Crocodile vs Shark Fight: Who Will Win?

Video great white shark vs crocodile bite force

What if two of the deadliest aquatic predators ever—the Saltwater Crocodile and the Great White Shark —were up against each other in a historic battle?

Saltwater Crocodiles are the largest living crocodiles today. They are found in parts of India, Southeast Asia, and Australia. They frequent salty or freshwater swamps. A Saltwater Crocodile can easily have a human for its meal. But will a Great White Shark meet the same fate? We’ll see!

Sharks are something of a legend, aren’t they? The Great White Shark is one of its largest species found in the coastal waters of mainly the United States, South Africa, and Japan. If you have seen Steven Spielberg’s horror flick Jaws, you already know how deadly sharks can be. That film was inspired by a Great White Shark in New Jersey!

Let’s get to know the two predators

Saltwater Crocodiles are enormous reptiles who can eat almost anything. They are found in brackish or freshwater regions of India, Southeast Asia, and Australia. Australians have given them the nickname “salties”.

Great White Sharks

Great White Sharks are the most dangerous fish that ever swam in the oceans around the world. They frequent the coastal waters of the United States, South Africa, and Japan. They sit on top of the food chain, with only one known predator—the Killer Whale.

Saltwater crocodiles

Saltwater crocodiles can weigh up to 1000 pounds. They are huge in size. A full-grown saltie can measure up to 17 feet in length. They have an average lifespan of 70 years.

An adult Great White Shark can weigh a massive 5000 pounds. Its full body length can measure between 15 to 20 feet. On average, they may live for 70 years.

When it comes to diet, Saltwater Crocodiles are not very picky. They eat small creatures like frogs, fish, birds, and insects. They also prey on big animals like water buffaloes, wild boar, deer, goats, monkeys, and even sharks. Crocodiles are entirely carnivores.

Great White Sharks prey on sea lions, seals, sea birds, crustaceans, mollusks, orcas, and even other sharks. They are also known to feed on dead whales. Like crocodiles, sharks are carnivorous creatures as well.

Comparing features of a Saltwater crocodile and a Great White shark

FeaturesSaltwater CrocodilesGreat White SharksHabitatSoutheast Asia to AustraliaUnited States, South Africa, and JapanTypeReptilesFishScientific nameCrocodylus porosusCarcharodon carchariasFamilyCrocodylidaeLamnidaeGenusCrocodylusCarcharodonDietCarnivoreCarnivoreWeight1000 pounds5000 poundsHeight17 feet15 to 20 feetStatusLeast ConcernVulnerableLifespan70 years70 years

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Strengths and weaknesses: Who makes a better killer?

When a Saltwater Crocodile and a Great White Shark go head to head, who do you think has the greater chances? Let’s weigh their strengths and weaknesses to find out.

Our first category is the weight. A Great White Shark is an enormous creature, weighing up to 5000 pounds. In fact, some sharks have been known to weigh much more than that. A Saltwater Crocodile seems no competition for a shark, with a weight of mere 1000 pounds.

When it comes to speed, Great White Sharks are excellent swimmers. They can chase their prey at a top speed of 35 miles per hour. Saltwater Crocodiles are also quick on their feet but not enough to catch up with a shark. They can reach a top speed of 15 to 18 miles per hour.

Now, let’s look at bite force. A Saltwater Crocodile boasts an immense bite force of 3700 pounds per square inch. But is this enough to overpower the Great White Shark? With a bite force of 4000 pounds per square inch, a Great White Shark remains ahead of the game.

Great White Sharks are great predators, with nearly 300 sharp serrated teeth. These tear into flesh and pull it apart into small chunks which they swallow whole. On the other hand, the Saltwater Crocodile has a total of 66 teeth. These are sharp and perfect for grabbing its prey with a death hold.

Both predators are amazing killing machines. But when it comes to attacks on humans, the Saltwater Crocodile reportedly kills 1000 people every year! On the other hand, Great White Sharks are responsible for 10 deaths per year. Although sharks have an infamous reputation of being man-eaters, stats show otherwise.

