Top Hunting Apps with Mapping for Big Game Hunters


Let’s face it, we are in the 21st century, but some things are just inherent to us. That’s why hunting is still a prevalent sport in recent times, globally and in the United States. You can take the assistance of top hunting apps to make your big game hunting experience easy and entertaining.

Call it something in our DNA, but we all still get excited about adventure in 2024. We look forward to the thrill and excitement of it all. Big game hunting is all about chasing your prey in the most stealth of manners.

You want to be silent as thin air and then make the perfect shot. It’s like harmony with nature where you feel a sense of euphoria in your win. In olden times, it was a matter of necessity to hunt. But now it’s more about having fun.

Technology is a prime factor in how we are living our everyday lives. It should not come as a surprise that people still like adventures like hunting. Many companies have developed mobile apps that help users in their hunting expeditions.

Top Hunting Apps with Mapping for Big Game Hunters
Top Hunting Apps with Mapping for Big Game Hunters

Best Hunting Applications for serious Big Game Adventure

What is the sign of good hunting apps? They are all about complete transparency and visibility of the hunting ground/region. Their function is to facilitate big game hunters in their hunting voyages.

The app market has quite a handsome number of such hunting apps for users. These apps are like your allies, your aid, and fantastic tools in helping you accentuate the hunting experience. However, not all these apps have great features.

Since you will be out on your own during the hunting excursion. So, you want to be off the radar away on your hunting game with the best app. To make it easier for you, we have rounded up top hunting apps for 2024 with their features.

  • onX Hunt
  • BaseMap
  • Huntstand
  • SAS Survival Guide
  • Lenzmark Hunt
  • Garmin Earthmate
  • Huntwise
  • GPS Tracks
  • Shot Simulator
  • DeerLab

Next, we discuss the features of these hunting apps in detail.

onX Hunt

Available on both Android and iOS, this app by onX is all about providing a land identification system. You can check owner names as well as public and private boundaries. Also, it comes in two modes: online and offline.

You have online mapping. Since a majority of hunting sites have no internet facility; offline mode provides aerial imagery and topographic maps. Hunting area usually has a lot of roads, lakes, and rivers.

Therefore, you want to be able to view the various maps through GPS tracking. The onX Hunt app even helps in displaying waypoints and icons for navigation, vehicle, camp, lookouts, and blinds. That’s why it’s one of the best hunting apps out there.

Elite Cost (50 States): $14.99 monthly, $99.99 yearlyPremium Cost (1 State): $29.99 yearly

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Considered one of the most popular hunting apps, it has parcel boundaries and landowner names. BaseMap app is great at GPS navigation. Furthermore, it even has weather tools to help you gauge temperature and other weather conditions.

You can store the information in the app alongside your hunting map. This will give you a full analysis of what your hunting experience would be like. Also, it has offline maps alongside season dates, map range, and a lot of other helpful features.

Basic: FreePro: $4.99/month, $29.99/yearHunt Research: $9.99/year

Best Hunting Applications for serious Big Game Adventure
Best Hunting Applications for serious Big Game Adventure


Termed as one of the best hunting apps, it has many extensive features including great mapping capabilities with customization. With the Huntstand app, you can add markers to your locations and lines for roads and trails. So, this makes it easy for users to interact with the map on the go.

You can measure any areas on the map and view parcels for sale. Sighted a prey? Simply log the site and even the kills you make along the way. This helps you keep a trail of all that you have seen and done in the area.

You can even find the weather conditions of your hunting area, track the wind speed, and direction alongside lunar cycles. The best part is that it allows you to create social events. So, you can collaborate with other hunters.

Basic Version: FreePro Version: $29.99 USD/year

SAS Survival Guide

This hunting application is all about dramatization. Think you are a hunter who is stuck in a region, where it is only survival of the fittest. So, your endurance is only possible through various tips and techniques.

All you require for your aid is something like the premium SAS Survival Guide app. This app is a digital version of the same title book written by British survivalist John “Lofty” Wiseman. It has all that you ever need to learn about what you need to do if you get stranded. So, this app comes in handy as you have to fend for yourself.

The app has 16 helpful videos. Moreover, it has a good number of pictures for knowing everything about animal tracks, knots, plants, and various creatures. The app even has a device for signaling morse code, a checklist, sun compass and so much more.

Price: $5.99

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Insights from Lenzmark Hunt’s case study for Adventure businesses

Lenzmark Hunt

A new player in the market, the Lenzmark Hunt app provides users various map view types. So, hunters can pick and choose the map view as they deem fit. This enables users in getting the map in a way that best suits them for tracking their hunt.

