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If you’re not using your Glock for self defense or close combat, why did you purchase a Glock in the first place? Any well-versed self defender knows they need a high quality set of night sights for their firearm and even a great handgun such as the Glock 23 can be improved with such. If you own said gun or any Gen 3 and 4 models, it can sometimes be a little trickier for you to find accessories that fit and work properly. We’ve put together a review of the best Glock 23 sights available on the market, and will let you know what our top pick is at the end. The best advice we can give when choosing a night sight kit is to look for highly contrasting colors. It’s best to choose green tritium inserts with contrasting white or orange rings, as this will help you lock in your target in the fastest time possible. This is, for obvious reasons, even more important for low light or night time shooting. No matter your preference, we’ve listed below a few options that we think cover various wants and needs.

Dead Ringer Snake Eyes Night Sight for Glock 23

Dead Ringer Snake Eyes Night Sights

Materials – The Dead Ringer Snake Eyes Night Sights for Glock 23 are made of a tough and durable metal construction, which need to be professionally installed by a gun smith to avoid causing damage to your glock. Although these sights are best for quick target acquisition in lowlight and night time, the rear sight does contain optical Lexan light pipes for glowing during daylight hours as well. The ring glows florescent orange, and the green glowing night sights are all made of tritium. Although the Dead Ringer Snake Eyes are great for Glock 23s, they do fit all models except for the Glock 42.

Performance – The Dead Ringer Snake Eyes Night Sights for Glock 23 are a great addition for any Glock owner. They are fantastic for self or home defense. The contrasting orange and green colors are very helpful with acquiring your target, and the ring is a good diameter for keeping your aim accurate and precise. We do highly suggest seeking a professional for installing this night sight, especially if you have different gen Glocks. You may have to shell out a few extra bucks to a gun smith, but this Glock 23 night sight isn’t terribly over priced.

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What we say – The Dead Ringer Snake Eyes Glock Night Sight will cost about $70 online, and it happens to be the cheapest option within this review. This is also the only option in this review that has a ring rear sight, so we highly advocate this choice if you prefer that over the traditional rear night sights.

Meprolight Tru Dot Night Sights for Glock 23

Meprolight Tru Dot Night Sights for Glock 23

Materials – The Meprolight Tru Dot Glock 23 Night Sight is made of a rugged and durable metal material with three tritium inserts. Depending on where you purchase this product, you can choose from both front and rear green sights, green front with orange rear sights, or green front and yellow rear sights. The illuminated points are visible during both daylight and night time, and the sights come with a 12 year warranty. Even better, the tritium is intended to last for up to 15 years in all weather conditions. The Meprolight Tru Dot Glock 23 Night Sight does not need to be installed by a professional, and they’re easy to attach to your Glock at home.

Performance – The Meprolight Tru Dot Night Sights are very impressive, and they require a little less maintenance than the previous product since they can be installed at home by yourself. They even fit well for gen 4 Glock models. If you have the option to choose the rear and front sight colors, we would suggest going with the green and orange combo, since they’re the most contrasting pair. If you choose all green or green/yellow, you may have more trouble accurately targeting in those quick reaction moments.

What we say – Depending on where you purchase the Meprolight Tru Dot Night Sights for Glock 23, your price is really going to vary. We found some selling for around $70 and others going for close to $100, so we definitely suggest doing some shopping around before you click “buy”. Thankfully, with the 12 year warranty, you won’t be getting ripped off in the end.

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Glock Factory OEM Best Night Sights

Glock Factory OEM Night Sights

Materials – The Glock Factory Night Sights are the best night sights for Glock 19 and up, including different gens, because you can be assured there’s no guess work with the sights fitting correctly. These night sights are made of a steel body. The florescent green tritium inserts are set in white rings, so the green is visible during lowlight and night, and the white rings are visible during the day. The front sight is easily installed by a screw, which is included in the kit. The rear sight requires a mounting tool, which Glock sells separately. However, this is another night sight which can be easily installed at home.

Performance – Glock has provided factory night sights that offer standard functions with the high quality of a trusted name brand. If you don’t need anything over the top, but you want confidence in your purchase, then this is easily the best choice for you. Installation is incredibly simple, and the contrasting green and white colors offer fantastic visibility during any time of day. In fact, we really couldn’t find much of anything to complain about. Some may feel this product is a little overpriced for the simplicity, and the lack of options may influence some buyers to look elsewhere. Any dislike of this product is totally up to preference.

What we say – The Glock Factory Night Sight Glock 23 option goes for around $80 online. Like we said, that may be a little overpriced for such standard features, but the investment will be totally worth it to the gunowner who doesn’t want to have to question anything they’re buying. This choice easily made its way into our review for obvious reasons.

Trijicon HD Sights for Glock 23

Trijicon HD Sights for Glock 23

Materials – The Trijicon HD Night Sights are some of the best night sights for Glocks and all other pistols due to the incredibly high performing tritium inserts. The inserts glow florescent green and are set in and orange circle on the front sight. Trijicon is one of the most sought after brands for night sights. The rear sight has a serrated surface for reducing glare, and the tritium is set in black painted circles to keep focus on the front sight. The special “U” notch is designed for the best target acquisition. The body of the sights are made of a combination of polymer and aluminum. It comes with a 12 year warranty.

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Performance – We will say an immediate disappointment in the Trijicon HD Night Sights (for us, at least) was the lower quality material used for the bodies of the sights. The other options within this review are all made of either metal or steel, so don’t expect your sights to withstand any tough knocks or bangs. That aside, we have nothing but wonderful things to say about this option. The tritium inserts are truly some of the brightest we have seen. The installation of these sights are easy enough to do at home. The other features, such as serrated anti-glare surface, black painted contrasting circles, and special “U” notches make this choice unique and a game changer.

What we say – The Trijicon HD Glock Night Sights are the most expensive option within this review, costing about $140 to $145 for the set. If you’re in financial standing to make the investment, we absolutely suggest it. Trijicon is a very trusted name when it comes to powerful and long lasting tritium inserts.

Our Favorite Glock 23 Night Sights

If we didn’t already give it away in our review above, we all agree that the best Glock 23 Night Sights on the market are the Glock Factory OEM Night Sights. In fact, that’s the best option for all Glocks, including Gen 3 and 4. The price is moderate without being actually overpriced. The tritium inserts work very well, and they’re the standard glowing green with contrasting white ring. Installation is easy, and you can be assured your sights will fit any Glock you own. This was probably one of the easiest decisions we’ve made when picking the best choice for you.

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