The Best Dog Food for Hunting Dogs


Understanding the Nutritional Needs of Hunting Dogs

Hunting dogs require high protein and fat content to support their active lifestyle. Essential nutrients for endurance, strength, and joint and bone support are crucial for overall health and performance.

High protein and fat content

Hunting dogs expend much energy and need food that fuels their rigorous lifestyle. A diet high in protein supports muscle development and repairs the wear and tear from an active day in the field.

Animal-based proteins such as chicken, beef, or fish are excellent sources for these athletic pooches. They help maintain strong muscles and keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy.

Fat is equally vital in your hunting dog’s nutrition because it provides a concentrated energy source. With the recommended 20-22% fat content, finding the right balance in your companion’s diet can make all the difference during long days outdoors.

High-fat dog foods offer a sustained energy boost to keep them alert and responsive while tracking scents or retrieving games. Good quality fats like those found in fatty meats can be added safely to ensure they receive ample fuel without compromising taste or health benefits.

Essential nutrients for endurance and strength

Besides high levels of protein and fat, hunting dogs need a powerful blend of nutrients to keep them going. Vitamins like B12 for energy metabolism and E for cell function are vital.

Minerals such as calcium and phosphorus ensure strong bones to withstand rigorous activity, while iron keeps blood healthy for effective oxygen transport.

Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils boost brain function and reduce inflammation. This helps maintain stamina during long hunts and aids in recovery afterward. Your athletic dog benefits immensely from these energy-boosting supplements integrated into their daily diet—setting the stage for outstanding performance in the field.

Joint and bone support

While high protein and fat are vital for your hunting dog’s strength and endurance, they’re supporting their joint and bone health is just as crucial. Hunting dogs put a lot of pressure on their joints through running, leaping, and sudden movements.

To help cushion these impacts, the right dog food should include specific nutrients like glucosamine and chondroitin. These ingredients assist in maintaining healthy cartilage and reducing the risk of joint issues later in life.

Healthy bones are equally crucial for an active hunting dog. Calcium is essential to keep their bones strong and capable of sustaining their energetic lifestyle. Phosphorus pairs with calcium to enhance bone density, which is especially critical for working breeds that regularly face harsh outdoor conditions.

Look for performance dog food that integrates these elements into its formula to ensure your canine companion stays agile and robust out in the field.

Top Recommended Products for Hunting Dogs



  • Made in the USA

  • Specifically formulated for adult dogs

  • Supports immune system health

  • Dry pellet form for easy feeding

  • Original flavor for palatability

  • Recommended for dogs one month and up

Orijen Original Dry Dog Food stands out for its high-quality, biologically appropriate formula designed to mimic the natural diet of dogs. Crafted with a bounty of fresh and raw animal ingredients, it delivers a protein-packed meal essential for maintaining the robust energy levels required by active working canines like hunting dogs. Including free-run chicken and turkey is ethical and provides lean sources of protein that help in muscle development and recovery after rigorous activities.

The WholePrey approach is another commendable aspect of Orijen’s formulation, incorporating vital organs and bones into the mix and offering a wealth of minerals and nutrients often absent from other dog foods. This mirrors dogs’ nutritional intake in the wild—an invaluable benefit for hunting breeds accustomed to vigorous exercise and outdoor exposure. Rich in Omega-3s from whole mackerel and flounder, this grain-free recipe supports optimal skin health, which is crucial when facing environmental elements during hunts.

As an exemplary product tailored for all life stages, Orijen secures its position at the top by carefully blending premium ingredients without relying on grains or fillers that may hinder performance or well-being. It balances sustenance with palatability – an essential consideration since even hard-working dogs need an enticing meal to look forward to after a day in the field. For discerning owners seeking optimal nutrition closely aligned with their dog’s ancestral diet, Orijen offers food and nourishment calibrated for vitality and endurance—all hallmarks necessary for your four-legged companion’s success alongside you in nature’s terrain.


