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Among the choices of free-time hobbies, air rifle shooting comes to the top of the list. It’s cheap, quiet, and enjoyable. There is nothing to compare to this fun hobby, whether you use an air rifle for plinking, pest control, hunting or simple shooting at your mother’s frying pan in the back yard, the experiences are extremely relaxing, cool and entertaining.

However, when it comes to choosing the right rifle for you to buy, it’s a whole different story. Tell me if this sounds familiar to you: You are excited to buy an air rifle for your own or as the gift. You ask Mr. Google for help, and it answers with dozens of websites. You open 4 browsers with 8 tabs each. You see a lot of air rifles to choose, many types of bullet to decide, and so on. That makes you feel in control with abundant choices, but it also puts you in trouble. You recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all gun if you only look at the price tags and few lines of product descriptions. And then your browsers crash and you have to reopen it again. It all seems like many times have passed until the early birds begin to sing, and you realize that you take too much time and effort in this air rifle buying matter.

So, wouldn’t it be great if something or someone could give you what you want and help you decide which one is best? Can you afford to ignore the site that has all-in-one information you seek? At, we give you all the things you need before spending your serious money. We gather information from various sources, conduct deep research about each product individually, and consolidate them in the bite-sized and easy-to-use format.

No more look up to dictionary trying to understand what the heck does “ballistic coefficient” mean.

No more reading through hundreds of Amazon customer reviews page with different and completely opposite opinions.

No more spinning around with a dozen of product manuals, no more pain and frustration.

We have done all the dirty, hard work for you so you can make a conscious buying decision without breaking the bank. And please keep in mind that all information in this site is written carefully and objectively, nothing but research and in-depth reviews here. So feel free to read and check it out, while enjoying your own cup of coffee. USA, LLC



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