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Benjamin Titan GP Review

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This rifle may be branded as either Crosman #C8M22NP or Benjamin #BW8M22NP. This is the same air rifle made by the same manufacturer. Crosman has changed this model into the name of Benjamin but no changes made in terms of quality or construction of the gun.

Gun type

The Benjamin Titan GP is a gas ram gun, powered by nitro piston technology. A nitro piston gun (or gas piston gun) works the same as the spring gun but it has a gas-filled cylinder instead of a coiled spring. The air in the cylinder is already compressed and you apply more pressure to it when you cock the gun. The pressurized air is kept under tension until you pull the trigger. When you fire, the pellet is propelled downrange the barrel due to the propellant force from compressed air. Nitro piston rifle is lighter and last longer than the spring gun. Besides, it is less recoil and easier to cock. Furthermore, it can be left cocked for days because there is no spring fatigue. Read more about nitro piston technology in this post to see how it can make your gun sport more breathtaking.

This rifle is available in both .177 and .22 caliber. While .177 is popular and a perfect choice for target shooting, .22 is the king of hunting and is the go-to caliber for hunters and pest eliminators.

Also remember that accuracy holds true for both calibers: .177 is not more accurate than .22 and vice versa.

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Crosman Nitro Piston

In the air gun market today, there are many air rifles made with nitro piston technology, even the best selling list on has a bunch of nitro piston air guns at the top such as the Crosman Nitro Venom, Benjamin Trail XL 1500, Nitro Venom DuskCrosman Vantage and so on. In this post, we will take an in-depth look at the nitro piston air gun so you will know whether you need one, whether one is right for you, and whether you should buy one at all.

When nitro piston gun come to the market?

The very first air gun made with nitro piston technology was the Nitro Piston Short Stroke (NPSS). It was introduced publicly for the first time in the summer of 2009 by Crosman Corporation. Crosman had this technology licensed under the name Crosman Nitro Piston TM and used it for gun manufacturing in the wide range of air rifles.

How it works?

nitro pistonA nitro piston air gun is a spring gun without the spring. Instead of using a coiled spring as the power plant, it uses a nitrogen-filled cylinder. The nitrogen in this cylinder is already kept under pressure and you put more pressure to it when you cock the gun. The air is held under tension until you pull the trigger. When that happens, the pressurized air expands and propels the piston forward. The piston, in turn, comes abruptly at the air transferred port. The compressed air has nowhere to go but behind the pellet as the chamber is sealed completely. As a result, the pellet is pushed out of the barrel due to the driving force of the compressed air.

Advantages of nitro piston air gun

Nitro piston guns do have plenty of advantages in comparison with spring air guns. Here they are:

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