  • Made in the USA with quality ingredients from around the world

  • High protein content from free-run chicken, turkey, and fish

  • Nutrient-dense, grain-free formula to support immune function and digestion

  • Contains ORIJEN WholePrey ingredients for a balanced diet


  • Expensive compared to other dry dog food options

  • It may not be suitable for dogs with specific dietary restrictions or sensitivities

  • Some dogs may not enjoy the taste or texture of the food

If you have an active hunting dog, the ORIJEN Original Dry Dog Food is perfect for providing high-quality animal protein and essential nutrients to support their physical needs. Don’t settle for mediocre dog food – give your hunting dog the fuel they need to thrive! Order now and see the difference in their energy and overall health.

Taste of the Wild


  • Made in the USA

  • It contains roasted bison and venison for flavor

  • Supports immune, digestive, skin and coat, muscle, bone, and hip/joint health

  • Suitable for adult dogs

  • It comes in kibble form for easy feeding

  • Manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Grain-Free Recipe is a top-tier choice for your four-legged companion, particularly for those who lead an active lifestyle akin to their ancestral hunters. Owners will appreciate that this formula is crafted with natural roasted bison and venison as the primary proteins, making it highly palatable while supporting strong muscles vital to a dog’s vigor and vitality. The 32% protein content echoes the natural diet of wild canines, catering to canine athletes such as those often engaged in fieldwork or agility sports.

Each bowl serves a flavorful feast and a complex array of nutrients essential for optimal health. Taste of the Wild incorporates species-specific K9 Strain Proprietary Probiotics, prebiotics, and antioxidants sourced from fruits and superfoods. This boosts immunity and aids in healthy digestion – crucial factors when dogs are expending high energy during hunting excursions or similar activities. Furthermore, including omega fatty acids will ensure that your dog’s coat remains sleek and skin health is maintained even through strenuous outdoor adventures.

This product stands at No. 2 on our list because it hits all the right notes regarding nutrition, taste satisfaction, and quality ingredients suitable for active dogs without overlooking any potential allergies by being grain-free. Whether your dog spends days trekking through fields or training beside you, Taste of the Wild provides comprehensive support tailored to their elemental need for robust sustenance drawn from nature’s bounty.


  • High Protein from real meat for solid muscles and joint support

  • Species-specific K9 Strain Probiotics for healthy digestion and immune system support

  • Nutrient-rich with vitamins and minerals from fruits and superfoods for overall health

  • Made in the USA with quality ingredients for trusted source assurance


  • Some dogs may be sensitive to the protein content and experience digestive issues.

  • The high protein content may not suit all breeds or individual dog’s needs.

  • The product’s cost may be higher than other dry dog food options on the market.

The Taste of the Wild High Prairie formula is perfect for active dog owners who want to provide their hunting dogs with a nutritious and flavorful diet. With natural roasted bison and venison as the main ingredients, this high-protein dry food is ideal for maintaining strong muscles and joints while supporting overall health and wellness. Refrain from settling for subpar dog food. Give your hunting dog the best with Taste of the Wild.



  • Pellet form for easy feeding

  • Suitable for adult dogs

  • Veterinary diet for optimal health

  • Multiple flavors to cater to different tastes

  • Recommended for dogs one month and up

  • A large, 22.3-pound bag lasts a long time

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Merrick Premium Grain-Free Dry Dog Food offers a robust solution for owners aiming to maintain their dog’s healthy weight without compromising on nutrition, which is especially important for active canines like hunting dogs that require well-managed diets. With real deboned beef as the first ingredient, this weight management formula provides a high-protein punch, ensuring your furry friend maintains lean muscle mass while engaging in vigorous activities. The 77% protein content from animal sources is critical to sustain energy levels and meet the demands of a hunting dog’s lifestyle.

The balanced blend also includes omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, essential for maintaining a lustrous coat and healthy skin – something that comes into play given the outdoor exposure hunting dogs face. Moreover, Merrick demonstrates its commitment to natural ingredients and holistic pet health with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Glucosamine and chondroitin are thoughtfully added to support hip and joint wellness, which is crucial for animals regularly partaking in physically demanding tasks.

