Best Broadheads for Hunting Squirrel with Bow and Arrow


Try hunting squirrel with a bow and arrow to test your hunting prowess!

Hitting a small target with a bow and arrow is a challenge in and of itself. Make that target one of the most “squirrelly” animals alive, and you take that challenge to the next level.

If you are going to be successful hunting squirrel with a bow and arrow, we have a few tips for you.

Specialty broadheads designed to hunt small game will increase your chances of success while archery hunting squirrel.

Small game broadheads are designed to increase the effective kill area of your arrow tip. These specialty broadheads for small game catch and rip the flesh of the squirrel, as opposed to traditional razor-edge broadheads designed to cut lethal wounds in big-game.

Hunting squirrels with standard field points possible; however, the arrows are likely to pass straight through the squirrel. With broadheads designed for small game, more energy is transferred to the target, causing more lethal wounds than standard tips. An additional benefit is that they are more likely to knock squirrels out of a tree potentially saving a retrieval climb.

Best small game broadheads for hunting Squirrel with Bow and Arrow

ProductDescriptionOur commentsWhere to buyMuzzy SG-X Small Game HeadSharp replaceable point with four spring loaded arms. High Quality and durable.Our top choice. These are well made, effective, and we like the replaceable points.G5 Small Game Head for squirrel hunting Best Broadheads for Hunting Squirrel with Bow and Arrow View on AmazonG5 Small Game HeadBlunt point and fixed blade hooks. Effective and deadly on squirrels.These are effective but don’t fly as true as the Muzzy or Cabela’s points.Vista Small-Game Adder View on AmazonCabela’s Advocate Small-Game HeadBlunt point and spring loaded arms (similar to the Muzzy heads).We love this design and these are certainly high quality points. Slightly more expensive per point than the Muzzy option.Vista Small Game Adder 2 Best Broadheads for Hunting Squirrel with Bow and Arrow View on Cabela’s Vista Small-Game Adder PointInclude these behind field-points. Eight durable claws that are devastating on squirrels and other small game.Best budget option. Simple and effective but the claws can bend. Also, to keep the same arrow tip weight, lighter field-points are needed. View on Cabela’s

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Muzzy SG-X Small Game Head

The Muzzy SG-X small game broadheads create devastating wounds in squirrel and other small game. The broadhead comes with a replaceable tip, stainless steel body, and spring-loaded arms.

The four hook-like arms are quite durable and also help the arrows from embedding deeply into grass or leaves, making for easier retrieval or arrows.

G5 Small Game Head

These fixed blade broadheads do a great deal of damage on small game. According to the manufacturer, the blunt tip “shocks” and the curved blades “rip”. We agree that these are effective broadheads for hunting small game.

The curved hooks also help stop the arrows from sliding under leaves or other ground-cover often making it easier to find the arrows.

One drawback is that the hooks can bend or break.

Cabela’s Advocate Small-Game Head

Cabela’s version of the small game point is a winner. These small-game broadheads are strikingly similar to the Muzzy small-game broadheads.

Cabela’s small-game broadheads also have spring-loaded arms that are effective at taking down squirrels as well as stoping the arrows from digging into the dirt or sliding under ground-cover.

The main difference from the Muzzy broadheads is that these Cabela’s broadheads have a blunt tip which is not replaceable like the Muzzy broadheads.

Overall these are great tips to use for squirrel hunting and gives another option if you like the blunt tip style.

Vista® Small Game Adder Point

Simple and effective! Add the Vista small-game broadhead behind your existing field points to increase squirrel lethality (is that a word?).

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Vista small-game adder has eight claws that increase energy transfer into the target increasing damage. The “claws” are quite durable and hold up reasonably well but can also bend.

Something to keep in mind with these adders is that they will increase the arrow tip weight. You will want to adjust your aim accordingly or purchase lighter field points to include with these Vista adders.

These are one of the least expensive options and are suitable for those trying to stay within a budget.

Squirrel Hunting Tips

In addition to having deadly broadheads be sure to check our full article on squirrel hunting tips.


Having the right small-game broadheads makes a big difference when trying to bag squirrels with a bow and arrow. Depending on your preferences, each of the suggestions in this article can be a big help on your next archery squirrel hunt.

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