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Being able to say that you own the land that you do your hunting on is something not enough people get to experience. There is something exceptional about becoming a rural landowner that the Team at Base Camp Country Real Estate knows all too well.

We have agents all over the country who are landowners themselves, working with people to make their dreams come true.

But if you are a hunter looking for land, where should you buy it? The plains of Wisconsin or the rolling hills of Kentucky? Each state has its own unique factors that make them stand out. Here are a few of our favorite states to buy rural hunting land in.

  1. Rural Land in Minnesota

Minnesota is home to thousands of acres of beautiful land. From dense forests to the seemingly endless amount of small lakes and rivers. This state is considered by many to be a premier destination for outdoor living/activities, which makes it a prime spot to buy rural land in. There has never been a better time to looking into the land for sale in Minnesota!

Hunting In Minnesota

While the state is famous for its high-level fishing, the hunting that takes place in Minnesota every year is no slouch. The environment of Minnesota is what makes it a truly unique hunting experience compared to other states. Which also makes the land for sale in Minnesota one of a kind.

  • Varied Landscape: Minnesota is home to four distinct biomes. While different in makeup, they all provide good habitats for the state’s deer population.
  • Public land: Minnesota offers close to 1.3 million acres of wildlife management areas. With much of that is offering high-quality deer hunting. While they may be high-pressure areas, if the land you own is not enough for the avid hunter in your family, don’t worry! There is public land scattered throughout the state ready to be hunted!
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Land available in Minnesota here.

  1. Land in Ohio

The state of Ohio may not jump off the page when you start thinking about where to buy your dreamland. But don’t be fooled; Ohio has many advantages that other states do not.

  • Big cities: Ohio is home to multiple large cities spread throughout the entire state. With cities like Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, and others all over the state. You are never too far from a large city. Which can be optimal for some people.
  • Seasonal Beauty: Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of visiting Ohio in the fall or spring would be able to back me up on this. Ohio is not just gorgeous by Midwest standards; it is truly one of the most scenic places in the country for some months out of the year. Pair that with its coastline on lake Erie and multiple national parks to get you a state’s true gem.

Hunting in Ohio.

For many people looking to buy rural land, the quality of hunting in the area is almost as important as anything else. Ohio happens to be one of the best whitetail hunting states in the country. Consistently cracking into the Boone and Crockett Club, this state has been home to some serious monster bucks.

Public land hunting in Ohio: Home to far more public land than many people might think, there are multiple options throughout the state to chase bug bucks.

Full article on Ohio Here.

Land available in Ohio here.

  1. Rural Land in Michigan

Michigan is one of the most diverse places to buy land, with many reasons to choose it. Some of the things that allow Michigan to be a stand out are:

  • With over 1,300 miles of trails, 10 million acres of public land, and 360,000 specifically dedicated to wildlife species management and habitat management, this makes the state a nature lovers’ dream. They also have over 100 state parks, meaning that you aren’t far from one, no matter where you live in the state!
  • Coast Line: One of the best things about Michigan is that you are always close to water. With more freshwater shoreline than any state, you are never more than 100 miles from one of the great lakes. Take your love of the water to the next level in Michigan! Enjoy fishing, boating, or just being by the water!
  • Low Cost: Something everyone might not know about Michigan is its meager cost of living. It is ranked 4th in the nation on the list of most affordable states to live in. Additionally, the average monthly utility bill is 17 WHOLE PERCENT, lower than the countries average.
  • Season: While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, Michigan gives you the chance to experience every season. From 100 degree summers to a foot of snow and everything in between. If you enjoy getting a piece of each season, then Michigan should be at the top of your list.
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Hunting In Michigan

For many people looking to buy a piece of rural land, hunting falls into the group of things they are interested in. Whether you want the land to do the actual hunting on or just want to be close to going public hunting, Michigan has it for you.

Full article on Michigan here.

Available properties in Michigan here.

  1. Sweet Home Indiana

Now I might be partial to Indiana because it is both where I live and where Base Camp Country Real Estate is based. But that’s not to say that it isn’t a great state to buy rural land in! For both hunting, living, and investment opportunities, Indiana is a great place to be.

Indiana Hunting Advantages

One of the most intriguing aspects of owning land in Indiana is the hunting available. Indiana is quickly on the rise as a home for Big Bucks. With vast areas of public hunting ground in the north and south of the state. There is plenty of options in that regard if public land hunting interests you.

If you want to avoid the competition of public land, private hunting land in Indiana is very popular. With almost no public hunting land in the central parts of the state, owning your own land in Indiana has many advantages. High-quality waterfowl and turkey hunting are also common around the state, with many of our own properties giving you exclusive access to your own private bird hunting.

Full article on Indiana here.

Available properties in Indiana here.


No matter what you want out of your land, Base Camp Country Rela state can help you find the perfect match. There are dozens of things to consider, and working with a qualified and experienced Land Professional is really the only way to do it right.

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If you are ready to start looking for your dream property, check out what we have available here!

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