QAD / UltraRest MXT

One of the first names to roll off the tongue when bowhunters discuss arrow rests is QAD (434-846-5839). QAD has outdone itself this year with the new UltraRest MXT ($249). This unique rest can be micro-adjusted. How finely tuned can it be adjusted, you ask? How about .00195 per click, which means when the rest is dialed in, archers can split a frog’s hair. The rest features a capture bar that moves with the launcher, total vane clearance, anti-backlash technology and total arrow containment. This rest is clearly built for the serious archer.

Vapor Trail / Pro-V

The Vapor Trail Archery (763-862-8870) Limb Driver Pro-V ($140) arrow rest is a Bowhunting World reader favorite – for good reason. This rest is limb-driven, which eliminates many of the timing issues associated with cable-driven rests. Now the rest has a larger rubber bumper to crush noise and vibration, and it has a more streamlined mounting bracket so it can fit on almost every compound bow available. This rest offers a full-containment cage and the V cradles the arrow, so even at the moment of truth, bowhunters don’t have to worry about an arrow falling off.

TruGlo / Lock-Fire

The new TruGlo (972-774-0300) Lock-Fire is a bowhunter-friendly rest built for performance. Built into the rest is a speed-actuated hammer that rapidly drops the launcher as the vanes approach it. This quick-moving launcher stays in contact with the arrow until the last moment, providing total vane clearance. The full-capture rest comes with an ergonomic thumb lever so the arrow can be locked, loaded and protected until the shot occurs. The rest also has a cushioned adjustable down-stop that absorbs launch momentum.

Ripcord / Ace Micro-Adjust

Being able to micro-adjust an arrow rest allows the shooter to fine-tune his or her setup. With the Ripcord (406-683-0100) Ace Micro-Adjust ($169), bowhunters can do just that. The Ace has an offset containment arm and comes with up/down and left/right micro-adjustability for exceptional downrange accuracy. The Ace comes with an extra-slim launcher, making the rest compact and providing better arrow containment. Other key features include no launcher bounce-back after the shot. The launcher stays up in the locked position until the shot is fired.

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Trophy Ridge / Level

Trophy Ridge (800-694-9494) has a great drop-away rest for the bowhunter on a budget. The Level ($60) comes with the vertical drop technology that has made Trophy Ridge a household name. The V-notch drop arm cradles the arrow until the shot, and the full-containment ring ensures the arrow is always ready for business. Weighing in at a mere 3 ounces, this rest is perfect for anyone who wants a lightweight setup. Although the rest is light, it’s also tough thanks to 100 percent engineered aluminum construction.

G5 / CMax

G5 (866-456-8836) makes great broadheads, sights and arrow rests. The popular CMax full-containment arrow rest ($130) keeps the arrow contained with the push of a button. The rest reportedly stays in contact with the arrow longer than many other drop-away rests, which improves accuracy. The rest offers over 1-inch of windage and vertical adjustment, and promises a rapid set-up. This CMax is available in a variety of colors, including blue, purple, red, black and green, so bowhunters can match it to all their other bow accessories.

HHA / Virtus

HHA Sports (800-548-7812) is offering a drop-away rest that bowhunters are sure to love as much as the company’s iconic bow sights. The new Virtus ($129) comes with LBS technology, which is a patent-pending latch and brake system that creates a smooth, reliable draw cycle and release, ensuring perfect arrow flight shot after shot. The Virtus has a full draw indicator marker, making set-up quick and easy. In addition, the rest has a Gator Grip Cord Clamp that helps a pro shop or archer quickly set the cord on the rest and reduces the possibility of timing issues. This full-containment rest has an easy-to-use thumb lever to lock the rest in place. In addition, a percentage of sales will go to help veterans get involved in the sport of archery and bowhunting.

