18 New Treestands and Blinds for 2022


A good treestand or ground blind is crucial for those who prefer to hunt from such locations. These are some of the latest released by leading manufacturers.

1. Ameristep Magnum CareTaker

Ameristep Magnum Caretaker 18 New Treestands and Blinds for 2022

This blind offers a larger size for bigger hunters, and those who want to pack an extra person or so inside. Up to three people can fit inside comfortably. It has a 59-by-59-inch footprint, 66-inch height, and 66-inch shooting width. It has silent toggle windows, a DuraShell Plus shell fabric, and more. It’s ShadowGuard coating helps with shadows and silhouettes. It features replaceable camo shoot-through mesh windows, rugged Spider Hub frame, brush loops, and an easy-access zippered door. The blind comes with ground stakes, tie-downs, and a carry bag.

MSRP: $199.99


2. Banks The Stump 4 Limited Edition

BANKS THE STUMP 4 LIMITED EDITION 360 1 18 New Treestands and Blinds for 2022

The Stump 4 Limited Edition by Banks offers a 360-degree view and a heavy-duty, steel-plate base. It boasts eight silent-swinging framed windows that create the ultimate panoramic view in all directions. It has more than 30 square feet of room, and the round design makes it perfect for bowhunters. It’s also extremely durable thanks to UV-stabilized polyethylene construction. It also has a paintable, bark-like texture that’s weather-resistant. The windows open silently, seal tight, and help contain scent. It’s plenty roomy, with a 77-inch diameter and 80-inch interior height. The door is 26 by 54 inches. The blind has three 14-by-22-inch windows and five 34-by-14-inch windows. It weighs 400 pounds and comes with a lifetime warranty. The leg system, wall insulation, curtains, and shelf are sold separately.

MSRP: $3,999


3. Hawk Ultra-Lite Climber

Hawk Ultra Lite Climber 18 New Treestands and Blinds for 2022

The Hawk Ultra-Lite Climber is loaded with advantages, including a low-profile arm rest and a large, hammock-style mesh seat. Furthermore, those who want a bowhunting-centric stand often prefer low-profile arm rests. This provides the least distance between the seat frame and the arm rest rise. I like this because it makes it easier to shoot sitting down, because the railing isn’t as high to get in the way of a bow. Other key features include a 300-pound weight capacity, 20-inch-by-27-inch platform, 8-inch minimum, 20-inch maximum tree size, and 20-inch weight. In addition to the features outlined above, this treestand has what bowhunters need. It’s large enough to keep you comfortable, but small enough to be more compact than a lot of the competition on the market. At 20 pounds, it’s heavier than some, but lighter than others. Still, this climbing treestand gets the job done.

MSRP: $399.99


4. Maverick 6-Shooter Blind

Maverick 6 Shooter 18 New Treestands and Blinds for 2022

The Maverick 6-Shooter Blind is loaded with incredible features. It’s a turnkey selection and offers plenty of space to bring others along. It’s even optimized for bowhunters and gun hunters alike, with nine vertical windows that provide a 360-degree view. Eight are 10-by-22-inch plexiglass windows and one is a 10-by-18-inch window in the door. It comes with a 30-by-44-inch door with slide-lock seal. This thing is made from UV-stabilized plastic, is very durable, and can be left out year-round. It’s a two-piece construction build, and it’s easy to transport. A 2-inch rainproof overhang caps it off. It stands 6 feet 3 inches tall, is 6 feet in diameter, and weighs 125 pounds. It comes in black, brown, or green.

MSRP: $1,049.99.


5. Millennium Treestands Q250 Solo Buck Hut

Millennium Treestands Q250 Solo Buck Hut 18 New Treestands and Blinds for 2022

The Millennium Treestands Q250 Solo Buck Hut has a roomy interior with up to a 7-feet height for standing shots and has an overall height of 15 feet 8 inches. Its multi-configuration windows allow for rifle, crossbow, and vertical bow hunting. Each window has adjustable heights and shooting rests. It’s configured to accommodate one M369 Revolution seat (not included). The 8-feet-8-inch platform has a heavy-duty powder-coated steel construction. It comes with non-slip steps and two handrails. The tower has two adjustable legs for leveling on uneven ground. It’s constructed from heavy-duty, water-resistant, soft-shell material. This offering has a 400-pound weight capacity and weighs 225 pounds. It will be available this summer.

