Can You Eat A Raven? (And What Raven Meat Tastes Like)

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Ravens can often be seen whilst we’re walking around in the forest or even whenever we walk out of our home’s front door.

The question that can, however, come to mind though is: Can raven meat even be eaten?

And also why is it that we don’t commonly consume raven meat as humans.

In this article, you’ll find the exact answers to these questions and also answers to more closely related questions.

I hope you enjoy the information that I share with you below.

Can You Eat a Raven?

You can eat the meat of ravens but only if you prepare and cook the meat correctly.

The meat of ravens tastes like the meat of various other domesticated birds, including ducks, geese, and turkeys.

However, while it is safe to eat raven meat, it is only suitable to eat their meat when you’re in a survival situation as the meat of ravens doesn’t taste that great and isn’t as healthy as the meats that come from other birds species.

Besides, various states have laws protecting ravens, meaning that you might not be allowed to hunt and eat them in specific seasons.

Therefore, you should first check your state’s regulations before deciding to hunt them down.

Why Should People Not Eat Raven Meat?

Most people tend to prefer to eat the meat that comes from various herbivorous animals, thanks to how sweet and tender their meat is.

Also, we prefer to eat the meat of herbivores because they’re animals that do not consume any carrion which therefore doesn’t end up in our dishes as well.

Unfortunately, a raven is not a herbivore and is instead seen as an omnivore which means that ravens instead do eat carrion which would also end up in our dishes if we decide to eat the meat of ravens.

Also, ravens tend to feed on various other rotten meats which wouldn’t be healthy for human consumption either.

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Therefore, it just isn’t that smart to eat the meat of ravens.

Check out the video below if you want to find out what eating rotten food does to your body.

What Happens If You Eat Raven Meat?

Normally, nothing special will happen if you decide to eat the meat of ravens.

It is, of course, important though that whenever you decide to eat the meat of ravens that the meat is properly prepared and cooked before consuming it.

Once the raven meat is properly prepared and cooked then raven meat will provide your body with nutritional values which will give you energy.

Eating expired, badly prepared, or undercooked raven meat, however, can give you many health problems just like it would be with any other badly prepared or cooked meats.

What Does Raven Meat Taste Like?

Most people that have consumed raven meat before say that raven meat does not taste gamey but that it tastes like beef, duck, and turkey meat.

It is also associated with a distinctive flavor which is a cross between a bitter and an earthy taste.

A plain taste is often experienced in raven meat as well.

In addition, raven meat also contains more fat than you would expect to find in a typical lean animal.

Does Raven Meat Taste Good?

Opinions differ when it comes to whether raven meat tastes good or not.

Whilst some find it flavorful, others dislike the taste of raven meat.

Notably, a raven is an omnivorous bird, and it is known that the meats of omnivores and carnivores do not taste that great.

You could attribute this poor taste to their tendency to eat almost anything as ravens are scavengers.

Besides, raven meat contains fats that have been proven to be distasteful to some people as well.

However, excellent cooking skills could, of course, improve the taste of raven meat a bit but then again this would be possible with pretty much every kind of meat.

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So, the conclusion is that some people like the taste of raven meat whilst others do not.

What Are the Benefits of Eating Raven Meat?

Various benefits come with eating meat, and raven meat is no exception to this rule.

Eating enough raven meat assures you of a full stomach, making it an excellent option when starving.

It is also ideal to eat raven meat when you find yourself in a survival situation.

Yet, you can only benefit from the nutrients of raven meat when the meat isn’t contaminated and once the meat is properly prepared and cooked.

Nutrients that can be found in raven meat are proteins, fats, and carbs which are all essential nutrients for our bodies.

Proteins will aid you in building muscles, cartilage, and skin and you will also rely on proteins to repair your muscles and your skin.

The carbs will give you a boost in your energy levels and the fats will help your cells to function properly.

Can You Eat the Eggs of A Raven?

The eggs of ravens are similar to the eggs of any other bird species, including chickens and ducks.

The eggs of ravens are healthy for your body, meaning that you can eat them without getting sick if you, however, properly cook or bake them, of course.

These eggs also taste the same as the eggs of chickens and ducks.

Eggs are highly nutritious, providing calcium, proteins, and betaine.

They are also an excellent source of choline, which helps in forming cell membranes.

In addition, eggs come in handy in supporting eye health and weight management.


Do Wolves Eat Ravens?

Wolves are great hunters but are not looking for raven meat to feast on as their primary food source as ravens do not contain much meat.

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However, they will savor some raven meat whenever they get the chance to do.

In most cases, wolves will feed on wounded or incapacitated ravens.

You can attribute this to the carnivorous nature of these wolves.

Wolves will receive various health benefits from eating ravens.

Usually, this meal serves them with a significant portion of proteins, minerals, and carbs.

The proteins found in ravens help wolves develop stronger muscles and repair broken or damaged tissues.

On the other hand, several minerals, including calcium, will ensure that the wolf in question will have strong bones.

In addition, raven meat contains fats and carbs which will both work as a perfect energy source for wolves.

Which Animals Eat Ravens?

Various predatory birds and various other predators consider ravens as a perfect food source.

Examples of these predators include great horned owls, golden eagles, bald eagles, and northern goshawks.

Also, bears and wolves will eat raven meat when they get the chance to do so.

Bears and wolves will, for example, feast on injured, sick, or incapacitated ravens.

You can also expect large and small cat species to eat ravens, ranging from your domesticated house cat to the almighty tiger.


In this article, you’ve learned that the meat of ravens can indeed be eaten.

You’ll, however, need to be properly preparing and cooking the raven meat before eating it as eating uncooked raven meat can have a detrimental effect on our health.

You have also learned that humans do not commonly consume the meat of ravens because humans mainly eat the meat of herbivorous animals whilst ravens are omnivorous scavengers.

This is the case because the meat of herbivorous animals will most of the time be more healthy for us and it will bring more enjoyable tastes when compared with the meats that come from various omnivorous or carnivorous species.

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