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Lightweight, sturdy blades and remarkable power drive. These are three key features that will make a gas pole saw stand out. Whether you’re a professional or a DIYer, you’d agree with us that a tool with fascinating features like the best gas pole saw above is what you need to keep your garden tidy.

The whole aim of this tool is to make your work in the garden more comfortable and efficient without you breaking a sweat, if not, what is the reason for getting one in the first place? But, how would you know the particular tool you need to do justice to that “thick forest,” sorry we meant garden, at the back of your house?

That’s what this post is all about.

We have read over 100’s gas pole saw reviews available on the market in 2024. We compared their power, options, histories, merits, demerits, and dependability. In the end, we have selected our top five gas pole saws in 2024. We’ve also done a buyer’s guide that should help your decision-making easy.

5 Best Gas Pole Saws – Reviews 2024

1. Remington RM2599 Professional Gas Pole Saw – Editor’s Choice

Remington RM2599
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You might consider using the Remington RM2599 if you want to pick a gas-powered pole saw that’s most convenient for you. This pole saw has an exceptional way of distributing its weight. With every pass in your garden, this tool should be able to cut a decent size section.

The 25cc 2-cycle engine is easy to pull start with its Quickstart technology and has plenty of power to cut hardwoods. Carrying out yard maintenance in your home garden should be easy because of its 8-inch bar length which is mounted on a 7-foot extension pole, allowing the user to reach up to 12 feet. You don’t any ladder to cut limbs and branches in the garden.

During operation, most of the gas-powered pole saw’s weight lies on the user’s hand—thereby reducing the pressure at the end of the saw. This feature helps to reduce any form of fatigue and muscle soreness on your hands—which is common in most gas-powered pole saw. Also, it can handle thick and tall trees in your garden.

The RM2599 Maverick can be used as a powerful leaf blower, garden cultivator, hedge trimmer, and more. Using this pole saw is pretty safe; with its low kickback design, you won’t want to have anything to worry about. Also, its automatic oiling system makes sure its chain is always properly lubricated.

The big challenge you’d likely face with this tool is the loud noise it produces during operation. Another issue you may encounter with this saw is the pre-maintenance hassles. It is backed by 2-year limited warranty.

2. Maxtra 42.7cc Commercial Gas Pole Saw – Most Powerful

Maxtra 42.7cc gas pole saw
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The design of the Maxtra pole saw makes it possible to cut through branches and wood efficiently thanks to its 2-cycle 42.7 cc powerful engine.

The chain and bar of the Maxtra measure 10 inches, which makes it an excellent option for slashing thick shrubs and branches at 16.5 feet high, within the diameter size, in a single slice.

This gas powered pole saw can cut through thick 8 inch shrubs and tall tree branches with ease. Its motor has 1100 watts energy worth of capacity. You can adjust the pole of the tool from 8.2 to 11.4 feet easily. It makes the tool an excellent option for different heights as well as a longer reach.

The tool has a 2-position choke that allows it to engage both hot and cold starts. Also, it’s simple to start the engine, which adds to the tool’s convenience.

Still talking about convenience—the pole saw comes with a shoulder strap—which makes it more comfortable to use—especially when you’re dealing with vibrations. Plus, it has an anti-slip hand mechanism that adds more safety and comfort to the tool.

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Also, this pole saw boasts of an ergonomic design which increases comfort during operation. The saw happens to have an air filter that creates clean combustion. In other words, it’s eco-friendly. If you’re a freelance gardener, you’ll like this tool because it comes with a handy case that aids easy transporting and storage.

3. TrimmerPlus PS720 8-Inch Gas Pole Saw with Bar and Chain – Most Affordable

TrimmerPlus PS720
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If you’re concerned about getting good value for your money, you should consider the TrimmerPlus PS720. It has a lightweight and easy to use design—which makes it capable of being used for a long time. The TrimmerPlus PS720 is reasonably affordable when compared to others on this list. Its 8-inch bar length alongside its automatic oiling system enhances its performance and limits stoppages.

With its extension segments, this affordable tool can deliver two different trimming height choices. So, if it’s a height of about 12 feet or just a short overlapping branch, this gas powered pole saw has got you covered. It also acts as an add-on tool that can convert your attachment-capable trimmer into a useful gasoline pole saw.

