What Does Deer Urine Really Look & Smell Like?


We’ve all heard the rumors about deer urine. Some people say it smells like vanilla, while others say it smells like onions. So what does deer urine really smell and look like? Join me on this journey to discover the answer!

Surprisingly, deer urine doesn’t smell as bad as you might think! Plus, deer urine is known to be a powerful attractant for deer. But what exactly does deer urine really smell and look like?

As a hunter, you are constantly looking for new ways to improve your odds of success in the field. One way to do this is by using deer urine to lure in bucks. But what does deer urine really look and smell like? And how can you use it to your advantage? Keep reading to find out!

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The Short Answer…

Fresh deer urine is usually light yellow in color and has a strong, slightly sweet odor but quickly becomes strong robust and acidic smells like ammonia when it’s exposed to air.

Depending on the deer’s diet and health, the appearance can be different. For example, if a deer has been eating a lot of green vegetation, its urine may be darker in color and have a stronger smell.

Deer urine can also change color and odor when it’s exposed to air for too long, so it’s best to use it soon after collection. When hunting with deer urine, always be sure to use a clean container and keep the urine away from your skin to avoid any potential health risks.

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What Does Deer Pee Really Smell Like?

Although it’s not the most pleasant smell in the world, it’s actually pretty distinctive.

Deer pee smells earthy and musky when freshly produced but becomes strong robust and acidic and smells like ammonia when the pee dries. With a hint of sweetness, deers pee is often compared to the smell of damp soil or wet leaves. Some people say it’s musky, while others say it’s sweet. No matter what it smells like to you, deer urine is an incredibly potent attractant for deer and a pretty perfume!

What Does Deer Urine Really Look Like? What Color Is Deer Urine?

There’s no denying that deer urine smells strongly, but what it actually looks like?

Deer urine looks a lot like, well, any other kind of urine! It is typically yellowish or amber in color and has a light musky smell at first but turns into a strong, ammonia-like smell once it ages.

Depending on the diet and time of year, deer urine can be from light yellow to almost orange.

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This is due to the different levels of carotene in their diet. In the spring and summer, when plants are lush and green, deer consume large amounts of carotene, which makes their urine a brighter color. In the fall and winter, when plants are less available, the carotene levels in deer urine drop accordingly. That makes it more like orange or amber color.

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Why Do Deer Pee?

Obviously for clearing their waste out, but it’s just more than just that.

Male deer will often urine on their front legs and then rub their bodies with the urine-soaked fur. This behavior is called “self-anointing.” According to QDMA’s Kip Adams, deer rub urinates for making the urine soak the tarsal gland (oily secretions absorb certain compounds in the urine. And they do it all the time of the year.

  • Transfer Information

The urine contains chemicals that can convey information about the deer’s age, health, and social status.

For example, a young, healthy deer is likely to produce more urine than an older deer that is not in good condition. A male deer that is trying to attract a mate is likely to produce more urine than a female deer that is not interested in mating. Therefore, by self-anointing, deer are able to transfer important information about themselves to other members of their species.

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What Is Deer Urine Used For?

Interestingly, deer pee is used for more than just emptying their waste out.

  • Scent Marking

Deer use their urine to leave scent marks that leave information such as their reproductive status and social hierarchy. For example, males will often urinate on themselves to leave a strong scent mark that attracts females during the breeding season. Bucks will also spray urine on their antlers and body to show dominance over other males.

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  • Communicate

For those of us who have never had the (dis)pleasure of smelling deer urine, it can be difficult to imagine what it might actually smell like. To our human noses, the scent of deer urine smells similar to ammonia. However, to a deer, this potent scent is full of important information.

By smelling the urine of another deer, a buck can determine things like their gender, health, and level of maturity. In addition, the scent of urine can also be used to mark territory and attract mates.

  • For Hunting Deer

Many hunters use deer urine to attract deers. The scent can be quite effective in drawing deer out into the open. The most common way to use deer urine is to douse a piece of cloth and then tie it to a tree or bush at waist level. The scent will then waft through the air, attracting any deer in the vicinity.

Some people drop the scent on the sole of their boots and use it on trees up wind where they stand but its quite risky and dangerous. Because deers have weak eyesight during the day and that puts you at risk of being hit by deer.

