5 Top-Rated Hunting Flashlights for 2024


A good flashlight is crucial equipment for any hunter, whether you’re using it to track animals at night, undertake search and rescue operations, ward off bears, or simply explore your hunting tent.

We researched hundreds of options to find the best LED torches for you based on their brightness, power, and customer reviews. To that end, we’ve researched and tested dozens of hunting flashlights from brands like Fenix, Nitecore, SureFire, Streamlight, and more, and narrowed the field down to the 10 best alternatives below.

We have also delved further into the key considerations that go into selecting an appropriate light, such as brightness, throw, run duration, and weather resistance. We’ve also included some suggestions for complementary items that can help you get the most out of your investment.

The Top-Rated Hunting Flashlights for 2024

Best Overall Option – Lepro LP3000 Rechargeable Flashlight

There’s a rechargeable battery within this portable LP3000 led flashlight. Fully charging it with the Micro USB cable that comes with it will take between 5 and 6 hours. It has a beam distance of more than 250 meters (820 feet) and a brightness of up to 1000 lm.. As a source of illumination, this flashlight uses a high-quality OSRAM P9 LED. Five different brightness levels are available (High, Medium, Low, Flash, and SOS), and its IPX7 rating makes it resistant to water.

This LED flashlight is made from high-quality aluminum alloy and has an IPX7 rating, making it suitable for usage in extreme weather conditions such as during a snowstorm. The LE lamp even has anti-skid and anti-abrasion coatings for enhanced usability. Its compact size of 3.4 cm by 13.7 cm makes it ideal for stowing away in a purse, tote, survival kit, or glove box. Camping, hiking, fishing, repair work, and many other outdoor and interior pursuits are common uses.

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Primos Bloodhunter HD LED Pocket Flashlight

If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, pick up a Primos Hunting Bloodhunter HD LED Pocket Flashlight. We chose this torch as the finest hunting flashlight for the money since it is the most reasonably priced option we considered.

This torch has excellent lighting capabilities at the same time. It has a dual-use configuration. One setting provides a white light that may be used as a standard flashlight. As for the second, it’s a blood-tracking function to help find injured animals. Because of these two factors, this flashlight is an excellent tool for hunters.

It’s easy to carry about because of the flashlight’s small form factor. Because of its lightweight construction, the flashlight won’t slow you down when you’re out in the field. This model’s main potential drawback is that it isn’t as durable as our top choice overall.

Fenix PD36R: The Best Hunting Flashlight for the Money

The Fenix PD36R will be my primary light source throughout the elk and deer hunting seasons of 2024, and I have no doubt that it will remain so for many years to come. This tiny guy is the best I’ve ever seen that fulfills all of my needs and more.

From taking it out of the package, you can see that this flashlight is well-made and easy to hold. It’s sizable enough to comfortably hold in one hand, yet small enough to stow away in a pocket or on a belt. It emits an intense beam, can be adjusted to one of five brightness levels and has impressive runtimes because of its USB-C rechargeable 5,000 mAh battery.

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No need to worry if the weather turns ugly or if it gets dropped in the mud; this bad boy boasts high-end water and IPX68 dust resistance. During rifle season, Fenix offers a mounting attachment that allows the PD36R to be quickly attached and removed from the rail of your firearm.

We can wholeheartedly suggest the Fenix PD36R to every kind of hunter because of its strength, durability, resilience to the elements, and comfortable design. It may be used for a variety of purposes and would be perfect for year-round use.

Nitecore MH25S USB-Rechargeable Flashlight

The Nitecore MH25S is another strong USB-C rechargeable alternative since nobody likes fiddling around with batteries when their light is losing juice. Comparable to our #1 pick overall, the Fenix PD36R, this torch is a safe bet.

This bad guy is cleverly designed and loaded with features. It has brightness levels of 1, 50, 300, 1,050, and 1,800 lumens, allowing it to thrive in any environment. On its turbo setting, it also boasts a remarkable throw distance of about a third of a mile. Moreover, it includes an efficient battery indication, automated temperature control, and a tactical ring attachment that allows it to be clipped to the rail of a firearm.

You may be wondering why I don’t advocate for the Nitecore MH25S instead of the Fenix PD36R. The Fenix, to begin with, offers a more refined and comfortable design and a somewhat longer battery life. When compared to the Nitecore, the Fenix ring might save you $30 because it is offered with a complimentary personal engraving.

Yet the MH25S shouldn’t be dismissed just yet. It does have a substantially longer throw and 200 more lumens than the DP36R. This little yet powerful torch came in second place for good reason.

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Nitecore makes some of the most cutting-edge torches available today. Are you kidding me? Look at their SRT7GT, for example. The dial that lets you choose between red, green, blue, and UV light is only one of several easily accessible functions.

How, therefore, do hunters benefit from the usage of so many distinct colored lights?

Red lights are effective for stealth and protecting night vision.Green lights are useful for blood detection and night angling.Blue lights are also effective for blood tracking, although they do not sustain night vision.UV lamps are utilized for blood tracking, but only if combined with luminol.

Hunters, especially those who pursue large game such as elk, deer, and other nocturnal animals, may find this feature-rich light to be a game-changer.

The SRT7GT is unnecessary for me because I already have a high-powered headlight with red, green, and blue lenses. Nonetheless, I do believe that this torch would be a great replacement for hunters who don’t have access to headlamps with different colored lenses. This multifunctional light contains all the capabilities necessary for blood tracking and privacy lighting, both of which are quite crucial in the world of deer and elk hunting.

As the sun goes down on a hunting expedition, you should be ready for anything. That’s why we looked at the finest 5 torches on the market and gave our recommendations for 2024. We aimed to provide our readers with a wide range of alternatives, from rechargeable Lepro LED flashlights to lights with red and green settings to lights developed specifically for blood detection.

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