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And it was decreed that on Sunday hunting shall be prohibited and no one even on private land they own shall pursue fowl or game, and everyone said “Amen.”

Nay, not everyone.

Eleven states still have some kind of prohibitions, limits or outright ban on hunting on Sunday. Most are in the northeast part of the United States. We’ve written about this craziness going on in West Virginia and also in this state and even in this state a few years ago.

Eleven states still have some kind of limit or prohibition on Sunday hunting.
Eleven states still have some kind of limit or prohibition on Sunday hunting.

It’s astounding that in this day that politicians still cling to outdated laws that were clearly based in religion and not biological science. No matter what your religious beliefs, the discrimination of hunters with these archaic “blue laws” that don’t pass muster is silly. Prohibitions were removed years ago for businesses, sports teams and others, yet hunting — which is a business, and for some a sport, and for most a form of personal enjoyment to put food on the table — still gets shafted.

DDH Facebook fans provided their two cents worth about the issue, with some of their comments provided below. And we’ll give a big ol’ hat tip to Timothy Miller of Wisconsin for the catchy headline on this story. He posted that in the Facebook thread and we appropriated it, because it’s dang funny. Well done, Mr. Miller. Well done.

Curtis Richards There are several places that don’t allow hunting on Sunday. My religion allows me to hunt on Sunday so the state is infringing on my religious beliefs. Set start and end dates and let the conservationists (hunters) do their job!

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David Tapp Blue laws suck and have no place in a free society. So what if some people are offended by hunting on Sunday, some people are offended by some people eating pork, going to outlaw bacon? I am against fishing in the rain so I don’t fish in the rain. I am not saying there should be a law again you fishing in the rain if you want.

Dave Simpson PA has I believe the second largest number of license sales for hunters in the country. I’m 49 now and it’s always been a law of no hunting on Sunday. I was told years ago it’s a old Quaker law. I’ve never met a Quaker and I don’t think we have any in PA anymore. If they can’t come to any agreement of even hunting on private land (which is pay property taxes and buy a license but you’re handcuffed on how you use it) at least try opening bow hunting on Sundays in PA to see how that works for awhile. Some of the best days in the fall to hunt are the days you can’t. I was told by more than one member of the Pa Game Commission that they’d prefer the law was overturned but the biggest hurdle is the farm bureau in the state. Farmers feel that’s their only day where their property isn’t bothered. I get it. You want peace & quiet on your own land. If that’s the case then post or close it to Sunday hunting. If trespassers ignore it have them arrested. Word gets around fast of the ignorance of others. Life is too short. My kid is in high school now. Between school and sports I’m lucky to get one day in the woods with him. PA needs to come into the 21st century.

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Luke Flynn I live in Illinois and for as long as I’ve been alive there has never been such a law. This doesn’t even make sense to me. In the bible it says that God wants us to hunt, he never said you can’t do it on Sundays. Plus Sundays aren’t even the actual day of rest it’s Saturday which is the last day of the week.

Forest Buckinly I am a Christian man and I believe hunting to be therapeutic and a day away from work. It is where I choose to be closest to God. The serenity of nature is the perfect place where I can work on my relationship with my Lord and savior. Sunday hunting can be a benefit if that’s what you choose! That is the whole point, you should have a choice. A Pastor’s day of rest is not on Sunday. Why are you forcefully “closing my activities” on Sunday but not activities/business of all in your state?!

Jordan Lackey My grandpa and uncle have always taught me that we never hunt on Sunday. It doesn’t matter if it is the last day of the season and you haven’t shot anything; you don’t hunt on Sundays. Sunday is a day for worship.

Bruce Sears Certain counties in Michigan were for a long time, never hunted those counties, but law changed in 2003 to allow Sunday hunting, so not that long ago. All i can say to those who don’t understand why the laws where put into place is, GOD Bless the USA!

Phil Minter Why would any state not allow u to hunt on a Sunday that’s just dumb, and infringing even further on your basic rights as a human

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Bill Austin Should be an individuals decision, not a state law…. even as a Christian, hunting falls firmly under “a day of rest”

Ken Miller It should be up to the people to either hunt or go to church however they feel is going to further them best

Tim Renaud Pa needs to be next

Ray Paguy Massachusetts should follow!

Brian Gillman Yeah and Pennsylvania and Virginia. ..just to name a few!

Richie Ascolillo Enough with the Blue laws already……

Christopher Keck I didn’t even know this was a thing. ddh_nomad7_600x250-2