CategorySaltwater CrocodileGreat White SharkWeight1000 pounds5000 poundsTop speed in m/h15 to 18 miles per hour35 miles per hourBite force in psi3700 pounds per square inch4000 pounds per square inchPeople killed every year1000 people20 peopleTotal number of teeth66 teeth300 teeth

Saltwater Crocodile vs Great White Shark: Who is the deadliest predator?

What will be the outcome of an epic battle between a Saltwater Crocodile and the Great White Shark? Do you guys have any guesses yet? If you have seen the film Jaws or Sharknado, you will most likely bet on the shark! But the Saltwater Crocodile is an equally dangerous predator.

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Both the fighters are well-matched in skill, strength, and power. But who will be our most likely winner? Let us look at some hard facts and find out together.

A Great White Shark weighs five times more than a Saltwater Crocodile. A shark can weigh up to 5000 pounds, while a saltie weighs only 1000 pounds.

Great White Sharks are the bigger predator. They are aquatic giants, measuring up to 20 feet. The Saltwater Crocodile is close behind, measuring up to 17 feet from head to tail.

The Saltwater Crocodile has strong jaws and an incredible bite force that can crush any prey to death. They have a bite force of 3700 psi. This is higher than any other crocodile species. However, a Great White Shark’s bite force exceeds even a crocodile’s at 4000 psi.

Great White Sharks also have incredibly powerful jaws lined with nearly 300 teeth. A shark’s teeth can measure up to 6.6 inches. They can crush turtle shells easily.

If we look at the number of humans killed every year by the two creatures, a Saltwater Crocodile proves to be the deadlier predator. Sharks are way behind in this case.

The Great White Shark scores greater on most points we have looked at so far. But the Saltwater Crocodile will definitely prove a tough opponent in a fight. They are known to be deadly and aggressive creatures, adept in the art of killing. If it comes to a fight between the two, the outcome may surprise us!

Will the two predators ever meet?

It is a rare thing for a Saltwater Crocodile and a Great White Shark to meet. It’s even rarer that we would see them at each other’s throats in an intense battle! Sharks frequent the coastal waters while saltwater crocodiles usually hang out in salty marshes.

Saltwater Crocodiles are found in parts of India, Southeast Asia, and Australia. On the other hand, Great White Sharks are usually seen in the cool coastal regions of the United States, South Africa, and Japan. They seem to live quite far apart.

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However, although rare, it is not entirely impossible. Crocodiles are great swimmers and may sometimes wander far off into the sea. Both sharks and crocodiles move around in groups and eat whatever comes their way. It is possible that they might cross each other and go head to head!

Final Verdict

It may be rare for the two fighters to meet. But until then, let’s say there’s a hypothetical battle between a Saltwater Crocodile and the Great White Shark. Who do you think will survive and take the winning trophy home? Here’s our final verdict!

The Great White Shark is stronger and bigger than the Saltwater Crocodile. A Saltwater Crocodile, however, proves to be a deadlier animal. But what will finally tip the scales in either one’s favor? This is where hunting skills and technique comes in.

The Saltwater Crocodile relies on taking its prey by surprise. It lies in wait on the surface of the water body and attacks when its prey is least expecting it. The crocodile’s sharp teeth and strong jaws grab and bite down on its prey with incredible force. Their powerful tail drags the prey down into the water and holds tight. Once in its grasp, there’s little chance of escape.

The Great White Shark can detect its prey from miles away. It has an exceptional sense of smell. They are also capable of sensing the electromagnetic fields generated by other animals. It’s not easy for a Saltwater Crocodile to take a shark by surprise.

The Great White Shark is an excellent swimmer as well, with its perfect streamlined body. With over 300 serrated teeth and a bite force of over 4000 psi, it is unlikely that its prey will survive its fatal clutches. It is also bigger and heavier, which allows it to easily overpower its opponent.

If the two top aquatic predators ever go head to head, it is sure to be an epic and unpredictable battle! However, in a hypothetical battle between Saltwater Crocodile vs. the Great White Shark, there can only be one likely winner. We would gladly bet on the Great White Shark—the mighty king of the oceans!

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