Findster Duo+ Review: Is It One Of The Best No Subscription Free Dog Trackers?

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As a dog owner, we always worry about our dogs getting lost, especially if we are doing their adventures outside. This is why trackers are made and are on the market right now. And one of the amazing dog GPS trackers available right now is the Findster Duo+.

The Findster Duo+ is a pet tracker made by the company Findster. It features subscription-free tracking for your dog that sparks interest for many dog owners. This GPS dog tracker is perfect for those dog owners that want their dog to experience a leash-free life while having a walk or simply by staying outside. Is it a good thing though? It depends.

For this tracker to work, you need to have two modules, namely the pet and guardian modules. The pet module will be the one attached to your dog’s collar and the guardian module will be the one that is left to you. You also need to download their app, called the Findster app to track your dog’s location, receive notifications and alerts in real-time, and many other things. The guardian module then will be connected to your phone via Bluetooth. With this setup, you can now have peace of mind and can track your dog at ease at a specific radius.

However, is it really good? Well, the feedback in the dog owners’ community is pretty bad for many reasons that we consider later. For now, let’s check all the features and specs based on what Findster says.

Technical Specifications Of Findster Duo+

Dimension and Weight

The Findster Duo+ is perfect for dogs that weigh 3.5 kg and above. It has a dimension of 5 by 5 by 1.3 cm which is fit to hang on the dog’s collar and will not be a burden to the dog. With just a weight of 21g, your dog can easily run around while this hangs on their collar since it is not heavy. The guardian module has also the same specifications which make it handheld and can be easily kept in your pockets.

Design and Color

The Findster Duo+ modules are in a rhomboid shape and have a sleek design. The pet module is offered in a light blue color and has a strap with velcro so that you can easily attach and adjust it to your dog’s collar. The guardian module is in darker blue and is lightweight like the pet module. RGB LEDs are also on the modules which show their connection status.

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Waterproof and Shockproof

The Findster Duo+ is waterproof so your dog can enjoy the rain or any body of water without you worrying that the tracker will malfunction. It can withstand being submerged up to 1m water depth. Do you have an energetic dog? Then worry no more about the module being broken easily as it is also shockproof. Based on the manufacturer, the Findster Duo+ is tougher and more sturdy than the legendary Nokia 3310.


The Findster Duo+ has a rechargeable battery and can last up to 7 days before being drained depending on the frequency of use and how it is used. For a continuous walk, the battery life can last up to 12 hours since you will continuously use the GPS feature during this event. On regular walks that are 30-minute walks per day while the GPS tracking is on and the dog activity tracking for the whole day, the battery life can last up to 3 days before charging. The battery can last up to 7 days if you are not using the modules, meaning, there are no walks for your dog and only activity tracking is on.

Tracking and Range

Findster Duo+ tracking range

Similar to Fi collar (check Fi collar review here), the communication range of Findster Duo+ can be from 0.8 km to 4.8 km depending on the environment and the weather. GPS accuracy and tracking fluctuate if there is bad weather and if there are a lot of infrastructures in the surroundings that can block or fracture the signals. In a congested area, you can have a communication range up to 0.8 km while in an open field, you can have a communication range up to 4.8 km or even surpass it. This GPS tracker doesn’t use any cell coverage so you can track anywhere in the world with ease. It uses its technology called MAZE.


This tracker has also its own application called the Findster app. It can be run on gadgets that have an operating system of iPhone5 and up, iOS9 and up, and Android 5.0 and up. Real-time alerts and GPS tracking are being shown on the app when your dog is in the ideal radius range of 4.8 km. You can also define and create your own GPS fences on the app and when your dog left that space, you will be immediately alerted. You can also share access on the app to your dogsitter, friends, and family. Have a lot of dogs? Worry no more since you can track up to 3 pets using the Findster Duo+ and the app has also a built-in radar. The radar will help you see how far you are from your dog. Your dog’s history and activity logs are also tracked on the app. It also notifies you about your dog’s daily walk, how many steps your dog did, health information, and health goals for your dog.

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General Features Of Findster Duo+

Findster Duo+ has many general features

Done with the cool tech specs? Now let’s tackle its features:

  • It doesn’t use cellphone coverage signals so you can still track your dog even in remote areas and areas that are zero cellphone signal. This is perfect if you love hiking and being on an adventure in the wild.
  • It is also waterproof which allows you and your dog to enjoy any wet surroundings without worrying about the modules malfunctioning.
  • This dog tracker is also shockproof and is more durable than the Nokia 3310.
  • It has a radar mode on the application that lets you see your dog’s exact distance and location to you
  • The modules are lightweight and are not a hindrance to any dog’s activity.
  • The application also allows you to set your virtual leash or geofence and you will be notified if your dog left the said area.

Findster Duo+ Pros and Cons

Are you still wondering if the Findster Duo+ is worth your money? We got you covered! Check out the pros and cons of this tracker in the table below.

Why Finsdster Has Such Terrible Reviews?

Our team has received a few complaint emails about the Findster Duo+ tracker. If you check both, American and Canadian reviews on Amazon, you will find low-scored and many 1-star reviews. BBB profile also shows bad reviews and many complaints were submitted but the majority of them were resolved. We highlighted the most common problems:

  • Low quality overall, some of the Findster trackers were not working properly
  • Made of low-quality plastic that very easy to damage or break
  • Many dog owners were charged an additional $3.99 a month for Findster Care Membership even though they have never signed up
  • Customer service is not really responsive, it’s hard to get replies from them and resolve the issues
  • GPS accuracy is bad
  • Low tracking range
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Probably, this is the reason why they don’t sell it anymore on Amazon but the main website only. If you had any issues with Findster, please leave a detailed comment and describe your experience.

Findster Duo+ Compared To Other Dog Trackers

  • Findster Duo+ VS. Fitbark 2
  • Whistle VS Findster Duo+
  • Fi Collar VS Findster Duo+
  • PetFON VS Findster Duo+


When you buy the Findster Duo+ tracker, you’ll receive a package that consists of a pet module, a guardian module, and a charger. With all the features it offers and the technical specifications of the product, I can say that your money will be worth it when you buy this tracker. What I like most about it is that you can use the tracking feature without any subscription fee, but the tracking range is low as well as battery life. I’d rather pay a subscription fee, but having an unlimited range and use reputable products, this is the reason I personally use Fi dog collar for my pets. And that you can use it anywhere since it doesn’t use cellphone coverage signals. I’d say it is reasonably priced if it works well, however many customers complain about the quality.

I hope this review has helped you to know more about the Findster Duo+. May it also help you to decide on giving your dog a leash-free life during outdoor adventures and walks by buying this product.

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