Ranked No. 3 on our list because it strikes an exemplary balance between nutritional value and weight control suited for an active dog’s diet needs. Its grain-free recipe caters well to dogs with sensitivities or specific dietary requirements without skimping on taste or quality. This Merrick formula stands out with its comprehensive approach, supporting not just the weight-related aspects but also other vital health points such as joint care, fur health, and optimal nutrient absorption from natural produce included in each bag. It’s more than just food; it’s fuel explicitly designed keeping in mind a lively companion who thrives beside you in outdoor pursuits.


  • Promotes healthy skin and coat with omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids

  • Supports hip and joint health with glucosamine and chondroitin

  • High protein levels from animal sources for ideal body condition

  • Crafted with premium, natural ingredients and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives


  • Price may be higher compared to other dog food brands

  • Some dogs may not enjoy the taste or texture of the kibble

  • Not suitable for dogs with beef allergies

The ideal customer for Merrick Premium Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is an active and health-conscious dog owner who wants to provide their hunting dog with the best nutrition possible. If you wish your canine companion to maintain a healthy weight, strong muscles and joints, and a shiny coat while on the hunt, then try Merrick today.

Blue Buffalo


  • Made with natural ingredients

  • Features chicken and brown rice flavor

  • Suitable for adult dogs

  • Manufactured in the USA

  • Recommended for dogs one month and up

  • Available in pellet form

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula brings a well-crafted blend of high-quality ingredients that cater to adult dogs’ vitality and health needs. With real chicken as its first ingredient, this natural adult dry dog food offers a robust source of protein, which is crucial for maintaining the lean muscles that active and especially sporting canines require. The addition of brown rice ensures your four-legged friend gets sustained energy throughout their adventurous days.

The unique inclusion of Blue’s exclusive LifeSource Bits sets this product apart. These kibble pieces are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals selected by animal nutritionists to promote immune system health and oxidative balance. This component is particularly beneficial for hardworking dogs often exposed to environmental stresses while hunting or training outdoors. Moreover, dog owners will appreciate the skin and coat support from omega 3 & 6 fatty acids in this formula.

Blue Buffalo avoids using poultry by-product meals or artificial additives within its recipe – an essential consideration for those attentive to what fuels their companions’ bodies. And when it comes to taste, dogs seem eager at mealtime, a joyful testament to the food’s flavor profile according to many satisfied pet parents who have noticed more wagging tails around the feeding bowl. So whether you’re nurturing an elite trailing athlete or want top-tier nutrition resonating with nature’s best for your beloved pet, Blue Buffalo is a trustworthy choice in supporting an active canine’s lifestyle.


  • Natural ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives

  • Antioxidant-rich LifeSource Bits for immune system health

  • Essential proteins and carbohydrates for energy needs

  • Real meat is the first ingredient for healthy muscles and shiny coat


  • Some dogs may be allergic to chicken, so this formula may not be suitable for all dogs

  • The size of the bag (30 lbs) may be too large for some dog owners to store or use before it expires

  • This product may be more expensive compared to other dry dog food options

The Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is best for active, health-conscious dog owners who value natural ingredients and want to give their adult hunting dogs the essential nutrients they need for a robust immune system and shiny coat. Give your beloved hunting partner the high-quality nutrition they deserve – try Blue Buffalo today.

Nulo Frontrunner


  • Made in the USA

  • Specifically formulated for active adult dogs

  • Contains beef, barley, and lamb for a flavorful taste

  • Dry kibble form for convenient feeding

  • Large 25-pound package size

  • From the trusted brand Nulo

Nulo Frontrunner stands out in premium dog kibble, offering a robust dietary foundation for all breeds, particularly those with high-energy lifestyles like hunting dogs. Its unique formula, crafted in the USA and free from common allergens such as corn, wheat gluten, and soy, speaks volumes about its commitment to quality. The ancient grains incorporated into this food serve as wholesome fillers and provide natural fibers that help manage weight by promoting a sense of fullness.

