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Believe it or not, one thing I enjoy about bowhunting is the off-season. Does it compare to a September bugling fest in the Rockies or a monster Midwestern buck chasing a doe right into my lap? Obviously not. But, the older I get, the more I welcome the off-season; it’s when I reflect, plan for next season, make equipment changes and so on.

While new compound bows being launched late in the fall always generates some initial excitement, I suspect that many bowhunters are hesitant to switch from the bow they know to a new one during the middle of hunting season. Most get serious about planning for next season as soon as the current one ends. Like me, many bow buyers — no longer distracted by treestand time — are contemplating the many choices available, and some of the following makes and models are probably on their to-test list.

To that end, here’s what’s new in the flagship compound bow world for 2024.

APA Black Mamba 29

An APA bow cannot be mistaken for any other due to all of the exclusive features, and the Black Mamba 29 has APA innovations written all over it. Riser fangs are ideal for hanging the bow on a tree limb, and the built-in carrying handle is ideal for a short walk to a treestand or a long stalk on a trophy pronghorn. No need to carry broadhead and nock wrenches or a broadhead sharpener — they’re integrated. A cam-lock pin allows bow-press capabilities without the bow press for on-the-go servicing. The slim riser grip provides comfort and is easy to grip in torque-free format. One of the lightest high-performance metal-riser bows available, the 3.55-pound Black Mamba 29 measures just 29 1/8 inches between the axles — ideal for tight quarters where maneuverability is key. A fiery 355-fps IBO rating packs a punishing punch, and the Micro Tune Cable Guide smooths out the draw cycle and adjusts without a bow press.

MSRP: $1,192


Athens Elevate

A good manufacturer welcomes user feedback and applies it to future products. That’s how Athens Archery landed on the Elevate for 2024. The Low-Pro Molded Grip is comfortable in all conditions while carrying on the fit and feel Athens fans loved about previous models. The RT-X Cam System rigged with the Rev 2 module delivers a quick arrow — 345 fps IBO — and has infinitely adjustable draw length (24.5-30.5 inches) and let-off (70-90%), really helping the archer to dial-in on individual preference in the fit-and-feel department. Lock accessories and improve accessorized balance with the dependable Picatinny sight mount and QAD Integrate mounting system. X-Out limb dampeners silence and destroy hand shock, and stability and maneuverability collide in a 32-inch axle-to-axle length. The roller-based Tunable Cable System reduces friction during the draw cycle, and it allows the shooter to adjust the lateral cable load. The Elevate features Athens’ lightest riser yet, and it’s available in numerous camo and solid finish options.

MSRP: $1,199


Bear Archery Execute Series

From the Alaskan wilds to Florida’s swamps, Bear Archery’s hard-hitting Execute 30 and 32 deliver all the performance needed for every adventure and come loaded with new performance-enhancing features. A new riser design exudes stability and strength, and it features a new swing-arm cable guard to complement the EKO Cam’s already silky draw cycle. The new Shock Management System (SMS) yields Bear’s quietest, most vibration-free bow yet. Wider Gordon limbs improve strength and stability, and new machined-aluminum limb pockets are streamlined yet ruggedly reliable. The EKO Cam lets users choose between 75, 80, 85 and 90% let-off, and Align Lok Technology aids in making second- and third-axis sight adjustments. The standard slim grip is back, but Bear has added a new soft-touch grip with a swelled palm for a second choice. With all of the new technologies and options across two sub-models, Bear’s Execute is hard to beat.

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MSRP: $1,199


Bowtech CP30

Customers who prefer a short, maneuverable bow will find Bowtech’s CP30 a pleasure to carry and shoot in any hunting situation. Despite its shortness, a long, rigid riser harnesses all the stability needed to maintain accuracy at extended ranges. Smooth never felt smoother, thanks to the FlipDisc module’s Comfort setting. The Performance setting trades off just a little bit of smoothness to crank up the velocity. A perfect tune is just a hex wrench away with the proven DeadLock Cams. Orbit Dampeners squelch shot noises and vibrations, and the modular Clutch Performance grip has two options. The CP 30 is compatible with Integrate rests for rock-solid dependability. Dual Lock Pockets are streamlined yet unrelentingly dependable. A 6.75-inch brace height maximizes forgiveness, delivering superior shot-to-shot consistency. Also new from Bowtech is the ultra-premium Carbon One.

