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Crosman and Benjamin are two of the most recognizable names in the air rifle industry. But many enthusiasts don’t realize that these two brands are both a part of the Crosman Corporation family. Crosman actually bought Benjamin back in 1992.

The Crosman brand dates all the way back to 1924. At the time, they were known as the “Crosman Rifle Company”. The company’s first models were multi-pump pneumatic rifles, and they still make them today. In fact, some of the company’s most popular rifles are multi-pump. Aside from pump pneumatics, you’ll find CO2, PCP and spring piston in the Crosman and Benjamin lineup of rifles.

Many air rifle reviews point to Crosman being known for its affordability, while Benjamin being known for its high power. So, it’s no surprise that beginners choose Crosman for their very first air rifle. With lots of power and top-notch performance, experienced shooters trust Benjamin.

Both brands offer a wide range of air rifles, but some are more popular than others. When you want nothing but the best, the Crosman and Benjamin rifles below are excellent choices.

Top Crosman Air Rifles

Crosman Nitro Venom (Full Review Here)

The Nitro Venom is Crosman’s best-selling air rifle. This .22 rifle shoots at up to 950 FPS with alloy and 800 FPS with lead for 20 FPE. With a wide forearm, fluted muzzle brake and 3-9×32 mm CenterPoint scope, it’s deadly accurate. If you’re looking for a rifle for small game hunting or pest elimination, the Nitro Venom is the ideal choice.

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Crosman Optimus Break Barrel (Full Review Here)

If you’re looking for a rifle with power, the Optimus is a smart choice. With a velocity of up to 1200 FPS, you’ll easily take out squirrels, rabbits and other small game. And if you’re just looking for a day of target shooting, the Optimus will be happy to oblige. An ambidextrous wood stock, bundled CenterPoint scope and two-stage adjustable trigger make this gun a must-have for any air rifle enthusiast.

Crosman M4-177 (Full Review Here)

The M4-177 shoots like an air rifle, but looks and feels like an AR-15 assault rifle. Most people are attracted to this rifle because of its appearance, but looks aren’t all this pneumatic pump rifle has going for it. This .177 can shoot pellets at 600 FPS and BBs at 625 FPS. That’s enough power to take out small pests or enjoy a day of target shooting. If you’re looking for a rifle that can shoot both pellets and BBs without losing accuracy, the M4-177 is the right Crosman rifle for you.

Crosman Classic (Full Review Here)

Classic is the perfect name for this .177 caliber Crosman rifle. With a velocity of 755 FPS, this variable pump air rifle can shoot both pellets and BBs. You’ll love its classic rifle look and checkered forearm and grip. For a no-frills air rifle that’s both affordable and easy to shoot, the Crosman Classic is the go-to choice for beginners.

Top Benjamin Air Rifles

Benjamin Marauder (Full Review Here)

Ready to feel empowered? The .177 Benjamin Marauder is an air rifle that puts 1100 FPS of power in your hands. This pre-charged pneumatic rifle is powerful enough to take out varmints, like coyotes, fox, hogs and turkeys. Small game and pests are no match for the Marauder. Four calibers are available with the Marauder: .177, .22 and .25. Even the .22 boasts a velocity of 1000 FPS, while the .25 shoots at up to 900 FPS. If power and performance are what you crave, the Marauder is hard to beat.

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Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston (Full Review Here)

For shooters that prefer gas-piston rifles, the Titan GP Nitro Piston is the best in its class. It’s quiet, accurate, powerful and smooth. Nitro pistons are known for smoother shooting and cocking when compared to typical spring piston rifles. Both .177 and .22 calibers are available with this rifle. A 2-stage trigger and bundled scope make the Titan a highly accurate air rifle that any shooter will appreciate.

Both Crosman and Benjamin offer high quality rifles for shooters of all experience levels and budgets. If you’re just getting started, the Crosman Classic and M4-177 offer affordability, power and accuracy. For a great all-around air rifle, the Nitro Venom is a smart choice. If power is what you’re after, the Optimus won’t disappoint.

If you prefer a PCP or gas-piston air rifle, Benjamin is your go-to brand. The Marauder is a beast of a PCP air rifle with 1100 FPS. It’s powerful enough to take out larger pests and game, like raccoons and turkeys. The Titan is a gas-piston air rifle that’s smooth to shoot, accurate and powerful.

The bottom line: If you’re just getting started, Crosman will be your go-to brand for affordable, high quality rifles. If you have some experience under your belt and are craving more power, consider Benjamin’s Titan or Marauder rifles. Both use different power plants, but both are powerful and accurate.

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