50 Hunter or Huntress Names for Your Warrior Baby


Names with strong meanings are often thought of as an aspirational start for new babies, so it’s not surprising that names that mean ‘hunter’ and ‘huntress’ are especially popular. After all, hunting requires skill, precision, patience, and cunning, all great qualities we hope our babies will possess!

While ‘Hunter’ is a classic male baby name, perhaps you’re looking for a pick that’s a little less on the nose. There’s plenty of great names, male and female, that refer to hunters and huntresses and reflect the strength and savvy the title implies.

Let’s read on.

Baby names meaning hunter or huntress

Hunter names for your baby

  • Hunter – The name Hunter is English in origin. It simply means “one who hunts.”
  • Khonvoum – This name is part of African Buti folklore. Khnonvoum is the god of hunting. He carries a bow and arrow made of a two-headed snake.
  • Opochtli – Opochtli is the Aztec god of hunting and fishing. The Aztec people credit Opochtli with the development of the net.
  • Oden – Oden is the name of one of the fiercest and most relentless gods of North mythology.
  • Apollo – This Greek god and his sister Artemis are often credited with coming up with the invention of the bow and arrow. Legend says that he was a skilled hunter.
  • Lelantos – This Titan god was skilled at hunting prey. The word translates to “one who goes unobserved.”
  • Cernunnos – The Germans told great tales of this skilled hunter who is said to have journeyed alongside the horned god Wotan.
  • Arawn – According to Welsh mythology, Arawn was the ruler of the underworld. He was also a great hunter and a magician.
  • Huntley – In Old English, this name means “the meadow or field of the hunter.”
  • Huntington – Huntington translates to “hunter’s settlement” in Old English.
  • Hern – Hern is a boy’s name that means “mythical hunter.” It comes to us from England.
  • Wapwawet – This is the name of the Egyptian war deity who is frequently credited with guiding souls through the underworld. Wapwawet is also something of a hunter. He is frequently depicted with a bow and arrow.
  • Kanati – Kanati is a shortened version of the name Kanohalidohi. Both translate to “hunter” in the Cherokee language.
  • Fowler – While traditionally seen as a surname, Fowler is also a male first name that appears to be growing in popularity. It means “hunter.”
  • Cocidius – Cocidius is a name that was once given to a mythical god of hunting. This name originated with Celtic culture.
  • Nimrod – Nimrod is a biblical name given the son of Ham. He was considered a great hunter.
  • Orion – Orion is the name given to one of the most skilled hunters in Greek mythology. There is also a very well-known constellation named after Orion.
  • Firas – In Arabic, this name means “lion.” It conjures up images of one of the world’s greatest and most ferocious hunters.
  • Oringo – In African, Oringo means “he who likes to hunt.”
  • Rigel – Rigel is an Arabic name that means “left leg of the giant.” That giant just so happens to be Orion, the infamous constellation that was named after a hunter from Greek mythology.
  • Sidon – Sidon is the name for “fishery” in Greek. It is a word used to describe an ancient biblical port city. The word translates to “fish hunter.”
  • Holter – Holter gets its prefix from the word holt, which means small wood in Norwegian.
  • Grosvenor – Once the surname of the Norman warmonger Hugh La Grand Veneur, Grosvenor is a name that translates to “the master hunter” in French.
  • Tharin – Tharin is a boy’s name translates to “hunter.” It is Greek in origin.
  • Thimba – The Swahili name means “lion hunter.” It’s the perfect name for a fierce little boy.
  • Theron – The name Theron translates to “hunter” in Greek.
  • Hunt – As an offshoot of the word hunter, this one leaves little room for explanation. That being said, Hunt has always been a popular first name.
  • Gervasio – Gervasio translates to “spear” in Old German. These tools were once indispensable to hunters.
  • Niabi – Niabi is a Native American name that means “fawn spared by the hunter.”
  • Woodman – Once a common English surname, Woodman is just now assuming the role as a first name. It has several obvious connotations. It is a fitting name for one who enjoys hunting in the woods.
  • Chase – This was once a popular nickname for hunters.
  • Jaegar – Jaegar is German for “hunter” or “huntsman.” This is also the name given to a particularly fierce kind of bird.
  • Parker – Parker is an English surname that was once given to park keepers. These individuals were often tasked with managing and tracking the wild animals that would be hunted within a park.
  • Ramsey – In Old England, Ramsey was a surname given to those who lived in the low-lying land.
  • Draven – Draven is an English derivative of the Old English word for hunter.
  • Wylder – This German name means “hunter” or “adventurer.”
  • Cayde – In Russia, the name Cayde means “master hunter.”
  • Sayed – In Arabic, this name means “fisher” or “hunter.”
  • Ulrich – This honorable Zulu name means “hunter of the wildebeest.”
  • Bowman – In England and Scotland, Bowman was an occupational surnane given to skilled archers and bow hunters.
  • Ivar – Years ago, the Scandanavians presented us with the name Ivar, which means “archer.” The name is also a common name for French baby boys.
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Huntress names for your baby