Fueling your active companion with Nulo’s 77% animal-based protein content guarantees an optimal amino acid profile for lean muscle development – vital for dogs that thrive on physical activities like tracking and retrieving. It’s not just about physical prowess; this dog food is also infused with taurine to support hearty cardiac function, GanedenBC30 probiotics ensuring digestive excellence, and antioxidants that fortify immune health – keeping your four-legged friend ready for any outdoor adventure. Dog owners often remark on their pet’s improved vitality and eagerness upon transitioning to Nulo Frontrunner.

Finally, each serving is masterfully prepared with an irresistible Beef, Barley, and lamb recipe that nourishes the body while satisfying discerning canine tastes. This balance between enriching ingredients and palatability makes it more than just sustenance—it becomes a mealtime highlight both owner and pet can be thrilled about daily. Whether you’re training a future champion or nurturing an established field expert, Nulo Frontrunner provides well-rounded nutrition to keep them ahead of the pack.


  • Made in the USA with no artificial additives

  • Ancient grain recipe promotes fullness and healthy weight

  • High protein content for lean muscle growth

  • Enriched with taurine, probiotics, and antioxidants for heart, digestive, and immune health


  • It may not be suitable for dogs with grain allergies

  • Some dogs may not like the taste or texture of the kibble

  • The 25-pound bag may be too large for some pet owners to store or handle

The ideal customer for Nulo Frontrunner is a responsible dog owner who values natural, high-quality ingredients and wants to support their hunting dog’s optimal health.

Purina Pro Plan High-Calorie Dry Dog Food


  • High-calorie dry dog food for adult dogs

  • Formulated as a veterinary diet

  • Made with chicken and rice flavor

  • Manufactured in the USA by Nestle Purina Pet

Purina Pro Plan High-Calorie Dry Dog Food is a top-tier fuel for your canine athlete. Designed with the needs of active dogs in mind, this formula ensures that those who enjoy hunting, agility training, or any vigorous activity receive the right balance of nutrients. With real chicken leading its ingredient list, it provides high-quality protein essential for building and maintaining lean muscle mass. The 30/20 blend of protein to fat supports your furry companion’s energy requirements and aids in quick recovery post-exercise, thanks to added amino acids.

The health benefits extend beyond muscles; EPA and glucosamine are part of this power-packed food, contributing to joint health—a crucial aspect for dogs that spend a lot of time running and navigating uneven terrains. Purina Pro Plan is more than just sustenance; it’s engineered nutrition crafted with performance dogs in mind. Owners can take comfort in knowing they’re providing an antioxidant-rich diet that bolsters the immune system while optimizing oxygen metabolism (VO2 MAX) for stamina enhancement. Whether preparing for a hunt or recovering from a day full of play, this dog food supports your pet’s zestful lifestyle without compromising on taste or nutritional quality.

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  • 30% protein and 20% fat to fuel metabolic needs and maintain lean muscle

  • Amino acids nourish muscles, especially after exercise

  • Real chicken is the first ingredient for high protein content

  • Concentrated nutrition optimizes oxygen metabolism for increased endurance


  • Not suitable for dogs with lower energy needs or weight management requirements.

  • It may be too high in protein and fat for some dogs, leading to potential digestive issues.

  • Some dogs may not enjoy the taste of this particular formula.

The Purina Pro Plan High Calorie Dry Dog Food is best suited for active and athletic hunting dogs of all ages who need a high-protein diet to maintain their lean muscle and endurance. Give your hunting dog the nutrition they need to stay strong and energized in the field with Purina Pro Plan’s 30/20 Chicken & Rice Formula. Try it now and see the difference in your dog’s performance.

ACANA Butcher’s Favorites Dry Dog Food


  • Grain-Free and Corn-Free formula

  • Made with real chicken

  • High-quality, nutrient-dense ingredients

  • Specially crafted for canine carnivores

  • Bag packaging for easy storage

  • Formulated to support overall health and well-being

ACANA Butcher’s Favorites Dry Dog Food offers a superior fusion of free-run poultry, liver, and real chicken jerky that caters to the nutritional needs of your dog with a taste they’ll love. Tailored for dogs who lead an active lifestyle, such as those often engaged in hunting activities, this premium 4lb grain-free kibble is crafted in the USA using high-quality ingredients sourced from trusted locations around the globe. The meticulous blend provides 70 percent animal ingredients for muscle nourishment and 30 percent plant-based components to promote digestive health, maintain healthy skin and coat, and support overall well-being.

