Fishing for Bass with Swimbaits: Everything You Need to Know

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Keeping their hooks sharp is one-way anglers ensure bass take the bait. However, as all experienced fishermen know, luring in bony-jawed fish is the real challenge. Though patience is a virtue, using soft swimbaits for bass will help cut down on waiting time and narrow an angler’s search.

So, hop on our boat and learn how these fishing lures can help you swim with the tide!

Using Soft Swimbaits for Bass? Why & When Should You Go for It?

Swimbaits are designed to imitate the prey that various fish from different living conditions may prefer. Anglers should use swimbaits as a tool, mainly in clear to moderately stained waters only. According to specific claims, swimbaits excel in cold water but perform well in warm and current water. Swimbaits - soft and hard baits

Here is what you should keep in mind about bass fishing with soft plastics:

  • Avoid using swimbaits in muddy waters
  • Fish bass only up to 50 feet deep
  • Throw swimbaits in partly cloudy weather
  • Use a slow sinker, lighter weight when fishing near cover
  • Use a faster, heavier-weight swimbait when fishing in deep water.

The Best Soft Swimbaits for Bass

The diversity in these lures’ designs also grew with the popularity of using soft plastic swimbaits for bass fishing. Below are some eye-catching lure options that our research proved to be the best soft swimbaits for bass fishing:

Berkley Powerbait Power Swimmer

The Berkley Powerbait Power Swimmer is designed to trigger bass into action. The ribbed body allows this bait to move naturally and produce more noise. Another feature that gives this swimbait an edge over some of its competitors is its fishlike taste and smell that comes from the specially coated material the Berkley company uses. Anglers looking to update their collection of soft plastic swimbaits for bass can choose from various color palates and sizes.

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Power Bait Power Swimmer

Savage Gear 3D Line Thru Trout

The most characteristic of this model is its line-thru design, which protects it from being devoured when caught by your prey. The Savage Gear 3 makes a good choice for clear waters due to its realistic design. Featuring a hook and internal jig head, this extraordinarily detailed trout replica is available in light and dark colors.

Savage Gear 3D Line thru trout Swimbait

Strike King Shadalicious Swimbait

This hollow-bodied swimbait comes with a paddle tail that adds to its real-life swimming action imitation. We consider the Strike King swimbait a spokesman for using soft swimbaits for bass as it compresses more easily when bitten. This makes it more than a good fit for fishing with a weighted hook or jig head. It is available in 10 different color designs aimed at making reeling in bass seamless.

Strike King Shadalicious Swimbait

Bass Assassin Shad Assassin Swimbait

Bass Assassin in size between 2.8” to 6.8’ and available in more than 40 different color designs, the Bass Assassin company proves that going the extra mile pays off. The ringed body contributes to the natural appearance of this swimbait, which works like a charm in luring bass. It also releases a powerful squid scent, which helps invite more frequent strikes.

Bass Assassin Shad soft swimbaits for bass

Live Target Sucker Soft Body Swimbait

Next, on our best soft swimbaits for a bass list, you will find the ultimate bait for luring in big bass. Described as an almost perfect anatomical reconstruction of a sucker, this model offers a set of 3D eyes, a side-to-side kicking motion, and a wide gap hook perfect for fishing in heavy cover. The Live Target Sucker swimbait comes in two sizes and colors, which both feature a medium-sink rate.

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Power Bait Power Swimmer

Your Guide to Rigging Swimbaits for Bass

Mastering rigging swimbaits for bass fishing requires attention and practice if you are a rookie bass angler. Though many tackle shops sell already rigged swimbaits that come with an exposed hook, taking the time to learn the basic techniques will help you to adapt more quickly to different fishing conditions.

Rigging Weedless

If you are new to rigging, here is how you can rig your jig or hook weedless:

  • Poke the hook through the nose of the swimbait and fully slide it through
  • Take the point of the hook and push it into the swimbait body.

Note: When fishing with soft swimbaits for bass, the size of the swimbait must correspond to the size of the hook; meaning, a large swimbait with a strong hook requires a large hook.

Carolina Rig

Experienced anglers may tell you that aggressive fish may charge toward the water’s surface and throw the hook. Using the Carolina rig in combination with soft swimbaits for bass will ensure that even the most aggressive ones stay hooked.

Here is the step-by-step guide for the Carolina rig:

  • Insert a plastic bead or glass on the line and thread a bullet weight
  • Attach a swivel as a stopper and tie a leader (up to 3 ft in length) to the other end of the swivel
  • Attach a hook to the leader and rig the swimbait.

Bass Fishing with Soft Plastics: Should You Go for It?

Fishing with swimbaits falls under the umbrella of bass fishing with soft plastics, including different plastics such as worms, toads, craws, and other creatures. All serve the same purpose, luring in bass fish which are tempted by their mimicking effect. While many debate the live bait vs. plastic lure situation, using plastic bait is a growing trend that casts a broader net among anglers daily.



What is the best size swimbait for bass?

Most trophy anglers prefer 8” to 10” swimbaits, while casual fishermen consider 4” to 6” swimbaits a suitable fit. Those looking to tempt bigger bass should feel free to throw bigger baits.

What is the best color swimbait for bass?

Your choice of swimbait color will largely depend on the water clarity. Darker colors like blue, black, and chartreuse are recommendable for murkier waters, while gray, silver, and white color schemes improve with clearer water.

People Also Ask

When should you throw a soft swimbait?

Soft swimbaits for bass fishing are best suited for clear to mildly stained waters. Some advise using swimbaits in partly cloudy weather, while others prefer them in the summer heat. What’s important to remember is to steer clear of muddy waters and fish deeper than 50 feet.

What kind of rod should you throw swimbaits on?

Most experienced anglers maintain the longer-the-better mindset due to the extra casting distance and hook-setting power. However, for beginner fishermen, an 8-foot rod with a maximum 4-ounce lure is an excellent place to start.

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