  • Zada – Give your baby girl this Arabic name. It means “huntress” or “fortunate one.”
  • Cinthya – Cinthya was the name given to the Greek goddess of the moon and hunting. She just so happens to be the twin sister of the equally revered god Apollo.
  • Jameka – This African name has two meanings. Some say it translates to “hunter,” while others believe the name to mean “loyal.”
  • Makaya – The name Makaya stems from Native American culture. It means “one who hunts with eagles.”
  • Kenzleigh – Kenzleigh is a modern-sounding name with a deeper meaning. Kenzleigh is an English name that means “spirit hunter.”
  • Artemis – She is the Greek goddess of wild animals, plants, chastity, childbirth, and hunting. Another Artemis was a huntress who is often depicted with a slain fawn, bow, and arrows in hand. To the Romans, she is Diana.
  • Alcyone – Alcyone was one of the so-called mountain nymphs that joined Artemis on her epic hunting journeys. Her parents were Pleione and Atlas.
  • Auryon – This is the female version of the name Orion. Auryon is said to mean “huntress.”
  • Kainda – Kainda is a beautiful African name that means “the hunter’s daughter.”
  • Archer – This is an English name that was once given to skilled bow hunters.
  • Trapper – Trapper was a common nickname given to individuals who trapped animals for their fur.
  • Tessa – Tessa is a shortened version of the name Theresa or Teresa. In Spanish, Teresa means “hunter or “one who hunts.”
  • Teresa – Spanish in origin, this name means “hunter” or “huntress.”
  • Winda – Winda is Swahili for “hunter.” It is primarily used as a name for baby girls.
  • Andromache – Andromache played the role of a great warrior’s wife during the Trojan War. The name is known to mean “fighter of men.” This is because Andromache would often give her husband fighting advice.
  • Arduinna – Stemming from the Gallo-Roman religion, Adruianna is a name for the goddess of the forest and hunting. Many believe she originated from the idea of the Greek god Artemis.
  • Fletcher – This name was originally a surname given to French arrow-makers. These were tools that were indispensable to early hunters.
  • Airmed -Coming to us from Irish mythology, Airmed is the name for the goddess of herbalism and healing. One may say she is a hunter of natural things.
  • Sylvia – The name Sylvia means “of the forest.” Given the fact that the forest is the home to many wild animals, this name is closely associated with hunting.
  • Camilla – She is a legend in Greek mythology and a favorite of Diana.
  • Atalanta – She is a heroine of Greek mythology. It is said that Atalanta’s hunting skills were equal to that of men’s.
  • Arnakuagsak – In the Inuit language, this is the name of the goddess who is tasked with protecting hunters.
  • Bendis – The Thracians revered this hunting goddess. She is closely associated with the Athenians’ Artemis.
  • Cyrene – This mythical nymph is often depicted as a fierce hunter. There is even a city in Libya named after her.
  • Venatrix – Venatrix is the feminine version of the name Venator, which translates to “hunter” in Latin.
  • Diana – Diana is the name the Romans gave to their likeness of the Greek goddess Artemis. Diana is said to be a fierce hunter and a guardian of animals.
  • Brielle – In the bible, Brielle is often referred to as “God’s bravest woman. This name is a Cajun offshoot of the French name Gabrielle. It is said to translate to “hunting grounds.”
  • Britomartis – Like so many fabulous namesakes, Britomartis comes to us from Greek mythology. It translates to “sweet maiden” and “lady of the nets.” Britomartis is the goddess of hunting and fishing nets.
  • Dali – This name once belonged to the Georgian goddess of hunting. It has a feminine sound and a fierce backstory.
  • Adira – While Adira does not mean huntress, the name does translate to “strong and mighty.” These are the expected personality traits of a bold female huntress.
  • Sedna – Sedna is a traditional name for the Inuit goddess of the ocean and marine animals. She is the daughter of a hunter but undoubtedly carried a rich skillset.
  • Pakhet – There are few fiercer female names than Pakhet, which translates to “she who snatches” or “tearer.” This courageous name is Egyptian in origin.
  • Neith – This ancient Egyptian deity is often pictured wearing a red gown and holding a bow and arrow. Neith is the goddess of war and hunting.
  • Cernunnos – He is a Celtic deity that has many of the same qualities as the Norse god of hunting. He is also said to be a protector of the forest.
  • Chace – Chase is a popular variant of the name Chase, which means “to hunt.” This variation of the name was popularized by the movie Gossip Girl, which boasts a female protagonist of the same name.
  • Bendis – The Thracian goddess of hunting was once celebrated by the Athenians.
  • Mielikki – Mielikki is the name of the Finnish goddess of the forest and hunting.
  • Oakley – If you’re willing to get creative, you might consider using the surname of one of the most famous female sharpshooters. We’re talking about the one-and-only Annie Oakly.
  • Canowicakte – The Native American translation for this name is “forest hunter.”
  • Fianna – This is an Irish name for a female warrior or huntress. Alternative versions include Fian and Fianne.
  • Skaði – Originating from Scandinavia, Skaði is the name given to the goddess of bowhunting and winter.
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