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Last updated on September 2nd, 2023.

Simms just launched their new Guide Classic Wader. We took it to the water and tell you what we think.

Simms Guide Classic Wader Review: The Idea behind it

The new Simms Guide Classic Wader (Stockingfoot) replaces the Headwater series and represents Simms’ mid-range option. At $449 the Guide Classic Wader is priced $100 below the new Flyweight Wader.

The Guide Classic is made from a three-layer Gore-Tex fabric that is enforced in the lower parts from the thighs downwards since this is where most of the abrasion happens.

Lots of Pockets

The Simms Guide Classic has all the features of a great pair of waders. It features two pockets: a large zippered front pocket to store your essentials such as tippet spools and fly boxes.

On the inside the Simms Guide Classic features another smaller zippered pocket which is great to store valuables such as your wallet, smartphone or car keys. On the outside they have comfortable reach-through hand warmer pockets that come in handy on cold days.

The new Simms Guide Classic Wader comes with the brand’s well-proven suspender systems that ensures all-day comfort for long days on the water. There are no belt loops, yet the wading belt sits tightly and comfortably.

To round-off the well thought-through features, the Simms Guide Classic Wader comes with the integrated gravel guards that can be easily attached to your laces and make sure that no gravel or sand enters your wading boots.

The Guide Classic Wader also features Simms’ anatomically engineered neoprene stockingfoot booties. They have an excellent and snug fit inside your wading boots.

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The Fit of the Guide Classic Wader

With the three layer Gore-Tex fabric the Simms Guide Classic Wader feels surprisingly lightweight and yet sturdy. Compared to the Simms G3 and Simms G4 this wader is a great option if you know you won’t be fishing in very cold climates for longer periods of time (the hand warmer pockets are not fleece-lined) for example.

The fit of the Guide Classic Wader is a little more slim-fit than other manufacturers such as Patagonia or Orvis. Simms offers so many sizing options that you can be sure you’ll find the right one no matter how you are built.


The new Guide Classic Wader is an excellent choice for fly fishermen who don’t want to make any compromises. You get an excellent three layer Gore-Tex fabric. The waders are lightweight enough to take them along on your travels and yet sturdy enough to last a long time even if you put them to the test in tough environments.

The subtle shades of grey make you blend it perfectly with your surroundings on the river making sure you don’t spook the fish you want to catch. At $449 they certainly don’t come cheap but Simms has proven the longevity of its products over and over again. We think they are definitely worth the money.


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