ALWAYS FIND THE BEST ICE FISHING SPOTS WITH GPSWhen the temperatures fall low enough for lakes and ponds to freeze, a lot of people head out onto the frozen surface for ice fishing. You want at least four inches of frozen water before you step out onto the surface. Look for an extra inch or two if you plan to stay warm inside a wooden shed.

Finding the best ice fishing spots takes more than knowing places with thick ice that can support your weight. You also need a way to determine where fish live and take bait.

This is one reason that ice fishing and GPS go together so well. If you’re ready to have a successful winter of fishing, continue reading to learn more about how GPS technology can help.

ICE FISHING AND GPS MAKE A GREAT PAIR!It can take some time to find a great place for ice fishing. When you discover an excellent spot, use a GPS unit to mark the location. Ice fishing and GPS work so well together because the right device can remember precisely where you caught a lot of fish. Even as the lake or pond changes over time, you can always consult your GPS units for ice fishing and return to spots that have worked well for you before.

What if you don’t have a lot of experience ice fishing in an area? Knowing how to use GPS for ice fishing is still helpful!

Talk to locals (in-person or online) who know the best places for ice fishing. Local bait shops should help you come into contact with people familiar with the area. Some of them might already have GPS coordinates that you can add to your device. Then, you just follow the directions until you reach a popular fishing hole.

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You don’t necessarily need someone to give you coordinates, though, to use GPS units for ice fishing. If someone is willing to point to a popular place on Google Maps, you can use the Maps app to get GPS coordinates. It’s very simple when you follow these instructions for Google.

THE BEST GPS UNITS FOR ICE FISHINGThe best GPS units for ice fishing need sturdy designs to withstand cold and water. The LandAirSea 54 With ShareSpot Location Sharing works incredibly well during ice fishing trips.

The LAS 54 GPS unit has a small size that makes it easy to carry. The built-in magnetic mount even lets you attach the unit to practically any metal surface. Alternatively, you can put the GPS unit in your vehicle or carry it in a coat pocket. It doesn’t weigh much, so it won’t impede your movement.

Perhaps most importantly, The LandAirSea 54 has a waterproof design. It’s engineered and manufactured in the USA, so you can trust its sturdy build to last year after year.

The GPS unit has a long battery life (up to three months when you use the low-power mode). You can also add a waterproof hardware kit that connects to your vehicle’s electrical system. Whether you drive a snowmobile or a truck, your GPS units for ice fishing will always have the power they need to work.

GIVE YOUR ICE FISHING FRIENDS YOUR LOCATIONWhat happens if someone who doesn’t know how to use GPS for ice fishing wants to join your excursion? GPS units for ice fishing actually make it easy for you to send other people your location information. They just need to download the SilverCloud app and follow the directions to find you.

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Anyone who can operate a mobile device can quickly learn how to use GPS for ice fishing. It doesn’t get much easier.

OTHER WAYS TO USE GPS UNITS FOR ICE FISHINGOnce you go through the trouble of bringing a cabin or tent out on the ice, drilling a hole through several inches of frozen water, and determining that you can catch a lot of fish, you will not want to move all of your equipment from that spot.

With a GPS unit, you can leave your belongings on-site without much concern. The LandAirSea 54 lets you create a geofence around the unit. If someone tries to take it outside of the perimeter you set, the device will send you an alert.

You can also rely on your GPS unit to keep sending its location information to your software. If someone manages to steal your property, you can give local authorities the precise location of your GPS unit. That will make it much easier for law enforcement to catch the criminals and return items to you.

GET ADVICE FROM LANDAIRSEA ABOUT HOW TO USE GPS FOR ICE FISHINGAre you interested in learning more about GPS units for ice fishing? LandAirSea can help you choose the right device for your next adventure!

Contact us by email or phone to talk about GPS and ice fishing. We have team members fluent in English and Spanish to help you choose the perfect technology for your outing.

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