Ep 75: 2020 New Mexico Javelina Hunt Recap

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You never know what will happen when you go javelina hunting, so it’s a good idea to be flexible if you run into the unexpected. I actually just got back from a javelina hunt in New Mexico and I have good news: I punched my javelina tag! Today, I’m going to tell you how the hunt went, a couple of lessons I learned, and share a few recommendations for you to keep in mind if you want to go javelina hunting in the future.

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What We Covered

1) How things went on my New Mexico javelina hunt.

2) Overview of the various javelina season options in New Mexico.

3) A few things that were essential to my success.

4) Things to keep in mind if you ever go javelina hunting.


We’re right in the thick of application season for most of the western states. If you want to go on do it yourself adventures on public land out west like I did this year hunting pronghorn, mule deer, coues deer, and javelina then you need to check out goHunt and sign up for their Insider membership. They have some of the most comprehensive information available anywhere on where to go to hunt iconic western animals (like mule deer, pronghorn, and elk) They specialize in providing information you need to draw the necessary tag, and what hunting tactics work best in specific areas. I’ve used goHUNT for the past several years with great success and cannot recommend them highly enough.

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With their help, I’ve been able to find and draw “hidden gem” tags in several different states that there’s no way I would have known about on my own. Specifically, I applied for and drew my Colorado pronghorn tag and my Arizona coues deer tag this year as a direct result of information I learned from goHunt.

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So, sign up for an INSIDER membership at GoHunt.com and you can get the information you need to pull a great tag for yourself. Use promo code BIGGAMEHUNTER when you sign up to get $50 in store credit at their gear shop. Not only will you get the information that will help you know exactly what units to apply for in order to have a fun hunt with a reasonable chance of drawing, but you’ll also get $50 in store credit that you can use to buy some good quality hunting gear at the same time.

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