7 Best Turkey Broadheads to Get Your Gobbler


Those who take up the fine art of turkey hunting soon discover that they are challenging animals to hunt. Not only is it challenging to bring the wary birds into range, but turkeys have a reputation for being hard to kill. Shotgun pellets can bounce off of their armor-like feathers.

So if you’re going after them with a bow, you’ve taken up a challenge indeed. Probably the most critical element of bowhunting for turkeys is the type of broadhead you use. Luckily there are plenty of effective designs available on the market today. We’ll take a look at some of the things you should consider when choosing the best turkey broadheads for you.

7 Best Broadheads For Turkey

There are a lot of good gobbler broadheads on the market today; you just have to shop around and find the one that suits your specific setup. Here are some of the best turkey broadheads for your consideration.

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1. Magnus Bullhead 3 Blade Broadhead

These wicked looking guillotine turkey broadheads designed with a substantial cutting diameter specifically for a quick kill with a head or neck shot.

Featured Specs:

The Magnus Bullhead is available in two sizes, a 100-grain with a 3″ cutting area and a 125-grain with a 4″ cutting diameter. The razor-sharp blades on both broadheads are .048″ thick.

It features a screw-in type ferrule constructed from aircraft grade aluminum for superior reliability and durability. Though intended for turkey, they also do a great job on other types of small game.

The large cutting size of the Magnus Bullhead means if you can place the arrow anywhere near the head or neck, a quick takedown is pretty likely. Another advantage of these broadheads is that it’s a lot harder to lose these in the grass if you do miss.

2. NAP Spitfire Gobbler Getter

These broadheads sport three .030″ thick Diamize blades which together deliver a 1.5″ cutting diameter. They also feature a blunt cone-shaped ‘Turkey Tip,’ intended to maximize shock upon impact, and a proprietary micro grooved ferrule designed to increase accuracy and penetration.

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Featured Specs:

They are available in 100 or 125 grain. This mechanical broadhead uses a snap-lock blade retention system to keep them reliably closed without having to mess with rubber bands. Users report that the NAP Spitfire Gobbler Getter broadheads are indeed highly accurate and useful. They also have practice heads available, so you don’t have to dull one of your good ones to get ready for the season.

3. Muzzy Trocar HBX Hybrid

This deadly product has earned a place as one of the best crossbow turkey broadheads. This hybrid features two fixed razor blades and two mechanical rear-deploying blades.

Featured Specs:

The head presents a 1″ profile while in flight for better accuracy and speed but expands to a 1-⅝” cutting diameter upon impact. The deployable blades collapse up when hitting bone and then reopen after it passes through. They are held closed in flight with a simple-to-use friction washer.

The Muzzy Trocar HBX Hybrid also sports a sharp chisel spearpoint Trocar tip and a steel ferrule for maximum strength and penetration. The ferrule tapers to match the diameter of the crossbow bolt.

4. G5 Deadmeat

Another smart choice of mechanical turkey broadheads for body shots is the G5 Deadmeat. It deploys three .044″ razor blades to deliver a 1.5″ cutting diameter for large wound cavities and copious blood trails.

Featured Specs:

These broadheads also use a SnapLock blade retention system designed to be reliable on bows of any speed without the use of rubber bands or O-rings. Available in 100 or 125 grain, the set also includes one ‘ballistically matched’ practice head, so you don’t have to spend the extra money.

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5. NAP Spitfire Double Cross

Featured Specs:

Another high-performance broadhead for turkeys, this hybrid features two .030″ thick fixed blades with a big cutting diameter of 1-⅞” backed up by two rear-deploying second stage blades delivering a 1-⅛” diameter for a total of more than 3″ of both vertical and horizontal cutting power.

The solid steel and sharp trophy tip provide bone-crushing penetration. The system keeps the expandable blades retracted in flight without the fuss of rubber bands or O-rings. Available in 100-grain weight.

6. Wasp Hammer SST

Those who prefer the reliability and effectiveness of a traditional fixed-blade broadhead can’t go far wrong with the Wasp Hammer SST.

Featured Specs:

The Wasp features three fixed .027″ thick razor blades producing a 1 3/16 diameter cutting edge. The solid stainless steel Trocar hunting tip is tempered to a hardness of Rockwell 46C and is precision machined and hollow ground with very sharp edges to cut through fur, feathers, and bone.

The blades align with the hunting tip edges for even better penetration. The Hammer is a solid and reliable turkey broadhead capable of excellent accuracy.

7. RAGE Xtreme Turkey

Featured Specs:

This two-blade slip cam system broadhead features a ‘Meat Hook’ tip with a 9/16″ initial cutting diameter and two pointy hooks that slow the arrow down to disable one or both of the bird’s wings for a faster recovery.

The two expandable .035″ blades with a 2-⅛” cutting diameter can deliver a slap-cut entry of almost 3″ Also features an anodized aluminum precision machined ferrule fitted with the company’s patented Rage Shock Collar for secure and reliable blade retention and expansion.

Mechanical Vs. Fixed for Turkey?

Large Turkey taken with Rage Turkey Broadheads
Rage Turkey Xtreme Broadhead – nick_rogich

The perennial debate. Some argue that expandable broadheads offer better accuracy and a larger cutting diameter, and also that they are more likely to stay in the bird to help prevent runners rather than fly right through.

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Others counter that a fixed blade broadhead is more durable and deliver better penetration, and you don’t have to worry about a mechanism deploying when it counts.

The bottom line is putting that sharp piece of metal into the bird’s vitals and bringing it down fast, and either type can be effective at taking gobblers. It just comes down to personal preference.

Can You Use Deer Broadheads For Turkey?

The short answer is yes. Any type of broadhead is capable of taking a turkey, even crossbow broadheads. But turkeys have a much smaller kill zone than a deer, about the size of a softball while a deer’s sweet spot is about as big as a basketball. So accuracy is even more of a consideration with turkeys.

Most bowhunters like to be consistent with their gear, so using the same set up as you use during deer season has some merit. But using a broadhead that is designed precisely with turkeys in mind can give you a larger cutting diameter and make it more likely to bring down that bird with a body shot or decapitating headshot.

If you do decide to make the switch to turkey specific broadheads, do your research first and make sure you get some practice in with them before taking to the field.

Final Thoughts

Any of these fine broadheads for turkeys will prove deadly in the field.

  • For mechanical turkey broadheads, we highly recommend the Magnus Bullhead or NAP Gobbler Getter for cutting power and penetration.
  • If you prefer the reliability of fixed blades collapsible broadheads, it’s hard to go wrong with the Wasp Hammer SST.

All that’s left is choosing the one that’s best for you and put some turkey on the table this season.

*Last updated 2024-11-03 at 08:37 / Product Links & Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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