Some hunters also like to mix deer urine with other scents, such as apple or cherry, to further increase its attractiveness to deers. Deer urine can also be used as a cover scent, helping to mask the hunter’s own scent and making it less likely that the game will catch their human odor. By using deer urine wisely, hunters can improve their chances of success in the field.

  • For Natural Fertilizer

Deer urine is said to be a natural source of minerals and nutrients, and it’s become increasingly popular as a fertilizer for gardens and crops. In fact, many commercial products now contain deer urine as an ingredient.

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What Does Deer Urine Smell Like?

What Does Deer Poop Look Like?

Deer poop usually are soft pellets and pill-shaped that are about the size of a pea, just like rabbit’s droppings. The pellets are usually round brown or black in color with a crumbly texture.

They are usually 1-2 inches in diameter, but they can be as small as a pea or as large as a quarter. Deer also tend to leave their droppings in groups or piles. If you see a lone deer dropping, it’s likely that the deer was sick or had an intestinal blockage. Deer poop is brown in color, but it can range from black to green depending on what the deer has been eating.

What Does Deer Poop Smell Like?

Well, deer poop can smell anywhere from earthy to downright rank depending on what the deer has been eating. If the deer have been munching on green plants and leaves, then the poop is going to smell more earthy.

However, if the deer have been eating things like garbage, then the poop is going to smell pretty rank. In either case, it’s best to avoid getting too close to a pile of deer droppings. After all, you never know what might be lurking inside.

For one thing, deer urine contains high levels of nitrogen, which helps to fertilize plants and encourage growth. Deer urine is often used as a natural attractant for hunting. Some commercial products even contain predator odors to help mask the scent of human hunters.

How Do Hunters Use Deer Urine?

Hunters have long used deer urine as a way to attract prey. The strong scent of urine can help to mask the hunter’s own scent and lure deer into range. Deer urine can also be used to attract bucks during the breeding season.

By spraying urine on their antlers, bucks signal their readiness to mate, which can lead other bucks in the area to come running.

What Does Deer Urine Smell Like?

Deer urine can be used to create mock scrapes, which are areas where bucks will rub their antlers and urinate to mark their territory. These scrapes can be used to attract bucks to a particular area, making them easier to hunt.

Others use deer urine-based products, such as lures and attractants, which can be added to a hunting blind or stand to help draw deer in. While some people believe that using deer urine gives them an unfair advantage, it is actually a common practice that can help improve your chances of success when hunting.

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Deer urine can be purchased at most sporting goods stores or online. When using deer urine, it is important to always use fresh urine. Urine that is more than a few days old will not be as effective. Second, be sure to dilute the urine with water before applying it to your hunting area. This will help to prevent the urine from pooling and alert deer to your presence.

While some people use it to drop on the sole of their shoes while others use it on their clothes, however, both of those isn’t a good ways to use it. In fact, it makes more dangerous and very likely for a deer to hit a person than just hunting.

How to Use Deer Urine For Hunting?

Deer urine is most commonly used by hunters as a cover scent, which is a scent that helps to mask the hunter’s deer scent and makes it more difficult for deer to smell them.

Deer urine is a great attractant, which is a scent that attracts deer to an area. This can be useful for hunters who are trying to attract deer to a particular spot in order to get a better shot. However, there are different and better ways to use it.

What Does Deer Urine Smell Like?

Most people use deer urine to drop on their clothes or the sole of their boots which is a terrible idea. The fact is, while it attracts deers without doubt, it also makes the person vulnerable to deer.

Deer’s eyesight are poor during the day. And not only that, but the deer follows the scent thinking a deer is around but when deer sees you, it will probably attack you and try to hit you. You don’t want that certainly.

However, many states are banning the use of urine as a lure, simply because it spreads disease but there are identical and similar scents which works and smells just like the real ones.

Is there a Perfume Made of Deer Urine?

While some perfumes were made out of horse urine (not now), there are no perfumes made of deer urine.

You can find perfumes made from all sorts of weird and wonderful ingredients even horse urine but not deer urine. Genuine perfumes are not made of any urine. Most perfumes are made synthetically.

Despite what you might have heard, there’s no such thing as a “deer urine perfume.” The closest thing you’ll find is a scent called “musk,” which is often used as a base note in perfumes. Musk actually comes from a gland in the groin area of male deer, which deers use to attract mates.

However, the musk glands are carefully removed from the deer before they’re used in perfumes, so there’s no chance of getting a whiff of deer urine when you wear your favorite scent.

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