With its combination of fresh or raw chicken*, turkey, and added chicken liver, ACANA Dry Dog Food packs each bite with essential proteins without compromising flavor – thanks to the savory pieces of chicken jerky interspersed throughout the kibble. This recipe ensures sustained energy levels crucial for hunting dogs that require endurance during prolonged activities. Owners can take comfort knowing their canine companions are getting a balanced meal designed to satisfy their palates and fuel their adventurous spirits. As dog owners share stories of how ACANA has kept their dogs fit and eager for the next outdoor escapade, it’s clear this food stands out as a top choice among those looking after high-energy breeds who thrive on engaging tasks like tracking game or retrieving waterfowl.


  • Made in the USA with quality ingredients

  • Protein-rich to support digestive health and healthy weight

  • It contains a mix of dry kibble and real chicken jerky for added flavor

  • Balanced with 70% animal ingredients and 30% plant ingredients


  • Price may be higher compared to other dog food brands

  • Some dogs may have allergies or sensitivities to poultry ingredients

  • Not suitable for dogs with poultry-related dietary restrictions

The ACANA Butcher’s Favorites Dry Dog Food is ideal for active and energetic hunting dogs, made with high-quality ingredients to support their overall health and well-being. Give your furry companion the nutrition they need to thrive in the field with this grain-free kibble and real chicken jerky mix. Order yours today.

Black Gold Explorer Dry Dog Food


  • Performance, joint, and coat support for adult dogs

  • Dry form for easy feeding and storage

  • Made with beef flavor to entice picky eaters

  • Produced in the USA by Black Gold Explorer

  • Large 50-pound bag for long-lasting supply

Black Gold Explorer, Dry Dog Food, is crafted with the high-energy demands of active canines in mind, making it an excellent choice for those four-legged friends who spend their days running, playing, or accompanying their owners on outdoor adventures. The 26/18 formula denotes a well-balanced blend of 26% protein and 18% fat — ideal ratios to fuel muscles and maintain peak conditions without overloading your pet’s system. The inclusion of beef offers a palatable source of this crucial protein.

The attention to digestive health is evident through added prebiotics that promotes a balanced gut environment. At the same time, the infusion of Taurine stands by to support cardiac function—a critical aspect for dogs leading vigorous lifestyles. Any owner will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind the essential oil blend providing Omega fatty acids; this keeps coats shiny and supports overall skin wellness. Joint integrity is paramount for dogs that are constantly on the move: natural glucosamine and chondroitin are included to help preserve these vital structures.

Moreover, dog owners looking for comprehensive nourishment will find solace in knowing Black Gold Explorer Dry Dog Food furnishes their athletic companions with everything they require—whether sprinting beside them on trails or leaping through fields. A dear friend once remarked how her retriever seemed rejuvenated after switching to this food, boasting more vigor during their hunting trips yet remaining calm and content during downtime at home—proof positive of its impact beyond just mealtime satisfaction.


  • Supports healthy digestion with prebiotics

  • Contains Taurine to support heart health

  • Provides guaranteed levels of Omega 6 & Omega 3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat

  • Natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate help support healthy joints


  • Large bag sizes may not be convenient for all dog owners

  • Some dogs may have allergies to beef

  • Not suitable for puppies or senior dogs with different nutritional needs

Are you an active dog owner with a hunting or sporting breed? Black Gold Explorer Dry Dog Food is perfect for your energetic companion. It is packed with prebiotics and essential oils to support their digestive health and maintain a shiny coat. Give your dog the high levels of protein and energy they need to thrive during hunting trips or other athletic activities. Try Black Gold Explorer – the ultimate fuel for performance dogs!

