Crosman 764 SB rifle is a upgraded version of Crosman 640. While keeping classic design, Crosman puts extra features into it but let’s see if it deserves one place in your Chrismas shopping list in this review.

Gun Type

The Crosman 764 SB is a pump pneumatic rifle. A variable pump has a piston and a pressure cylinder. When you cock it, the piston creates high pressure. The high pressure is forced pass the cylinder valve and stored in the cylinder. When you shoot, the pressure is directed around the valve and up into the chamber. As a result, a pellet is discharged out of the barrel.

Pump pneumatic air gun is compact, lightweight, recoilless and it gives you control over the power of the gun. You can read more about pump pneumatic gun in this post.

The barrel is smooth bore with the caliber of .177 (4.5 millimeters). What makes this gun special is its shiny silver barrel. It makes the rifle look more appealing and attractive.

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