How to Get a Hunting License at Walmart?


Walmart is a leading supermarket and discount department store with plenty of sporting goods and outdoor recreation gear. You can buy bows, game callers, and decoys in the store’s sporting goods department, but can you get a hunting license at Walmart?

You’re in for a pleasant surprise, as Walmart issues hunting and fishing licenses conveniently in-store. Let’s take a closer look at getting a hunting license from Walmart.

Can You Get a Hunting License at Walmart?

You can register for a hunting license at your local Walmart in the sporting goods section. All major Walmart stores with a sporting goods department have a staffed counter where you can obtain a valid hunting license for your state.

Keep in mind you have to be in-store, as Walmart does not currently issue hunting licenses online, only the DNR does.

Even though many Walmart stores are open 24/7, it’s highly unlikely staff will be there to process your hunting license at three in the morning.

Walmart has fewer staff members late at night, so it’s best to visit from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. to ensure there is a sporting goods staff member available to help you get your license.

What Do You Need for a Walmart Hunting License?

As an approved DNR agent for selling and processing hunting licenses, Walmart cannot process your license without proof of identity.

If you’re heading to Walmart to get a hunting license, make sure you bring a photo ID. This could be a state driver’s license or identification card. For anyone under 18, a guardian’s ID or birth certificate can be used.

You will also need a valid form of payment, whether that be credit/debit card, cash, or check. You must pay for the license in person at the time of registration for Walmart to complete the process and confirm the validity of your new hunting license.

How Do You Get a Hunting License at Walmart?

Getting a hunting license at Walmart is a straightforward process. Just tell a staff member in the sporting goods department that you want a hunting license, and they will provide you with all the necessary forms.

You will be required to fill out your personal details and select the different kinds of hunting you plan to do.

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Once your forms are filled out, the Walmart employee will look them over and let you know if there is anything else you need.

They will confirm your identity using your driver’s license or other approved form of ID, and then collect payment and finish processing your license.

Next, you will receive your hunting license tag, which is printed proof of your legal permission to hunt for sport and recreation. You should carry your hunting license with you at all times while out in the field to avoid fines.

How Much Does a Hunting License From Walmart Cost?

Most hunting licenses from Walmart start around $12, although costs vary from state to state and could be much higher depending on what you’re hunting and where.

The prices for a hunting license from Walmart are the same as any other authorized DNR agent or buying a license online. The license fees are set by the state and you can view them on the DNR website ahead of time, or just ask Walmart staff for confirmation.

Walmart sells all of the hunting licenses available in your state, including small game, deer, waterfowl, and turkey. There may also be licenses available for just 24 hours, a week, or the whole year.

Hunting licenses for juniors cost less than those for adults, and if you’re hunting in the state you live in, a resident’s hunting license is cheaper than a non-resident one.

Keep in mind there may be small processing fees when you buy a hunting license from Walmart.

Can You Hunt the Same Day After Buying a Walmart Hunting License?

Sometimes a hunting opportunity can come up when you least expect it. Even if you’ve just lost track of time and forgot to renew your license, the good thing is you may be able to hunt the same day if you get your license from Walmart early enough.

Many states allow you to hunt on the same day you get your license as long as the transaction is complete before hunting hours begin.

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Regulations vary by state, so it’s best to check with Walmart staff when you buy your license to see whether you can hunt the same day. You can also check the rules on your state’s DNR website before heading to a local Walmart store.

Does Walmart Sell Hunting Licenses With Permits and Endorsements?

Can You Get a Hunting License at Walmart?

In addition to the standard hunting license, many states require special permits or endorsements to hunt certain animals. This usually depends on animal populations and whether some species are considered at-risk or as common pests.

Walmart offers all the applicable hunting licenses, permits, and endorsements in your state, so you can obtain all the permission you need for your next hunting trip. Common permits and endorsements include deer, elk, bear, raccoon, turkey, and bobcat.

Walmart also sells hunting and trapping permits as outlined by the state DNR. If you’re thinking about trapping or just want the option included with your hunting license, ask the Walmart staff to include it on your license.

There may also be special early season or off-season permits you can get as part of your overall hunting license at Walmart. You may need to answer additional questions and pay an extra fee for special permits and endorsements.

Can You Get a Hunting and Fishing License Together at Walmart?

Walmart sells both hunting and fishing licenses through the DNR. You may be able to buy a combo hunting and fishing license from Walmart, but it depends on the requirements in your state.

Some states do not allow for licenses to be purchased together, so you can fill out both forms at the same time at Walmart, but you will have two separate licenses.

Walmart staff can advise you of the price differences between hunting and fishing licenses, so you can decide if buying both is worthwhile. A lot of hunters and anglers find it worthwhile to just get both at the same time.

Do You Need a New Walmart Hunting License Every Year?

Most states require you to have a new hunting license each year. This is due largely to changing hunting requirements and special seasonal rules. Your current hunting license should show a clear expiration date, and once it expires, you need to get a new one from Walmart or directly through the DNR.

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If you have any questions about how long your hunting license lasts or when you should renew it, Walmart sporting goods staff should be able to help.

Does Walmart Selling Hunting License Holders?

Once you buy your hunting license and have your paperwork all sorted, you may want to pick up a hunting license holder. Walmart sells a variety of license holders so you can clearly display your valid license in case you are approached by DNR officers while out in the field.

Many hunters attach license holders to their jackets, boots, or carrying gear. License holders are part of Walmart’s full range of hunting supplies and accessories.

How to Find a Walmart With Hunting Licenses?

Most Walmarts sell hunting licenses in the sporting goods section, but you can always call your local store ahead of time to confirm.

There should also be a list of approved agents on your state DNR website, including sporting goods stores where you can get your hunting license in person.

If you are traveling out of state on a hunting trip, you can stop at the nearest Walmart to get your non-resident hunting license and ensure you’re always hunting within the local requirements.


Next time you stop at Walmart to pick up a few things, you can make the most of your time and get a hunting license too. Visit the sporting goods section where Walmart staff will help you fill out the forms quickly so you can be in and out with your hunting license in a few minutes.

Just make sure you bring your driver’s license or another approved form of ID and a valid form of payment.

Depending on your state regulations, you may be able to get a combo hunting and fishing license, or special hunting permits and endorsements at Walmart.

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