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Grain-Free Recipe


  • Grain-free recipe for better digestion and overall health

  • Made with salmon for a delicious flavor

  • It contains essential nutrients for immune support and muscle care

  • Supports skin, coat, bone, hip, and joint health

  • Manufactured in the USA by Diamond Pet Foods

  • Suitable for adult dogs of all breeds

For active and adventurous canines, Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Grain-Free Recipe is a nutritional powerhouse that echoes their ancestral diet. Formulated with real meat as the primary ingredient, this blend offers a rich protein content from smoked salmon. It is essential for maintaining lean muscles vital for hunting dogs who require stamina and strength during their activities. The protein bolsters bone health and joint resilience—a must-have for dogs constantly moving.

Including K9 Strain proprietary probiotics in each batch supports robust digestive systems—an essential aspect for canines that need to absorb as many nutrients as possible from their meals. This feature is complemented by antioxidants from fruits like blueberries and raspberries, which enhance immune defense mechanisms, ensuring your canine companion stays hearty even after long hunts or outdoor excursions.

Moreover, this dog food’s seamless integration of omega fatty acids ensures that your four-legged friend sports a glossy coat while reinforcing skin health—integral for dogs frequently exposed to rigorous outdoor environments. By sidestepping grains, Taste of the Wild caters to pups with sensitivities or those owners preferring grain-free options without compromising energy levels since sweet potatoes provide digestible carbs. As an American-made brand conscious about sourcing high-quality ingredients globally, dog owners can take solace knowing they’re supporting their pet’s well-being and conscientious manufacturing practices.


  • Made in the USA with quality ingredients

  • Includes probiotics for healthy digestion and immune support

  • High protein content for solid muscles and joint support

  • Nutrient-rich with vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids for overall health

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  • Some dogs may not like the taste of smoked salmon

  • The price may be higher compared to other dog food brands

  • Not suitable for dogs with specific dietary restrictions or allergies

The Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Grain-Free Recipe is ideal for active and adventurous dog owners who want to provide their hunting dogs with high-quality, protein-rich nutrition. If you wish for your loyal companion to have strong bones, lean muscles, a healthy coat, and overall wellness, try Taste of the Wild.

Purina ONE True Instinct


  • Chunk item form for easy feeding

  • Made with turkey and venison for natural flavor

  • Specifically designed for adult pets

  • Produced in the USA

  • Veterinary diet type to support pet health

  • Manufactured by Nestle Purina Pet, a trusted brand

Purina ONE True Instinct, with a blend of real turkey and venison, is a robust choice for dog owners who prioritize high-quality, protein-rich nutrition for their canine companions, especially those with active lifestyles like hunting dogs. The primary ingredient in this 7.4-pound bag of dry dog food is real turkey, supported by the inclusion of venison—a composition that accounts for the formula’s impressive 30 percent protein content. Such a concentration is particularly beneficial for maintaining lean muscle mass and supporting heart health, both vital concerns when nurturing an energetic breed accustomed to vigorous outdoor activities.

The balanced formulation also contains omega-6 fatty acids, which contribute significantly to skin health and bring out a lustrous sheen in your dog’s coat—an indicator of overall well-being. With zero fillers and carefully selected additives like vitamins, minerals, and nutrients optimized for adult dogs, Purina ONE True Instinct ensures every meal serves a distinct purpose toward enhancing your pet’s vitality. For pups predisposed to joint issues or older hunting dogs needing extra support during exhausting treks across varied terrains, this premium kibble includes natural glucosamine sources essential for collaborative resilience.

Dog owners can appreciate the meticulous design behind Purina ONE’s crunchy kibbles, enriched with calcium to bolster dental health while presenting twice as many meaty morsels as other formulas—encouraging enthusiastic eating sessions. Crafted in U.S.-based facilities recommended by veterinarians, this brand stands firmly against artificial flavors or preservatives—reassuring you that quality isn’t sacrificed over convenience or taste. A daily serving fuels your four-legged friend through trails and fosters sustained well-being long after the hunting gear has been stowed away.


