Make Your Boat Shine With the Best Boat Waxes

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Buying Guide to Finding a Boat Wax

A good boat deserves a good shine. This guide will cover everything you need to know about boat wax, what it is, and why you should apply it.

What Is Boat Wax?

Boat wax is a product used to shine and protect the hull of a boat. Depending on the type of wax, this product is either used after cleaning the boat or functions as a cleaning formula itself. You can apply boat wax by hand or with the help of a tool such as a buffer.

Should You Apply Wax to the Bottom of Your Boat?

Because wax is something that many people do for the visual effect, you may be wondering if you need to apply wax to the bottom of your boat. It depends on your personal preference. While the wax job won’t be visible while the boat’s at sea, the wax itself does have protective properties. It prevents dirt and other substances from easily getting onto your boat’s bottom side which saves you time and effort in cleaning.

But there’s a catch. Boats become just a little bit slower if the wax is applied to the bottom. While it’s not by a huge margin, it’s something worth considering if you like boating fast. To determine if you should apply wax to the bottom of your boat, you’ll need to ask yourself the following question: would you rather have a protected boat or a fast boat?

Why You Should Consider Getting Boat Wax

It makes your boat shine

Boats are the proud possessions of many boaters. Since a lot of boats sell for thousands of dollars, it’s definitely a significant financial investment. It comes as no surprise that many boaters want to keep their boat looking like-new for as long as possible. There are many ways to preserve your boat’s condition, but one way to really make it look good is by applying wax to the hull.

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Wax leaves the boat with a shine and gloss that isn’t normally present. The shine fades away after a while, but until then the boat will look a lot nicer. Even though boat wax does offer protective benefits, many boaters apply wax simply for the visual effect.

It protects the boat

Boat wax also protects your boat. When applied to the top side of the boat, wax can minimize UV damage from the sun. UV damage is something that’s nearly unavoidable without protection, as your boat will be exposed to the sun’s rays throughout the day. Applying wax slows down and minimizes the damage, prolonging the life of your boat.

Wax can also protect the bottom of the boat. While waxing your boat does make it a little bit slower, it also makes the boat easier to clean and minimizes dirt buildup. If you’re fine with sacrificing a bit of speed for an easier time cleaning in the future, it may be worth giving the bottom half of your boat a little wax.

It removes oxidation

Oxidation occurs quite often on boats that are left out for too long in the water. This is a process that can be reversed and, with the help of certain boat waxes, you can remove the oxidation entirely. Since wax also leaves the boat with a protective coating, it reduces future oxidation as well.

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