Five Under-the-Radar Trophy Whitetail Counties


Pulaski County, Kentucky

Several Boone & Crockett record-book bucks have been taken out of Pulaski County, Kentucky, over the last several years, with the number growing each season. In 2012 there was one, 2013 had two and 2014 produced six. It’s located in the Pennyrile Region, which is comprised of 29 counties, and reports over the last several years show that more than 1,000 deer are killed in the county every year.

Land in this county goes fast. We have sold several parcels in the last few years and the average time to close on deal is 54 days. We have one property listed in Pulaski County right now, a 385-acre plot that has been managed for deer and turkey. Along with well-established trail roads within the property, it is also accessible from Sears and Poplarville Roads, granting access from two directions. It comes with a 1,512-square-foot home equipped with four bedrooms and two baths, a big back porch overlooking a pond, a seven-bay garage and gated entrance; numerous feeders and shooting houses and adjoins the Daniel Boone National Forest as well as another quality managed private property.

At just over $2,000 an acre, this is a deal that won’t hang around long, especially with it’s convenient location. It is just an 88-mile drive from Lexington, 101 miles from Louisville and 135 miles from Nashville. With an average of 20 deer per square mile and a solid buck-to-doe ratio, biologists are saying that Kentucky’s deer herd is the healthiest it’s ever been.

Delaware County, Oklahoma

Located in the Northeast Region, Delaware County, Oklahoma, traditionally resides in the top ten for counties with the most deer killed annually statewide at around 2,000, including some 300 bucks; eight of which have scored at least 150 over the last five years. However, despite these numbers, Delaware is often overshadowed by Osage and Cherokee, which are the top producing counties in the state.

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Of the 11 properties we have listed in Delaware County, one in particular stands out. It’s a 250-acre hunting property that’s also known for its hay production, which in turn is great grazing ground for cattle or baling hay for sale. Either way, the returns can be put into upgrades around the property whether it’s a need for new shooting houses or seed for food plots. This property has no structures, allowing you to build a house that you want or a barn that you want. The creek and hunting opportunities run year-round what with hogs taking refuge on the property.

McHenry County, Illinois

McHenry County was one of the few counties in Illinois to register an increase in kills during the 2014-15 despite numbers being down statewide. In fact, the deer harvest total increased from 897 in 2013 to 976 in 2014. Will County was the only one to top McHenry at 1,093. Located just northwest of Chicago, suburban McHenry has some major benefits that are not available in rural areas, including limited hunting pressure and a very large number of big bucks. Approximately 99.9 percent of the land fit for hunting in McHenry County is privately owned and there is no gun season. Between 1996-2005 there were 123 record book bucks killed (109 Pope & Young, plus 14 Boone and Crockett). So, if you’re a land owner in those parts, your chances for success on an annual basis are very good. The problem is, land doesn’t become available very often, but if you find permission to hunt as you wait for a parcel to come up for sale, the trophy deer hunting can be awesome.

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Walton County, Georgia

The state of Georgia is divided up into five geographical regions being Ridge and Valley in the northwest, the Blue Ridge Mountains in the north/northeast, the Piedmont section in the middle of the state, the Upper Coastal Plain in in the southwest from Albany to Macon to Waynesboro, and the Lower Coastal Plain residing in the southeastern portion of the state. Walton County, Georgia, is nestled in between Atlanta and Athens in Region 3, better known as the Piedmont Region, which consists of rolling hills, hardwood drainages, pine plantations, and old grownup farms. It has consistently produced a steady population of deer and has an estimated 34 deer per square mile, the deer densest region in the state.

With a healthy deer herd, Georgians annually enjoy really good hunting in Walton County. Harvest rates are solid and the number of mature, trophy bucks continues to increase each season. Two of the biggest deer recorded in Walton County were killed over the last two years – a 178 ⅛ non typical killed in 2014 and a 163 ⅜ killed in 2013.

Warren County, Mississippi

Turns out the area around Vicksburg, Mississippi, is more than just an attraction for Civil War history buffs. In the last five years, eight typical and two non-typical bucks that have scored at least 150 have been killed in Warren County. Located just to the southwest of Yazoo County, the number one county in the state for trophy deer, Warren is often overlooked not only for its quality deer hunting but also its abundant waterfowl. Not to mention Warren County is also unique in that its rut peaks in late December.

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“The Delta Region always has high deer numbers,” said Lann Wilf, Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks Deer Biologist, in a recent article. “But with the increase in the WRP and CRP acreage in this region, we are seeing an emerging deer population along with some of the heaviest body weights in years.”

We have four properties listed in Warren County, all set up for deer hunting with very minimal pressure. One in particular, a 388-acre hardwood haven for both deer and turkey is a short jog from Vicksburg where plenty of restaurants and shopping malls are available to entertain friends, family and other visitors to your property. There are already established food plots and roads cut, providing easy access. At $2,650 an acre, the property also includes a small cabin with running water and electricity, and shooting houses on the food plots. Plus, anyone interested in any of these parcels gets to meet and deal with expert land manager and renowned TV personality, Brad Farris.

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