Tech Spotlight: Our Approach to the Best Camo in the Game

Video best camo pattern for deer hunting

Badlands’ hunting camouflage is loaded with innovative technology that gives you an upper hand no matter where you find yourself — sage brush, hardwoods, western mountain ranges, or anywhere in between. We spent years working with experts on color, on how changing light affects patterns, and how game sees colors and interprets patterns. We tested, tested again, and then retested our retests. And only then were we satisfied.

Ours? We believe that Approach and Approach FX are the perfect camo patterns for just about any hunt. We’ve stressed over our camo, so you don’t have to.


Most game animals rely primarily on sight for safety, so it’s important to have a camo pattern you can trust to hide you when you need it. You’ve got to confuse their eyes first.

May we introduce our good friend, Multi-Layered Visual Confusion? And let us tell you — this is a friend you want to know.

Multi-layered visual confusion is created by carefully formulated layered patterns. This technology is the cornerstone of any effective camouflage hunting pattern, something that Badlands has tested and refined more than any other.

We built an almost obscene number of layers into our Approach and Approach FX camos to ensure that an animal won’t be able to detect where one shape ends and another one begins. This is what sets the Approach and Approach FX patterns apart. The mixing of layers, shapes and colors is the basis of visual confusion and the key to truly effective and operational camouflage patterns. Our hunting camo patterns do a great job of breaking up outlines at moderate to far distances. In other words, even if an animal thinks it sees something (you), it’s already too late.

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We’ve got the layers, but what about the color? Our hunting camo patterns are carefully constructed with neutral color palettes, making them effective wherever you find yourself, no matter what you’re hunting.

Our Approach camo pattern blends well with early season foliage and has green hues that are perfect for the sage brush. Not your environment? Approach FX is great for late-season hunts and blends into the hardwoods and brushy terrains. You can’t go wrong with either choice because it was built to adapt to your surroundings.

The light patches on both Approach and Approach FX ensure you’re still hidden thanks to the unique patterns. There’s a blend of light and dark swatches, and just enough colors worked in that help you vanish when the light changes and shifts, and different parts of the spectrum come into play. Trust us, this micro/macro pattern dynamically responds to lighting conditions, ensuring the odds are in your favor on every approach.

To see our hunting camo pattern in action and see why you won’t be seen, check out this video and learn more about our camo technology.

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