New Archery Products / Crossfire

One of the most recognized names in the archery industry is New Archery Products (708-488-2500). The company makes a variety of archery accessories, including the new Crossfire ($99) arrow rest. The rest is designed to be locked into place when the bow is drawn and quickly gets out of the way when the bow is shot. Should the need arise for the hunter to let down, this lock-up style rest stays “locked” in the upright positon. This creates a perfect cradle and prevents the arrow from falling from the rest. With the Crossfire, bowhunters don’t have to worry about bounce-back; the arrow will fly true. Designed with today’s speed bows in mind, the Crossfire is built for the bowhunter.

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Spot-Hogg / Edge Swap

If you’re into target archery, check out the new Edge Swap ($155) rest from Spot-Hogg (888-302-7768). This amazing rest features SWAP technology, which means the archer can install, tune and remove the body of the rest from the bar without affecting accuracy. What does this mean for the archer? A bow can be fine-tuned and then the rest can be removed from the bow while traveling. The blade-style rest comes packed with features like vertical and horizontal adjustments and a micro-click adjustable blade. With this rest, the archer can store the rest when traveling and protect it from getting bumped around in transport.

Apex Gear / Covert

Apex Gear (877-701-2739) introduced a new rest called the Covert that eliminates many of today’s most common drop-away rest issues. Thanks to Hammer Release Technology, there is no launcher movement during the draw cycle. The launcher arm features a delayed drop so the arrow stays in contact with the launcher longer, increasing accuracy. The Covert also has independent windage and elevation adjustments. Last but not least, it comes with five replaceable, colored Silent Draw inserts that keep the arrow quiet when the bow is being drawn and add a splash of color to the bow.

Trophy Taker / X-Treme Pro Click

Trophy Taker (800-624-5988) has been making arrow rests for years and continues to innovate. For 2017, the company is offering the new cable-driven X-Treme Pro Click ($180), which is a micro-adjustable drop-away rest. This rest can be micro-adjusted vertically and horizontally. This cable-driven rest comes with endless features, including a custom rubber overmolded ring that keeps the arrow fully contained and quiet. The rubber ring helps reduce noise and vibration. The X-Treme Pro Click has a stainless-steel launcher and built-in launcher dampeners.

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Schaffer Archery / XV

The new XV ($149) arrow rest from Schaffer Performance Archery (952-894-6169) comes loaded with features bowhunters will love, including dual-jaw technology. With dual-jaw technology, the arrow is cradled between two jaws. When the arrow is released, the jaws glide to the left and right, quickly getting out of the way. This state-of-the-art technology allows the arrow to stay in contact with the rest longer, resulting in better downrange accuracy. The rest offers hands-free operation, and it can be shot in the open or closed position. The rest comes with a push button that allows the archer to lock the arrow in place before the shot. With the XV, there is no shake or wobble, making it a great rest for the treestand or spot-and-stalk hunter.

Hoyt / Pro Blade

Compound target shooters will appreciate the quality of the Pro Blade rest from Hoyt (801-393-2990). Ultra-tough and incredibly accurate, this micro-adjustable rest features patented Hoyt lockdown adjustment lines. In addition, the Pro Blade boasts heavy-duty stainless lockdown screws. Prefer to shoot a recurve? Check out the Super Rest, Quiet Track and Hunter rests.

LimbSaver / PT100

LimbSaver (877-257-2761) is best known for making vibration-dampening devices for bows and crossbows, but the company also has a new arrow rest that is sure to turn heads – the PT100 ($199). Like everything LimbSaver makes, the PT100 is quiet as a mouse. That’s thanks to a twin-bearing launching arm that is a smooth operator. One of the coolest features on the rest is the adjustable lock-up time. The archer can decide how long he or she wants the arrow to stay in contact with the launcher, from 2 to 5 inches. The PT100 is plastic-free, making it extra durable.

Axion Archery / Ergo

There’s a lot going on at Axion Archery these days. In addition to a new look, the company is offering new products like the Ergo rest. This full-containment arrow rest stays up if the user lets down, and it won’t bounce back up after the shot. The Ergo is cycle tested 50,000 times, so you know it’s durable and reliable, and the company stands behind the product with a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty.

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