MSRP: $1,199


Darton Prelude E 32

Speed and smoothness intersect in Darton’s Prelude E 32. While achieving speeds up to 342 fps, the Prelude E 32’s patented Equalizer Cable System reduces the cam-bearing load and stabilizes the limbs to provide a wildly-smooth draw. Custom bowstrings crafted by Team Darton come standard, and a new adjustable draw module adjusts from 27-30.5 inches in .25-inch increments. Featuring a new pre-stretched, pre-stressed 7075 T-6511 riser, the 4.9-pound Prelude E 32 balances beautifully and anchors well in windy conditions. An adjustable roller guard is ideal for adjusting the lateral cable load, and the Integrate Mount pairs with QAD’s Integrate rest. Wider limbs and pockets garner a stabler aiming picture. An all-new grip and a short stabilizer positioned at the riser’s bottom end seal the deal on Darton’s finest hunting bow to date.

MSRP: $1,149


Diamond Alter

Diamond simplifies the shopping experience for bowhunters who demand on-point performance at an affordable price. The new Alter can be purchased alone or decked out in a full Octane accessory package. Despite its affordability, the Alter packs features designed to maximize accuracy, such as a slim grip, proven synchronized Binary Cam System and forgiving 7-inch brace height. For the dealer, this bow is an easy sell — especially to rapidly-growing youths — due to its massive 8- to 70-pound draw-weight range and 21- to 31-inch draw-length adjustability. Available in black or Mossy Oak DNA, the Alter proves that accuracy and performance are within financial reach for most.

MSRP: $649.99 (w/Octane package)


Elite Carbon Era

Elite’s Omnia launched in the fall and features some incredible advancements such a draw module adjustable in .25-inch increments and a let-off module adjustable in 1% increments. Not long after, Elite dropped the bombshell: its first carbon bow ever. Meet the Era. Perhaps the most shootable carbon bow available, the Era has an ultra-forgiving 7.25-inch brace height while still achieving a 336-fps IBO speed. High-modulus, hand-laid carbon features Elite’s proven dual-cage design and maximizes strength while reducing mass weight to less than 4 pounds. Balanced and stable, the Era aims like a dream come true and features the same SP Cam as the Omnia. An ultra-maneuverable 31.25-inch axle-to-axle length is ideal for all types of bowhunting, and S.E.T. Technology makes tuning a breeze.

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MSRP: $1,699


Gearhead P30

“P” stands for pivot in Gearhead’s all-new P30. Its rotational limb-support system reduces limb stress throughout the draw cycle, increasing velocity and smoothing out the draw cycle while minimizing shot noises and vibrations. Like other Gearhead models, the P30 can convert between right- and left-handed configurations. The Standard hunting grip is included, but with the Pick a Grip system, archers have options for individual feel and preference. Riser strength and stability are achieved through Gearhead’s two-piece shoot-through riser design interconnected at critical points by pillars and the dependable Zero Gap Limb Pockets, which offer a 15-pound draw-weight-adjustment range. The brace height is 6.25 inches with the Standard grip; it’s adjustable from 5-6.75 inches with the Slider Grip. With up to 90% let-off, a 337-fps IBO rating and five stabilizer mounting holes, the P30 fits the mold for serious bowhunters. The P30 is also available in a Short Draw model (smaller cams) to accommodate draw lengths down to 23.25 inches.

MSRP: $1,049


Hoyt VTM Series

Available in 31- and 34-inch sub-models, Hoyt’s new VTM flaunts Hoyt’s most advanced riser design that’s dependably rigid and flawlessly sleek. The VTM boasts an impressive 31 percent reduction in sound due to several contributing factors such as In-Line System-compatible accessories paired directly to the riser and the redesigned Holeshot V2 string silencers. The punch-packing HBX Pro Cams draw smoothly and maximize efficiency across the draw-length spectrum thanks to two different modules. A let-off module can easily change between 80 and 85% let-off based on individual preference. The innovative Drop Cord Slot gives the drop-away-rest cord an unobstructed path through TEC riser. The slim VitalPoint Grip is made from Versaflex for superior comfort and consistent hand placement. Two snazzy new finishes are sure to turn heads. For the same technology in a lighter platform, check out the Carbon RX-7.