This is the lightest pole saw on this list. With that, you can rest assured that this tool will be ideal for extended use as since it’s user-friendly. Overall, the tool comes with a 2-year limited warranty—which gives you some level of assurance that you’d be using it for a long time.

4. Poulan Pro PP258TP Gas Polesaw – Best for Medium-Sized Gardens

Poulan Pro PP258TP
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Are you’re looking for a pole saw that could help you to prune tree branches at extreme heights? Then, the Poulan Pro PR25PS may be a decent choice for you. It can also handle medium-duty jobs in your garden.

This gas powered pole saw comes with a long reach, which enables you to cut tree branches at high overhangs and bushes in your garden—which improves the aesthetic looks.

Whether you decide to use it for a typical garden or commercial place, the tool should meet your expectations. Nonetheless, you must keep in mind that it can’t handle heavy duty jobs in large lawns, even though it’s able to cut through the thickest of branches.

The tool boasts of handling branches with six inches diameter maximally. It may not be able to cut branches above the six-inch mark, but it can handle a ton of overhangs and bushes because they are pretty thinner than six inches.

Both its 8-inch saw and its extendable 12 feet rod makes it easy to cut branches with height. With this tool, you may not need a ladder in your garden again to cut the branches of those tall trees.

Even though it weighs 12 lbs., it’s easy to carry around while working because it’s less stressful on the arms. Thus, it limits the chances of you getting injured.

The tool comes with a two-year warranty, which reassures you of its long-lasting nature.

5. Echo Gas-Powered Pole Saw – Most Sturdy

Echo Gas-Powered Pole Saw
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The Echo gas-powered pole saw is a decent choice for users that have larger gardens and yards. This garden tool can handle heavy duty tasks with ease.

It also has a minimalistic design which makes it similar to any other pole saw, but it has got authentic components that are durable.

How? The manufacturer boasts that the Echo saw cuts every thick tree branch available—no matter the diameter. The manufacturer also claims it will be like “hot knife slicing through hot butter. ”

Even though this pole saw has a sturdy body, we must not forget that it’s not a decent choice for a beginner.

It’s quick to wear you out, because of the heavy-duty and sturdy construction—which may entail professional handling. If you’re not an expert, you can get one to put you through—to avoid sustaining injuries.

The power of this pole saw enables it to cut through the thickest branches. Plus, it has a 12 inches chain and bar that helps facilitate it. The product also claims to reach 14 feet with its cutting head and excellent maneuverable features.

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With the Echo Gas Powered Pole Saw, you can rest assured that you’d complete any garden task—no matter the complexity.

Gas Pole Saws Buying Guide

There are so many factors you should look for before buying a gasoline pole saw like Yard size, tree height, frequency of use, budget, manual vs power, Special features such as auto oiling a chain.

The online negative we found about gas-powered pole saws is their weight. Measured between 14 and 30 pounds, heavier than other options, but can cut like butter through larger branches and limbs.



Gas-powered pole saws happen to be one of the most powerful. However, there are different models with different engine sizes and power. A sturdy pole saw would do a good job. But, you have to find a balance between power and weight.

As you know there are the most powerful of all against the Cordless and Electric model. Their 2 cycle engine makes them powerful and hence loud too. We have mentioned two 25 cc and 42 cc gas powered pole saws above.

They require more maintenance than others as they use a mixture of gas and oil. Above all, a 25cc 2-cycle gas powerful engine should be more than sufficient for pruning branches in your garden or backyard.

Length of The Pole

Tree height is one of the most important factors you should keep in mind while buying a pole saw. Because if your yard has older, larger trees then pole saw length is an important factor to decide about. Additionally, if you have thicker trees to take care of, the Gasoline pole saw will do the job otherwise a cordless pole saw is good for dealing with thinner branches at height.

Most of these pole saws usually provide extra length. The range you choose depends on your project. The longer gas-powered pole saw models are ideal for yards with tall trees and shrubs. When you extend the pole length, ensure that the pole is stable and robust.