  • Veterinarian recommended and crafted in U.S. facilities

  • Omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals for healthy skin and coat

  • 100% Purina ONE nutrition with no fillers or artificial additives

  • Real turkey is the #1 ingredient for solid muscles and a healthy heart


  • Some dogs may have dietary sensitivities to turkey or venison.

  • The price point may be higher than some other dog food brands.

  • The bag size (7.4 lb.) may not be suitable for larger breed dogs or multi-dog households.

The ideal customer for Purina ONE True Instinct is an active and health-conscious dog owner who wants to provide their hunting dog with the best nutrition possible. With a blend of real turkey and venison, this premium dry dog food supports strong muscles, a healthy heart, and a radiant coat. Try it today and give your hunting dog the fuel to thrive in the field.


Q: What is the best dog food for hunting dogs?

A: The best dog food for hunting dogs is specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs and energy requirements of active hunting dogs. Look for high-quality protein sources, balanced fat and protein content, and essential nutrients to support your dog’s energy levels and overall health during the hunting season.

Q: How can I choose the best dog food for my hunting dog?

A: When choosing the best dog food for your hunting dog, consider the specific nutritional requirements of working dogs. Look for dog food labeled as “gun dog” or “hunting dog food” that provides the necessary energy, protein, and nutrients to support your dog’s active lifestyle during hunting season.

Q: What should I feed my hunting dog during the hunting season?

A: During the hunting season, it’s important to feed your hunting dog a high-quality dog food specifically formulated for active hunting dogs. Look for dog food with balanced fat and protein content, as well as essential nutrients to support your dog’s energy levels and overall performance in the field.

Q: How does hunting dog food differ from regular dog food?

A: Hunting dog food is specially formulated to meet the unique energy and nutritional needs of active hunting dogs. It often contains higher levels of protein and fat to sustain the high energy requirements of hunting dogs during the hunting season.

Q: What are the key ingredients to look for in hunting dog food?

A: Look for hunting dog food that contains high-quality protein sources, balanced fat and protein content, essential vitamins and minerals, and potentially added supplements to support joint health and overall performance during hunting season.

Q: Should I consider a specific diet for my puppy to prepare for hunting activities?

A: Yes, it’s essential to provide a balanced and nutritious diet for your hunting dog as a puppy to support healthy growth and development. Look for puppy food specifically formulated for future hunting activities to ensure your puppy receives the necessary nutrients for active hunting later in life.

Q: How can I ensure my hunting dog’s diet keeps them active and healthy?

A: To keep your hunting dog active and healthy, provide a high-quality dog food that meets their energy requirements and nutritional needs. Monitor their weight, activity levels, and overall health to ensure the chosen dog food supports their active lifestyle during hunting season.

Q: What are the differences between kibble and wet food for hunting dogs?

A: Both kibble and wet food can be suitable choices for hunting dogs. Kibble is convenient and helps keep the dog’s teeth clean, while wet food can provide additional moisture and palatability. Choose the option that best suits your dog’s preferences and nutritional needs.

Q: How can I help my hunting dog stay fit and healthy in between hunting seasons?

A: To help your hunting dog stay fit and healthy between hunting seasons, provide regular exercise, a balanced diet, and consider their energy expenditure. Quality food, proper portion control, and regular exercise will help keep your gun dog in good shape for the next hunting season.

Q: What are some recommended brands for the best dog food for hunting dogs?

A: Some recommended brands known for providing high-quality dog food suitable for hunting dogs include Inukshuk Professional Dry Dog Food, Eukanuba Premium Performance 30/20 Adult Dry Dog Food, Purina Pro Plan SPORT Performance 30/20 Formula Dry Dog Food, Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete Real Meat Recipe High Protein Dry Dog Food, and other options designed to meet the active hunting dog’s specific nutritional needs.


Feeding your hunting dog the right food is a game-changer. Choose Orijen for a made-in-USA formula that keeps adult dogs thriving and their immune systems strong. On days filled with outdoor pursuits, Taste of the Wild’s kibble, rich in roasted flavors, will keep your companion energized and healthy.

These top picks will fuel your furry friend’s adventures and support their active lifestyle!

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