MSRP: $1,349/VTM 31; $1,449/VTM 34


Martin MTX 29

Dealers will find Martin’s MTX 29 a pleasure to set up for customers because it uses one cam for short-draw and long-draw archers via two different modules. Achieve a dead-solid back wall with four contact points via the Dual MOD Stops and Dual Limb Stops. The molded grip is removable for archers who prefer to grip the riser directly. Draw weight can be quickly lowered 5 pounds by pivoting the Tri Loc shoe system. Further draw-weight adjustments can be made with the limb bolt. Experience a smooth, vibration-free shot thanks to compact, parallel limbs and WDS weights and dampeners located at both ends of the riser. The low-torque roller guard enhances smoothness and improves tuning, and the MTX 29 features ThreadZ Custom Bowstrings. At an easy-handling 29 3/8 inches, the well-balanced MTX 29 is ideal for the treestand, saddle, ground blind or the mountains, and with an IBO rating of 347 fps, it’s fast, too.

MSRP: $1,199


Mathews Phase4 Series

The Mathews Phase4, available in 29- and 33-inch lengths, combines the V3X’s technologies with two new innovations. Resistance Phase Damping sandwiches silencing material between four limb pairs — the Phase4 has eight individual limbs — to address vibrations right where they begin. A new through-the-riser stabilizer mount pairs the new Mathews Bridge-Lock Stabilizer directly with the riser for a stiffer connection, cleaning up vibrations around the grip. As with recent models, the Phase4 utilizes the proven Crosscentric Cam System with SwitchWeight Technology, a long and stable Bridge-Lock Riser, Bridge-Lock Sight Technology, Integrate Rest Mount and compatibility with the LowPro Quiver. The V3X’s accessorized balance was unrivaled, but the Phase4 takes it another step with the Bridge-Lock Stabilizer and mounting system. The Phase4 was up to 13 percent quieter and up to 37 percent less vibrations in Mathews testing, so your customers can have stealth and power in one unbelievably accurate design.

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MSRP: $1,299/Phase4 29; $1,399/Phase4 33


PSE Mach 34

Uncompromising stability in a lightweight carbon bow is where the rubber meets the road with PSE’s Mach 34. At 34 inches from axle to axle, this 3.6-pound bow is deadly accurate at distance and offered in three cam options. Tuning the cams right or left in .02-inch increments is a snap (pun intended) with the new EZ.220 Snap Spacer System. PSE’s Full Draw Stability increases the Mach 34’s effective brace height and resists shooter-induced bow torque to deliver top-notch consistency. The Mach 34 provides a solid and secure mounting plate for either the Hamskea Epsilon or QAD Integrate rests. Limbs are locked and secured in the streamlined Limb Vise Pocket System. Offered in 11 finishes, the Mach 34 takes carbon-bow performance and accuracy to the next level. Also check out the new Fortis and Nock On Unite.

MSRP: $1,799


Prime REVEX Series

Prime’s exclusive center-gripped bows have for years redefined stability, creating a practically effortless aiming experience. That attribute is just one reason why new REVEX bows are so accurate. Specs vary just a bit across three different sub-models, offering every archer something. Draw-length-specific modules on the new CORE cams optimize efficiency and performance in every draw length. Don’t sweat! The CORE cam still features the same proven cam-balancing system as the InLine, but it’s even smoother to draw. Multiple hunting and target finishes offer flavors for everyone, and the Prime Nanogrip — made from NASA-developed materials — delivers superior comfort in all conditions. Cam spacers can be swapped to address cam lean, and riser and limb dampeners add the finishing touches.

MSRP: $1,299/REVEX 2 and REVEX 4; $1,399/REVEX 6


Xpedition Archery Xlite Series

Why is the new Xlite the company’s ultimate bowhunting bow? How about a proprietary alloy Magnite riser, which is 33 percent lighter than 6061 aluminum and stronger than commercial-grade carbon? Magnite dampens vibrations 20 times more effectively than commercial-grade carbon and three times more effectively than 6061 aluminum. Available in 31- and 33-inch versions, the Xlite’s riser is longer than past Xpedition models of the same axle-to-axle lengths, creating stability that amplifies accuracy downrange. The limbs are shorter and more parallel, further reducing vibrations and shot noise. The XB1 is Xpedition’s first binary cam, which creates a well-balanced load and a better tune with dual cable stops to deliver a definitive back wall. Several durable Cerakote finishes provide class and long-lasting dependability in the face of harsh elements.

MSRP: $1,949.99/Xlite 31; $1,999.99/Xlite 33


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