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MSRP: Unknown


6. Muddy Infinity 3-Person Ground Blind

Muddy Infinity 3 Person Ground Blind 18 New Treestands and Blinds for 2022

The Muddy Infinity 3-Person Ground Blind offers numerous advantages, but customizable window configuration is at the top of the list. With an 82-inch-by-82-inch shooting width, this blind offer plenty of room to shoot. This sizing also allows plenty of room for up to three hunters. It even has ultra-sized webbing loops for larger stakes, brush straps throughout the blind for great concealment, and a design that helps keep it darker inside the blind, so you stay hidden. It’s also known for the drop-down Shadow Mesh window coverings which allow you to see out, but prevents game from seeing in. This is very good technology that improves visibility, which is one of the primary issues hunters have with blinds — as well as limited shot opportunities, which this blind also accounts for. It even has ozone loft pockets.

MSRP: $279.99


7. Muddy The Boss XL

Muddy The Boss XL 18 New Treestands and Blinds for 2022

The Boss XL by Muddy is a great treestand loaded with features. Its Flex-Tek seat allows for comfortable long sits. It has a wide stance platform, fixed footrest, and a flip-back seat for full platform use. Overall, the platform is 25 inches wide by 34 inches deep. The seat is 20 inches wide by 15 inches deep. The seat height is 21 inches tall. It weighs 19 pounds and has a minimum tree size requirement of 9 inches in diameter. This model has a 300-pound weight rating.

MSRP: $199.99


8. Muddy The Penthouse Box Blind

Muddy The Penthouse Box Blind 18 New Treestands and Blinds for 2022

The Penthouse Box Blind by Muddy is an excellent new offering. It is a luxury blind that improves the overall hunting experience and accommodates requirements that hunters have. It is 7.5 feet wide, 6 feet deep, and 6.5 feet tall. This is a hard-sided blind with Therma-Tek panel technology, which provides hunters with thermal, scent, and noise control. It also incorporates a silent residential glass window system, dark carpeted interior, 30-by-70-inch, heavy-duty door that seals tight, etc. The blind has large horizontal windows measuring 33 inches wide and vertical windows measuring 42 inches tall. The blind weighs 530 pounds, but ships fully assembled and ready to hunt. Get it with a 5-feet or 10-feet tower, which are crafted with heavy-duty, powder-coated steel, and are sold separately.

MSRP: $3,899.99


9. Primal Treestands Wraith 270 Deluxe

Primal Treestands Wraith 270 18 New Treestands and Blinds for 2022

Primal Treestands’ Wraith 270 is an excellent ground blind that has a 58-by-58-inch footprint, a 67-inch height, and a great shooting width. It offers 270 degrees of one-way, see-through material. Its pack size is 8.8-by-8.8-by-44.5 inches. It features a large, zippered door, silent slide windows, brush loops, and a carry bag. It weighs 16 pounds. It also has heavy-duty 300D fabric with blackout, a water-resistant interior, backpack carrying case, stakes, tie downs, and more.

MSRP: $279.99


10. Redneck Platinum 360 Hunting Chair

Redneck Platinum 360 Hunting Chair 18 New Treestands and Blinds for 2022

The Redneck Platinum 360-Degree Chair offers 360-degree rotation, so you can quickly and quietly make the shot in any direction. With its adjustable legs and height, you can also easily ensure that your chair is leveled and set to your desired height. The chair’s mesh material provides comfortable sitting for hours at a time, and the back folds easily when not in use. The chair also features adjustable armrests that can easily be moved out of the way while bowhunting, making for a smoother draw. This model is strong, durable, and can support up to 350 pounds, all while weighing 34 pounds itself. The combination of quietness, comfort, and adjustability gives you the freedom to enjoy long hours afield.

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MSRP: $224.99


11. Redneck The Big Country Platinum 360 6×7

REDNECK BIG COUNTRY PLATINUM 360 6X7 BLIND 18 New Treestands and Blinds for 2022

The largest of the blinds offered by Redneck, The Big Country Platinum 360 6×7 is great for hunters who need additional space. It can accommodate up to three or four people. It also increases outward visibility while minimizing inward abilities. Tinted windows are quiet to open and close. The vertical corner window (46 inches tall), horizontal front and side (36 inches wide), and other windows are available for different weapon types. It incorporates closed cell foam insulation on the ceiling, acoustical foam on the walls, and a high-density foam pad under a marine-carpeted floor. It has three gear consoles and shelves with gun holders, and even a green LED light under the front. It has a 2-inch roof overhang and window drip edge to keep rain off the windows. It requires a mandatory support bracket if used in an elevated position. Get your blind with a 5-, 10, or 15-feet tower. Or, get a trailer stand.

MSRP: $3,299.99


12. Rhino 180 Blind

Rhino Blinds R 180 18 New Treestands and Blinds for 2022

The Rhino 180 is another great option for 2022. It is a one-way, see-through ground blind with a view. This blind features silent slide windows and a quiet doorway. It’s 66 inches tall, 75 inches hub-to-hub, and has a 58-by-58-inch footprint. It weighs 16 pounds. It has a three-person capacity.