It’s best to go for top pole saws that extend to at least 10 feet. It should also be able to retract to a compact size. The compact size enhances easy storage. You can read reviews of pole saws here.

One of the positives about the gas-powered pole saws is they can operate for hours without being waiting for the battery to get charge like in cordless models.

gas pole chain saw length

Chain Bar

The chain bar helps the pole saw cut accurately. When the chain bar is lengthy, the cutting capacity is high. It can also cut thicker branches with ease. The chain bars of these saws range from 6 to 12-inches. Nonetheless, the popular ones on the market are 8 to 10-inches.

The Size

When you’re operating a gas powered pole saw, it’s usually overhead. So, the saw shouldn’t be so heavy. If it is, you’ll get exhausted fast. Going for the lightweight saws isn’t a solution. The lightweight ones have smaller engines that are not so powerful.

The best thing is to look for one that you’re comfortable handling for long. The pole saw should also be powerful.

Also If your yard has a lot of shrubberies then you need a more powerful saw. So the larger your yard, the more powerful your pole saw should be.

Safety Features

When it comes to a gas-powered pole saw, it goes beyond power. It’s a waste of time if your saw has no safety concern. These gas-powered pole saw can be dangerous. Thus, the manufacturer has to put mechanisms to make it safe. Different brands use all sorts of safety mechanisms. Safety features like the anti-slip handle and an ergonomic make the pole saw safer to use.

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A large home with a spacious yard and big trees


Being equipped with gas-powered engines, they are labeled as the most powerful pole saws. You know noise sometimes adds to fatigue while working. Also if you are working in your backyard while your neighbor around this pole saw can cause nuisance and you have to stop working just because your neighbors are getting disturbed by the noise. If you have a lot of work to do with a pole saw then look at features that reduce the noise and vibration. Trust me you don’t want to get fatigued with the noise of a pole saw and cause the accident.

Finally, if you don’t like a lot of noise then you should opt for an electric pole saw which is less expensive too. It’s just they need constant power from the source, unlike gas powered pole saws.

Special features:

Are you the type who likes more features on the saw something more automatic than manual? If yes, keep reading! If not you can look at the best manual pole saw.

Self Lubrication

If you are a professional or looking for a commercial grade pole saw then you must buy a pole saw with automatic oiling or self-oiling chain feature? Why? Because these pole saws can run for hours, unlike battery ones which stop after battery discharged or electric models which stop once the power is gone. But with these gas models if the fuel is finished you don’t need to wait. Just add more fuel and start right away.

Antivibration handle

There’s another feature you should look for is the Antivibration handle. This Ergonomic loop handle with rubber grip over-mold will provide you user comfort with reduced vibration while working for an extended period of time

Price and Performance

When you want to buy a pole saw, the cost and performance play a significant role. Nobody likes something above their budget. The performance of the tool is a highlight. After all, the saw can be expensive and have less performance. Before you purchase any pole saw, read reviews on the model that interests you.

Also, consider whether you want to use the pole saw to frequently or part-time. Because gas-powered pole saws are a better option for regular use or if you can buy a less expensive electric model.


It’s expensive to repair a gas powered pole saw. The cost of repair could amount to the price of a new one. You can avoid the cost of expensive repairs and buy one with a warranty. It’s best if the warranty has a long extension. But, it’s crucial to confirm that the terms of the warranty are favorable.

The reputation of the manufacturer for honoring the warranty should be confirmed as well.

Gas-powered pole saws are likely to witness spurt in demand as they are more powerful than electric and battery versions.


After going through our top five choices, choosing a high-performing and convenient pole saw shouldn’t be a big deal for you. If you consider the weight, chain bar length and power of the particular tool, you may be able to pick the brand that best fits your needs.

However, if you want our suggestion, then you can go for the Remington RM2599 Maverick. This best gas pole saw will give you a balance of all the features a pole saws should have. Moreover, you can also go for TrimmerPlus PS720 which is a more lightweight and inexpensive model. This model too has an 8-inch bar length and 12 feet reach which would be sufficient enough for a beginner using a pole saw using gasoline.

Finally, ensure you go through the product’s manual before making use of it. That way you’ll know how to properly use the tool and enjoy its service for a long time.

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