regulations apply to the youth season. (The combined youth/spring season bag limit is the same as listed for spring season above.)


It is illegal to hunt turkeys with a weapon other than the following:

  • Crossbow or bow and arrow;
  • Shotgun or muzzleloading shotgun shooting #4 or smaller shot (0.13 inch diameter or smaller);
  • Legal modern handgun designed for hunting, shooting #4 or smaller shot, and not capable of holding more than three shells. Handgun barrel length must be a minimum of 10 inches, inclusive of choke tube. Modern handguns must shoot a minimum three inch shotshell of .410 caliber or larger;
  • Legal muzzleloading handgun designed for hunting and shooting #4 or smaller shot. Handgun barrel length must be a minimum of 10 inches. Muzzleloading handguns must be .45 caliber or larger.

It is illegal to hunt turkeys with a shotgun capable of holding more than three shells.

Special Regulations

  • A valid hunting license and an unaltered, unnotched turkey transport tag are required for hunting turkey.
  • Immediately after killing a turkey, hunters must validate their own tag by completely removing notches for month and day of kill and securely attach tag to carcass.
  • It is unlawful to use dogs, live birds, electronic calls or electronic decoys to hunt turkeys.
  • Baiting game birds is illegal.
  • Turkey hunters must report hunting activity (see Mandatory Reporting).
  • It is illegal to possess in the field or transport wild turkey unless the fully feathered head and beard, if present at harvest, are left attached to the carcass.
  • Spring turkey hunting is open statewide except for areas closed to bird hunting. See the Big Game Regulations for more information on hunting closures.
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WAC Summary Information

This pamphlet is a summary of the hunting regulations and seasons (chapters 220-400 through 220-416 of the Washington Administrative Code) adopted by the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission. This pamphlet does not contain all department regulations. Regulations specific to the hunting seasons described in this pamphlet are found in section 220-416-010 of the Washington Administrative Code.


Stop Washington Poachers! To report poaching in progress, dial 9-1-1. Individuals that witness and would like to anonymously report a fish or wildlife violation can call toll free 1-877-933-9847 (1-877-WDFW-TIP). Remember this is not an information hotline. Other reporting tools can be found at wdfw.wa.gov/poaching.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife pays rewards for information that leads to a conviction of people violating wildlife laws.

The Washington Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation will pay $250.00 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of individuals responsible for illegal take of wild turkeys.

Advisory on Emergency Regulations

Caution: Emergency regulation changes may occur while the seasons described in this pamphlet are in effect and will supersede information contained herein. Area news media will be informed of changes as they occur.

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