Most often, hunting sites are away from the busy city life. So, it makes internet connectivity a challenge. Accordingly, the best way out of this problem is to have offline map capabilities in the app.

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This app allows the hunters to work with the downloaded maps. So, you can still track your position in offline mode. This makes Lenzmark Hunt a cool go-to app for your hunting escapades.

One of the best things about this app is its easy-to-use features. These can be operated by any type of user on the field. The app is like a compass in your hand. But this time you are holding your phone that navigates you with varying units and options through its GPS facility.

Also, it allows knowing the altitude of your current location. As well, you can even capture images to identify and route to locations. Techliance has created it for the client, so we know its advantages for hunters personally.

Yes, it is fun if you hunt alone. But hunting with mates is more entertaining sometimes. So, you can have your pack together through location sharing via SMS facility. It makes the experience more collaborative and brings out an element of surprise between the hunters.

Lenzmark Hunt is new among the hunting apps but has promising features. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms. So, that no hunter gets behind in the hunting games.

Basic: $1.99 (1-day free trial)Pro: $9.99

Garmin Earthmate

This app has a simple layout, and phone to GPS pairing. Moreover, it gives you great battery life with the SOS tool and the facility to test without phone service. Garmin Earthmate app comes free with a subscription to the InReach satellite communicator.

To get the safety features like texting and the SOS Tool a monthly subscription is required. The InReach satellite communicator subscriptions have 3 pricing tiers of safety, expedition, and recreation. These subscriptions are the most expensive out of all GPS hunting apps mentioned in this post. But this value for money deal can be your companion in hunting, hiking, and other adventures.

Professional Subscription: Basic ($19.95/month), Advanced ($34.95/month), Unlimited ($64.95/month)

Personal SubscriptionFreedom Plan: Safety ($14.95/month), Expedition ($34.95/month), Recreation ($64.95/month)Annual Plan: Safety ($11.95/month), Expedition ($24.95/month), Recreation ($49.95/month)


Among the leading hunting apps, the Huntwise app stands solid ground with 14+ custom markers. You can hunt areas with boundaries where you can also check public and private boundaries. Besides, you can also share your location with friends by inviting them to view pins and properties.

Compare stands to determine the ideal hunting spot with 3D mapping for viewing topography from all angles. You can keep a hunting log, and talk with other hunters. Even, you can share your favorite hunting gear with fellow hunters.

Basic: FreePro: $19.99/month, $59.99/yearElite: $39.99/month, $119.99/year

GPS Tracks

Considered a very user-friendly GPS tracker and navigation app, it has plenty of features. GPS Tracks app has a lot of cushions for users to explore many things. It has measurement tools and maps for aerial and topo views.

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To help you save your trips, the app makes it easy for you to save your phone storage. Also, it gives users a tracking library and you can easily upload or export Google earth files. By upgrading to the premium version, users can access hunting season. The only shortcoming is that the app is not available on Google Play for Android users.

Basic Subscription: $3.99Pro Subscription: 19.99 per yearPremium Subscription: Cost 39.99 per year

Shot Simulator

This app is cool because it helps you excel as a hunter. So, imagine this scenario when you are about to shoot but you miss because you are just a beginner. Or you could not aim properly in the first place.

How about a hunting simulation app that lets you certainly go for the kill? A solution like the Shot Simulator uses an animated deer to track your shot’s accuracy. So, you shoot better next time by calculating angles through the body, as you simulate a hit to the deer. It considers the location of the deer and the angle of your fired shot.


Staying true to the adventure experience, the DeerLab trail camera software has a lot of extensive features. This is a great GPS-enabled photo management software that helps you track, discover, and collect information along the way. Also, it helps you to develop a pattern by tracking specific animals and even giving them unique names.

Although, not a true hunting app, but this software is like your perfect ally in a hunting expedition. Even, it tells you which treestand to climb and when is the right time to shoot a specific deer. Nowadays, it is all about sharing your hunting experience. Deerlab makes it possible by enabling hunters in sharing picture albums with their family and friends.

Subscription: Starting from $9 monthly / $84 yearly

Craft a Solution for Big Game Trophy Hunting
Craft a Solution for Big Game Trophy Hunting


Today, it’s about having a great hunting experience with an app that’s easy to use. You also require detailed maps and guide for helping you easily maneuver to targets. Capturing the essence of user requirements and then translating them into functionality is necessary as well.

These are some of the must-haves for the greatest hunting apps in the market. New businesses should look to include all these features in their hunting apps. Also, remember hunters should be able to easily do all these things without much concentration or grip on the phone.

Are you looking for the development of a hunting application? Or you want to build any other adventure app that senses the market pulse. Then contact Techliance now for a free consultation.

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