MSRP: $249.99


13. Rivers Edge Lockdown Wide One-Man Treestand

Rivers Edge Lockdown Wide 1 Man Treestand scaled 18 New Treestands and Blinds for 2022

The Rivers Edge Lockdown Wide One-Man Treestand includes patent pending Ground-Level ratcheting technology. It allows hunters to ratchet the platform tight to the tree before ever leaving the ground. This clever system allows the user to pull the straps up to the top of the stand while standing on the ground. Then, ratchet the straps tight up top, firmly securing the stand to the tree from the ground. This 21-foot stand also features an extra-wide, flip-up, TearTuff mesh seat for those taking standing shots. The 32.5-inch by 25-inch oversized platform and flip-out footrest provide plenty of room for leg stretching, or even added space to stand and shoot. Need a rest? It has an adjustable shooting rail that allows you to set a height and depth that works best for your situation. It also features dual tree blades, oversized platform ratchet straps, and octagonal tubing for unmatched stability.

MSRP: $449.99


14. Shadow Hunter Marksman 6×8 Octagon Hunting Blind

Shadow Hunter Marksman 6x8 Octagon 18 New Treestands and Blinds for 2022

Shadow Hunter’s largest blind is the Marksman 6×8 Octagon. It is optimized for all types of hunting. Its interior is 92 by 68 by 77 inches and has a 32-by-66.5-inch lockable door. With its large size, it’s great for bringing additional people along, or carrying additional gear afield. It has 10 total windows (six horizontal and four vertical). It comes with five shooting rails, two shelves, one weapons holder, one double coat hook, and one bunk latch. It also has a 2-by-8-inch structural floor support for extra strength.

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MSRP: $3,499.99


15. Southern Outdoor Technologies EZ-Platform

Southern Outdoor Technologies EZ Platform 18 New Treestands and Blinds for 2022

The Southern Outdoor Technologies EZ-Platform is an easy-to-use platform for your soft- and hard-sided blinds. It’s very simple to install and allows the do-it-yourself crowd to build a platform quickly and easily for an elevated blind. To do this, simply connect each end together using three 4×4 wood posts. One end has the legs close together, which acts as a ladder. The other end has a wider stance for stability. You can make a 4×4, 4×5, 4×6, or 4×8 platform, and it’s crafted with 10-gauge, powder-paint-coated steel.

MSRP: $229


16. Sportsman’s Condo SC5 Hero Blind

Sportsmans Condo SC5 model Hero 1 scaled 18 New Treestands and Blinds for 2022

The Sportsman Condo SC5 Hero has three sliding windows, and one door window, increasing visibility while maintaining concealment. Its rugged, one-piece construction helps it to withstand the elements and last over time. It’s 6-feet around, and 6 feet tall, so there’s plenty of space to move around in. Plus, for those who prefer to be elevated, the metal base accepts 4×4 posts. Two built-in shelves help hold your gear. Finally, weighing in at 330 pounds, its heavy enough to be well-made, but not so heavy that it can’t be moved. This thing is ready for your next hunt.

MSRP: $1,849


17. Summit Dual Axis Hang-On Treestand

Summit Dual 18 New Treestands and Blinds for 2022

The Summit Dual Axis Hang-On treestand is a lightweight, aluminum stand that features technologies to keep you comfortable. Its patented seat silently locks into two positions, sports textilene mesh, giving you comfort and security. The unique seat design even folds up to offer the standing hunter a comfortable pommel seat while waiting to take the shot. Regarding the platform, this stand incorporates a dual-post design that spreads the cables out farther, affording the hunter plenty of room on the large 34- by 24-inch platform. It also features DeadMetal Sound Dampening Technology. And hunters will also appreciate the quick-attach straps for fast, easy installation in the tree. Finally, the Dual Axis is 16 pounds, holds up to 300 pounds, and will fit on trees from 8 to 20 inches in diameter.

MSRP: $279.99


18. Summit Viper Pro SD

Summit Viper Pro SD 18 New Treestands and Blinds for 2022

The Viper Pro SD is Summit’s latest offering of incredible comfort. It is very quiet, too, thanks to increased metal coverings. Those who want a quiet climber, need as many of the metal contact points covered as possible. This product addresses that concern and doesn’t just put padding at intermittent points. Rather, the entire railing is covered. It also features Dead Metal sound dampening technology which decreases the sound in case something does bump against metal. Its cable system is very easy to attach and can even be locked with a cable or padlock to secure it to the tree. In addition to a large platform size, it also includes a very large and comfortable back and seat cushion. This model can accommodate trees ranging from 8-20 inches in diameter. This model can also be fitted with accessories to hold phones, rifles, and more. Other key features include a 300-pound weight capacity, 22-pound weight, 20-inch-by-36-inch platform, and aluminum construction.

MSRP: $479.99


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